Biosoc’s Christmas Panto 2014!

Harry Pott’s -Disease and the Loathed Logbook of Doom


Lukewarm Praszkys and bruised tailbones

Two first years give us an account of their first experience of Med Day..

Before coming into first year, I had a vague understanding of Med Day thanks to being annually harassed in the streets by enthusiastic med students looking for change. But what most surprised me in my first involvement this year is the sheer amount of dedication & organization going on behind the scenes!

Getting in to Trinity for 6.00AM seemed like an ambitious ask, but somehow the volunteers trudged half-asleep through the darkness & rain to Luce Hall, where we were met with the beautiful sight of hot food and coffee. Fed, watered & armed with collection buckets and copious amounts of stickers, the teams set off: my own to the Ha’penny Bridge, but others as far as Tallaght and Santry.

And so at 7.00 AM the collecting began. With shouts about Palliative Care and Trinity Med Day, we went to work shaking the loose change from the commuters of Dublin. The adventurous among us weaved in and out of traffic like a scene from Dodgeball, with taxi men firing coins out of their moving cars.

The reaction from the public was overwhelmingly positive, with people sporting their Med Day stickers all over the place and even a brief cameo from Irish internationals Gordon D’Arcy and Rob Kearney. At 1.00 PM, our voices gone and our buckets heavy with coppers, we strolled back to the Pav after a hard morning’s work for lunch and a lukewarm Praszky, with the soon-to-be slaves among us reflecting despairingly on their questionable decision-making abilities.  – David Hopkins

It was like we hadn’t been awake for a good 8 or 9 hours (that’s longer than a full scheduled day of lectures…). I’ll admit I was freezing as I still had a good 6 layers of clothes on, but everyone was smiling and sharing their stories from the morning as we regrouped and made our way to the Pav. Chicken a la king and a few beers later we were all bouncing around on the Trinity pitches (literally). It took me back to the time spent at carnivals during my childhood days as we saw each other’s competitive sides running on inflatable obstacle courses. I definitely took it one step too far when I bruised my tailbone climbing over the last obstacle, oops.

No single girl would ever admit that her favourite part of the day was the slave auction. But deep down, we all know that everyone (guys alike) love seeing the boys lose some articles of clothing. I lost track of how many attractive rear ends I saw 😉 I managed to stay awake and frozen for a good many hours, but I admittedly couldn’t bring myself to set any new records for myself. But I applaud everyone who managed to party the night away at Krystle. Since I moved to Ireland and started at Trinity College, MedDay was by far one of the most rewarding days. I’m already looking forward to next year!

 – Jillian Jung





Nicole Moriarty

I have actively participated on school and college societies of various natures, the most relevant being 3rd year rep for Biosoc this year. I was also on the committee for the VDP Panto this year. This roll not only involved collaboration with others, but also managing my own budget, and leading a team of fellow students.

Having been a third year Biosoc rep, I understand the running of the committee and society. From this understanding I have thought of many feasible and easily achievable goals and events that I would like to introduce next year. I believe that I would make a good chair because not only am I driven and motivated, but I am ready to listen to others opinions and ideas, and to build on our past successes.

With passion and determination comes commitment and I am committed to making sure that Biosoc has yet another great year.



Odharna Ní Dhomhnalláin

Hi everyone, I’m Odharna and I’m running for BioSoc Chair. I love BioSoc and believe it has the potential to be huge. I promise enthusiasm, good leadership and cohesiveness of the committee.

If elected, here are some things I will add:

  • Book Sale: Provision of an online catalogue beforehand so that potential purchasers know what will be available.
  • Sports and International Reps: The first to assist in organising MedCup and ensuring we have teams to field for Inter-varsities, the second to represent a largely unrepresented cohort in Medicine. BioSoc will cater for all.
  • Closer association with MOVE: through funds, support and any other help we can offer.
  • Arts Event: A classy concert by the many phenomenal musicians of Medicine, for charity.

I understand that this is a massive commitment and I am willing to devote everything to it.

For BioSoc, For Medicine, Don Ghaeilge, Vote Odharna Ní Dhomhnalláin


 Sinéad O’Brien


Imagine if you will, a young first year from Kerry fresh off the train, 5kg bag of potatoes in hand, hearing tales of drunken and debaucherous nights out, reputation ruining trips away and promises of a scandalous Med Ball; what was this BioSoc and how could I be part of it?

In 1st year I was Med Day rep and then BioSoc rep the following year, both of which were great craic! This year was I was MOVE secretary, which taught me a lot about how a society works, running large events and working as a team. I was also on Trinity Volunteering committee which organises all the charity events for Rag Week, and gave me great experience in working with other societies. I have loads of ideas for BioSoc, both big and small and if you like what you hear at the AGM I would really love your vote!


Laura O’Doherty


In first year, after breaking my arm in a piri-piri chicken related accident, I soldiered on to Med Ball. My ability to eat chocolate fondue, though limited by having one good arm, was commended by all present. I am dedicated, enthusiastic, calm under pressure and can do important things singlehandedly (see fondue incident).

I have been Biosoc and Med Day rep and have been involved in MOVE event organisation, namely ‘Take Me Out’ and ‘The Oscars’ (MOVE Ball).

As Chair I would like to continue the work of this year’s committee, expanding on the success of Careers Night in particular and the 3rd Med Advice, something I’d like to develop for each year group.

From hard work, to good ideas (Med Ball 2015 – ‘Fondue Fiesta’), to depending solely on my left arm again if necessary, I promise I will give the position of Chair everything I have.  Thank you!




Kerry McGlynn

‘Hey there everyone! I would love you to vote me for Biosoc secretary. I’ve wanted this role for a while now and I think I’d be a great secretary for Biosoc.

I’m super organised, no exaggeration. I colour code everything, have a folder for everything, I even sub-head my pharm notes! I’m freakishly organised so this would be the perfect role for me! I also love a challenge and I look forward to some of the demands this role entails. Most importantly I really want to be involved in this years events and make them bigger and better than ever! I’m quite creative so I want to help out with ideas for nights out and Med ball. I know I can really contribute to an already fantastic society and make it even better! I have always worked very well in teams and so would be a great member of the committee by making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

I have loved being a member of Biosoc but this year I really want to be part of the team. I can honestly say I would be fully committed to this role, giving my best whenever I can.



Anna O’Leary


Throughout my college life (being ancient means that life has been a long one), I have only signed up for something if I knew that I could give it my all. I know that if elected to Biosoc I would give it 100%.

Enthusiasm, experience and patience- over the last 8 years I’ve been involved in a number of organisations where I have learned to deal with events with budgets that range from €300,000 down to small-scale dinners or functions.

As secretary, I would happily offer hard work and dedication doing whatever needs to be done to ensure the workings of our Biosoc are a huge success.



Being helpful where I’m most needed is what I think is my greatest strength and asset in putting forward my candidacy for OCM. I’m willing to go above and beyond to be a strong support to all other committee members.



Megan Power Foley


Megan has a long history of borderline-OCD note-taking, with much emphasis on colour-coding.  She can promise all Biosoc actions will be recorded, in triplicate, with informative subheadings. Over-organising everything else helps detract from a generally messy life. She has been trusted with authority before: as Administrative Prefect in school, she did all the office’s dirty work – organising trips, collecting permission slips, enforcing the dreaded morning ‘Late List’ (she wasn’t sound. Names were taken). Currently, she’s a member of the EMSSI committee and very involved in MOVE fundraising. She’s a dedicated worker, enthusiastic and very eager to take on an active role in Biosoc. She genuinely enjoys fiddly administration work; ticking off check lists makes her world brighter.




Samuel Holt


Hi everyone! I’m running for Treasurer of Biosoc for next year.

Having been one-half of the MOVE treasurer-duo with RCT, I have the experience to conduct this job effectively. I know how the CSC system works how to get grants accepted, in addition to the Income-Expenditure accounts the CSC wants updated. The account systems I use are already formulated and ready to go, and will be applicable straight away next year.

I appreciate the time commitment this job takes, enough to know that I will be on first name terms with bank staff, that sponsors are crucial (especially TCD alumni), and that I will spend my life on Excel (re: the MOVE Credit System).

Finally, I promise I will be a team player, I will work hard for this committee, and I will be good at this job.

So if you think I deserve the role of Treasurer please give me your vote!



Public Relations Officer



Sadhbh Lee


Hey guys! I’m running for PRO because, if you haven’t learned from my plaguing people for photos on nights out or doodling all over my notes in lectures, I love design and everything visual. I’m handy at Photoshop, having designed posters for MOVE and DU Dance, and I took the official photos of all you beautiful people at Med Ball this year (and by beautiful I mean drunken, chundering messes). I spend far too much time on Facebook and Twitter and, to be honest, it would be nice to have something new to do rather than creep on Ali Bagh’s godlike physique all day. I also have a blog on WordPress, and I am Webmaster for DU Dance – so I’m well used to maintaining an active onlinepresence for both myself and a society. I PROmise to PROvide you with PROfessional PROmotion! 😉

Sadhbh for PRO.



Onour…oh wait



Kevin O’Rourke


The PRO’s most important job is to look after Biosoc’s online and visual presence. I’m a huge admirer of Conor’s work this year; the promo jobs for Careers Night, the Liverpool trip and Med Ball were incredible and I’d like to continue to the same standard. I have a good track record as a photographer and photoshopper, designing tickets for MOVE ball and the posters on the walls featuring our class. My photos of the MOVE mystery tour were seen by nearly 11,000 people, ten times more than the usual page views. When I photographed Pharmacy Ball the pictures reached over 26,000 people. I’m confident I can keep up Biosoc’s fantastic public image and I’m excited to work with you to make next year one of Biosoc’s most spectacular ever.


Siobhan Quirke


My name is Siobhan. I wish to apply for the position of PRO and OCM for the Biosoc Committee 2014/15. I am applying for both positions because I believe I have qualities which make me an excellent candidate for either. Firstly, I have been involved with committees before so have learned good communication skills and skills of negotiation. Secondly, I have previously been involved in organising nights out and and publicising events. Thirdly, I am extremely organised, efficient and reliable.

I have always been interested in being involved with Biosoc and hope my application proves successful this year. I have some ideas for great events and would look forward to organising an unreal Med Ball along with the other events that Biosoc hold! I understand that the role of the PRO is to promote events online via Facebook/Twitter, make posters, design tickets & make promotional videos. I have experience in all of these areas.

Please give me your vote!



Entertainments Officer


Leanne Connolly

Hi! I’m running for Biosoc Ents Officer and Med Day OCM. I think I would be great at the two jobs because I’m organised and always willing to help as part of a team! I have great ideas for next years events, like a cheap European city trip after Christmas exams as well as fundraising ideas for Med Day like a sponsored cycle. I was chairperson of the MOVE Mystery Tour Committee this year which was a huge success, selling out over 200 tickets, raising over €1400 for the charity and being one of the best nights out this year.



Killian Daly

I am running for the position of ENTs officer. So far I have limited involvement with the medical societies. However I would like to get involved in the organization of the Bioscoc’s events which I have thus far been a participant.

I have excellent organization skills and am capable of organizing fun and creative events which will run smoothly.  I have attended many Biosoc event and understand what works and the type of events that appeal to students..

I would relish the opportunity to take on this demanding role and help organize both excellent events and a great Biosoc trip.


Emilie McCormack

I think I’d be good for the job as I’m very outgoing and organised, one of my other attributes that I think will lend to getting events organised and promoted is that I’ve no shame, as demonstrated by both my Slave auction performance ( Marc Lincoln 😉 ) and Take Me out wedding dress attire. Past experience include the MOVE mystery tour, my school graduation and somewhat less classy 6th year holiday. Looking forward I want to build on the annual events that past committees have done a fantastic job on; Inaugural ball and Med Ball and of course the Christmas trip away to name a few. I want to give us a bigger presence during freshers week and rope in those firsties early for the traditional pub crawl, debauchery guaranteed. I also want to liaise with other med societies to help promote the great events they run.


Ordinary Committee Member


Killian Daly (see above under ‘Entertainments Officer’)

Sean Garvey

My name is Sean Garvey and I am running for Biosoc OCM. Over the past three years, I’ve watched on as year on year, Biosoc has brought us the best balls, trips and information nights that 5 euro can buy. And this year, I want in. I got my first taste of what it’s like to be involved in a big med event as part of the Rag Week Mystery Tour committee this year and I loved every minute. I would relish the opportunity to be a part of this much bigger project and would be delighted to represent you on the Biosoc committee.

Darina Gilroy

Biosoc and Med Day have always been central in providing both memorable (and forgotten!) events in my social calendar throughout my years in medicine. I would like nothing more than to be part of these well-oiled machines, providing you with entertainment throughout the year. I can guarantee that I’ll be hard working, enthusiastic and devoted to the cause.

Plus, as part of last year’s Med Day extravaganza, I had the stethoscope tattooed on to my left foot. What more dedication from a committee member could you ask for than that?

Emily Glynn

Hey everyone! I’m Emily Glynn and I’m looking to get your vote for OCM. I would love the opportunity to be involved in Biosoc this year. Having attended numerous Biosoc events over the past few years, I know exactly what is involved and where little improvements to events can be made here and there (sorry guys!). Some great new events such as the play ‘Close to You’ sprung up this year and I’d definitely like to work towards more novel ideas and collaborations with different societies. As someone who enjoys making lists and ticking things off, I’m good at organising and getting things done. I would dedicate myself to making this a really successful year for Biosoc!!
Olwyn Lynch

I am asking for your support as I have a lot to offer. I am keen to be involved in the social events throughout the year but in particular Med Ball and Med Day. Med Ball is a fabulous event which requires a lot of organisational effort which I would like to be an integral part of. Med Day gives us all the opportunity to collect funds for very worthy causes, selected by students, to benefit patients while at the same time having lots of fun. Please give me the opportunity to make these events even more memorable for you.
Emilie McCormack (see above under ‘Entertainments Officer’)

Kerry McGlynn (see above under ‘Secretary’)

Nicole Moriarty (see above under ‘Chairperson’)

Anna O’Leary (see above under ‘Secretary’)

Sarah O’Mahony (see below under ‘Med Day Chairperson’)

Siobhan Quirke (see above under ‘Public Relations Officer’)



3rd Year Rep

Andrew Neary

Hi, I’m Andy, and I’m in 2nd Med. As a rep, I think my best attribute would be my organisational skills. In school, I helped organise and run the graduation, acting as MC for the night, as well as organising the after party. In Summer 2010, I travelled to the Philippines with a group to teach in disadvantaged schools, organising fund raising and social events beforehand. I had a great time last year being part of the (winning) Med Day video, and it’d be great to play my part again this year, so I’d love to be involved in either committee.
Bearach Reynolds

Having been second year rep, I have a fairly good idea of what’s involved in being a biosoc rep; forwarding emails and pouring wine. I can do both of these things. My main achievement this year was adding chocolate to the cheese and wine reception at the riveting medical case presentation, I would like to make this a permanent feature . My goal for next yearis getting a bucking bronco at med ball, that would be fun. If I had a criticism of biosoc this year it would be the sever lack of guacamole at committee meetings, this must change.  I put a lot of work in this year and feel I contributed a lot to allbiosoc events. I would really like a chance to stay involved. Thanks x


Louise Ward

I’m Louise Ward and I’m running for 3rd year Biosoc Rep for 2014/15. I’m from Longford, which I often apologise for!

I’m a confident and organised person, and am very eager to get involved. I’m very active on Facebook and always know how to find those photos people thought would never see the light of day!

As a member of Trinity Belles (female A Cappella group on campus) I have connections to some of the music groups on campus.

I’d appreciate it, if you could vote for me! 🙂



 2nd Year Rep



Niamh Ennis


To be part of biosoc would be an amazing experience. I feel that I would be a great rep as I am super fun and social but I also get things done. I tend to be the organiser in my group of friends. I am very reliable. This is my second degree, so I have a good understanding of college life and how important societies are to support students through college.  I am looking forward to getting my class involved in biosoc nights out and events.


Aoibhinn Loughlin


– Im a good organizer: I have organised fundraising for the Brain Injury Unit in my local hospital & for Children in Crossfire;

– Im involved: I am a frequent attendee at conferences in which key health care workers in Ireland discuss the creation of the Patient Passport;

– Im a good entertainer! Musics my biggest hobby, Im used to group work & really enjoy being part of a team;

– I am aware of the hours and personal discipline that the roll of BioSoc Rep entails and believe that my management of the life-work balance to date means I could meet those challenges.


Greg Murphy 


Hi I am good at organising events and taking the initiative so I think I would be a good class rep. I am also quite relaxed when it comes to talking at events and have very good communication skills so I belive I could get biosoc’s points across to my class mates

Maeve Reidy


This year I want to run as Biosoc rep as I’d love to get involved in the society and build up relations with the other years. I want to get involved in organising the various events, such as med ball and the annual Biosoc Christmas trip, giving ideas, spreading the word and collecting the money of course. I feel like i have attributes which i could bring to the table, such as good communication and organisational skills, which I hope will separate me from the rest and make me a good rep.


Amy Restan

I’d love to be the 2nd year Biosoc rep. I’ve had a lot of experience organising events, selling tickets and collecting money for a charity trip to Calcutta and other events in school. I’m good at chasing people for money (I am Jewish after all!), which is a big part of the job, and I’m also willing to help organise anything that needs to be done. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know people from other
years, something which I’m keen to do.








Med Day



Danielle James

Hi I’m Danielle, you may remember me from such Med-Day events as “3 Tatts, 1 Nip, 1 Grand”. This year I’m running to be Med Day Chairperson. So why me?

For the past 3 years I’ve been a strong Med Day enthusiast. I’ve also been heavily involved in MOVE, having organized some really successful events and I’ve previously fundraised for Barretstown and other charities so I know how this kind of thing works.

While I love Med Day, I think there’s room for improvement. One idea of mine is to set up a service whereby you can donate €2 to Med Day by text. Other areas I’d like to focus on are social media presence, collecting sites, time efficiency and sorting a savage aul’ microphone for the slave auction.


If elected I’ll get another Med Day tattoo on the other cheek.*

*For a €2,000 pledge this time.


Séamus O’Hanlon

I believe I have the experience and passion to improve Med-day. I was Biosoc rep in first year and PRO of MOVE this year. If elected for the position of Med-day chair/OCM I believe I can improve Med-day in the following ways:

1. Extend media coverage for Med-Day beyond just radio and try and get TV coverage and have a very strong internet presence – including Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Vine. Hopefully get the support of some Irish celebrities.
2. Pester large pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies for sponsorship.
3. Get the rest of the college involved in collecting, if they wish, or at least in the Pav festivities.
4. GET MUSIC ALL DAY AT THE PAV. Finn Murphy, next year’s Ents officer was very keen to help improve Med-Day in this regard.
5. Try to organise a consultant’s ball.
6. Set up an online donations page e.g.


Thank you


Sarah O’Mahony


Being a prior Med-Day representative, I understand the organisation necessary to ensure the day’s success. Furthermore, I have significant experience in leadership positions and have served previously on other college committees. I am well-versed in organising events and liaising with partners.

Fresh ideas

Currently on Erasmus in France, I have amassed a wealth of new ideas, many of which I will introduce back home to revolutionize Med-Day 2014. Regarding fundraising, I have developed a structured plan for increasing sponsorship and media coverage.

Med-Day is also the largest medical social of the year. In 2014, I will implement a day-long events program, introducing activities, e.g. Inflatable Games.


Organising Med-Day is demanding. Conscious of these difficulties, I have a plan to overcome them through delegation and leadership. Organising Med-Day can only happen through efficient teamwork. I have the experience and passion to lead this team.




Rachel McNamara

Well how’re ye keeping lads, I’m Rachel Mc and I’m running for Med Day Secretary! I believe that to be a good secretary, one has to be a bit like Pneumonia: organised, impartial, and with a tendency to make people cough up (lots of money that is!)I feel that being Class Rep this year has prepared me well for this role, as I have learnt valuable secretarial skills such as time-keeping and being a big lick-arse in front of the Hen. Indeed, I’ve written so many passive aggressive emails this year that my keyboard has post traumatic stress disorder. I am also a little bit mad, I feel this would work well to my advantage as I would love to help make Med Day HUGE (and I’m talking nomakeupselfie on steroids, huge). I will just end with this; the Breakfast would be massive hun. xox

Mc for Sec J




Rebecca Conlan-Trant


My name is Rebecca Conlan-Trant.

In true political style, I will talk in points of three, in an attempt to win you over with my catchy (treasurer-like..) number skills.

I’ve been in Med for 3 years, and each year have had different experiences which I believe make me a great candidate for Treasurer.

1. This year, I’ve been a Treasurer on the MOVE Committee, a role that highlights my capability of handling accounts, managing money and securing sponsorship.

2. In 2nd year, I was a Med Day Rep, so I’ve a clear understanding of how the day works and the level of planning, time and effort that goes into the preparation.

3. In 1st year, I managed to keep track of everyone I shifted, ie. I’m good with numbers.

If I haven’t sold you already, I also have a Med Day tattoo.

And I think you’re cute.


Ordinary Committee Member

Leanne Connolly (see above under Biosoc ‘Entertainments Officer’)

Roisín Corcoran

Med Day- Probably the best day of the academic year. As someone who was heavily involved in societies while in school I am attempting to re-immerse myself in the world of societies as I think Med Day OCM is a position I am suitable for. I would be a hard-working, reliable committee member with a ‘happy to help’ attitude. I would try to bring new ideas forward to add to the ‘craic’ that is Med day. I would be honoured if you would vote for me and enable me to avoid the ‘most pitiful life’ award two years running!

Darina Gilroy (see above under Biosoc OCM)

Olwyn Lynch (see above under Biosoc OCM)

Emilie McCormack (see above under Biosoc ‘Entertainment Officer’)

Conor Mulrooney

The reason why I want to be an OCM for Med Day Committee is because it’s something that I always look forward to at the start of the year. I love everything about Med Day, what it stands for, the day itself and how it can bring people from different years together even if it’s just for a few hours. I want to be part of the committee so that i can help Med Day continue to be the important, mad, fun day that it’s always been for me.

Seán O’Leary

I believe I am suitable for this position because I am passionate about Med-Day (passionate enough to pierce my body!). I think it is a great tradition in Trinity and one that I’m honoured to have been involved with in my past three years in the college. Last year I acted as Third-Year rep, helping run the event on the day as well as organizing that delicious breakfast for you guy. I believe I now understand the running of the event. If elected I will give it my all, and do what needs to be done to make this the most successful and enjoyable Med-Day yet! ❤

Seamus O’Hanlon (See above under Med Day Chairperson)

Miriam Poulton

Hi, Miriam here! MedDay is a passion of mine – I’ve been up late baking cupcakes every year for the bake sale, and then in at the crack of dawn with a smile on my face. This year I’d love to be an OCM. I’m well-suited to the job – I’ve been class rep this year, I’ll be PRO of the KnitSoc next year, I’m involved with MOVE and was an S2S mentor. I’m enthusiastic, efficient and willing to do just about anything to make MedDay 2014 a success, and to make sure you guys have an amazing time while doing so!


3rd Year Med Day Rep


Eimear Duff

I am standing for Med Day Rep I am passionate about the incredibly worthy causes this high profile event raises money for. I believe I am suitable as I have cultivated good communication and teamwork skills serving as OCM and Vice President of TCD FrenchSoc. My committment to fundraising for medical charities in particular is highlighted by my heavy involvement in coordinating TCD Friends of MSF for the past two years, including arranging sponsorship and assisting with event management for today’s Campus 5k in aid of MSF. If elected I will strive to ensure the continued success of Med Day.

Deirdre Ryan

I am proactive, well-organised and experienced . This year I was Class Rep and the secretary for the college orienteering club, and I was involved in organizing TCD Health Day. I have also enjoyed being involved in Med Day over the last two years.

I have plenty of ideas to bring to the table, including

–          – Bag-packing

–         –  Setting up  a text-donation campaign (like #nomakeupselfie)

–         –  Live music outside Pav before slave auction

–         –  Blood drive, taking blood pressure, glucose levels etc.

–         –  Photo competition

–          – Collaboration with the NIMSA Toy Drive

–          – World record breaking attempt (e.g. longest chain of auscultation)

I believe that these ideas will raise interest in Med Day and increase the amount of money raised.


Chloe MacAuley

Having spent two great years up at the crack of dawn collecting (and heavily supporting the bake sale) I would absolutely love to be behind it all as one of the Med day class reps! I promise to be superbly organised, overly enthusiastic and convince you all to get up ridiculously early for a great cause. It’s time to regain our formal glory with the free wine reception and repeat our med day video victory.

Karen O’Neill

I am Karen O’Neill and currently in 2nd Year. I’d love the chance to get involved more with Med Day as class rep for 3rd years next year. I want to be involved and maximize the money raised for the worthy charities while making sure everyone has a day of epic fun!! I do have some cool ideas of more events we could run on med day, and ideas on how to gain more publicity for the event.


Andrew Neary (see above under Biosoc OCM)


Sahr Yambasu

I always enjoy getting involved in Med Day. Last year, I directed part of the 2nd year’s winning Med Day video (the creepy music video). This year, I want to be even more involved, so I am running for Med Day Rep (and making a creepy music video). I have a lot of organisational experience from roles in clubs outside of college, e.g. leading a local youth group, feeding the homeless, etc. Some ideas I would like to see implemented in Med Day include bag packing, photo-based treasure hunts and competitions to get the public involved (and donating).


2nd Year Rep


Sam Grennan

What do you want from a med day rep?? Someone who’s eager (you do have to get up at 5am after all), someone who’s organised  (those emails won’t send themselves out) and someone who’s up for some fun. Well, I went to all the hdbs lectures (I know…don’t ask me why!!), I have shown it is possible to use 17 different highlighter pens on the same page and craic is my middle name (it actually is I swear!!). Vote Sam for 2nd year med day rep 🙂


Shauna Quinn

To whom this may concern, my name is Shauna Quinn and I would be available to be a med day rep for second year. I am currently in first year!


Trinity College hosted the first All-Ireland National Case Conference on the 24th of Match, organised by the Association of Medical Students of Ireland. Students in their clinical years from NUIG, RCSI, TCD, UCC and UCD took part in the competition, presenting interesting cases taken while on clinical rotation to a panel of judges and the assembled student body. Each student had 7 minutes to present their case, which was followed by questions from the panel. The cases represented a wide range of specialties, including paediatrics, obstetrics/gynaecology and cardiology.

The judges agreed that each speaker performed extremely well and that the cases were of a very high standard. Shannon Jiang from UCC was first to present, taking us through an interesting obs/gynae case. Next up was RCSI’s Eoin Kelleher, presenting a case entitled “A shock to the heart – but what’s to blame?” Third to take to the stand was TCD’s Clare O’Connell, presenting a complex paediatrics case entitled “a diagnostic dilemma”. David Tansey from UCD and NUIG’s Alan Jacobson rounded off the evening by taking two different approaches to a presentation of amyloidosis.

Our esteemed judges on the night were Dr. Deirdre McEnroy-Mullins, Dr. Clodagh O’Dwyer, Professor Desmond O’Neill and Dr. Judy Orikiiriza. The panel took some time to deliberate before naming RCSI’s Eoin Kelleher the winner. The evening was a huge success, and we would like to thank all of our speakers, our judges and the school of Medicine for their assistance in organising this fantastic event.

AMSI, the Association of Medical Students in Ireland, we founded on the 9th of November of last year, when student representative from across the country came together for the Inaugural National Medical Student Summit. The organization will aim to: Increase collaboration between the medical schools, represent the views of medical student on a national level, promote medical student wellness, and create a forum where students can discuss a range of scientific and social topics. Two students from each university sit on the AMSI committee, with TCD being represented by 4th year student David Cooper and 2nd year student Nicola Walsh. AMSI’s next event is the medical society Inter-varsities, taking place on the 5th of April in UCD.

Shannon Jiang, UCC

Eoin Kelleher, RCSI
Professor Desmond O’Neill presents the winner’s trophy to RCSI’s Eoin Kelleher
RCSI’s Eoin Kelleher with AMSI chairperson Pishoy Gouda
NUIG’s Alan Jacobson Image
Clare O’Connell, TCDImageDavid Tansey, UCD



From left to right: Dr. Deirdre McEnroy-Mullins, Dr. Judy Orikiiriza, Dr. Clodagh O’Dwyer, Professor Desmond O’Neil, Eoin Kelleher (winner, RCSI), David Tansey (UCD), Clare O’Connell (TCD), Alan Jacobson (NUIG), Shannon Jiang (UCC), Pishoy Gouda (chairperson, AMSI), David Cooper (Education Officer, (AMSI).




This is a brilliant role but it is very demanding. You are responsible for overseeing all events and making sure that all the components of event organisation come together. You will liaise with all members of the committee and the reps from other years. You will also be in contact with faculty members regarding various events.

You work very closely with the secretary and the treasurer. The chair and treasurer are jointly responsible for society finances and you are ultimately responsible for organisation of events and the actions of the society as a whole.

This role takes up a lot of time and can be quite stressful however, it is enjoyable and I am very glad that I got the opportunity to be chair. The time commitment does impact on your studies and it’s important to bear this in mind. You will have to utilise your time well to balance both but it is possible.

Quote from housemate: “Do you even do medicine anymore?” Such a joker.

You will have the chance to propose new directions for the society, to reinforce aspects that you think are important and to develop areas that are in need of improvement.

All the best,
Conor Feely


The secretary’s main roles are to keep a record of all the year’s activities and to help with the practical side of running things. This involves taking minutes at committee meetings, booking venues for events, liaising with faculty, helping with email and postal correspondence and chipping in with whatever else is needed! Being secretary is quite a big commitment so balancing your time is important. It’s a lot of fun though and I’d definitely recommend running for a position. Good luck!

The treasurer, along with the chair, is responsible for the finances of the society. It is the treasurer’s responsibility to create a budget at the start of the year and ensure that this is adhered to. They continually update the society’s accounts, and are responsible for the submission of the end of year accounts to the CSC. They also apply for a grant from the CSC based on the budget, and approach different organisations about sponsorship of events. The treasurer is also the society’s representative on the CSC which means they attend all of the CSC’s AGMs and EGMs.
This role is quite demanding with a lot of responsibility. A lot of time is spent going to banks, writing sponsorship proposals, and keeping the accounts up to date. The time commitment is important to bear in mind if you are thinking about running for treasurer. However, if you enjoy accounting and the workings of the CSC, and a role with a lot of responsibility, this is a good job for you!
The role of the public relations officer is mainly to take responsibility for the society’s online presence. This means moderating the Facebook/Twitter accounts, creating Facebook events etc, and uploading content to the website. The PRO is also responsible for designing event posters and organising any promotional campaigns.
Other jobs I took responsibility for this year included other design tasks such as putting together a fresher’s stand banner, designing the hoodies, compiling the booklets for both inaugural and med ball, as well as any other visual stuff that needed to be done e.g. ticket design, putting together slideshows, deciding on props, making promotional videos etc. Furthermore the PRO is of course expected to help out on the day at all the events.
PRO is a fantastic position and really is a lot of fun, particularly for anyone who likes messing around with photoshop and/or #hashtagging. In many ways you get to decide what image the society portrays and your work will have a massive influence on how well your events do, with the blame landing pretty much solely on your shoulders if no one shows up. It does however take up more time than you would perhaps expect, with a pretty consistent effort required throughout the year. It would help to be somewhat proficient with a design platform such as photoshop (or free equivalents). If you have any more questions send us an e-mail and I’ll get back to you.Good Luck!

Conor Toale
There are 2 Entertainments officers for Biosoc. As ENTs officer you are responsible for organising the social aspect of most events with the help of the committee. In particular ENTS officers book club and pub venues and negotiate drink/entry deals with these venues. The main events that ENTS deal with are the nights out for the pub crawl, booksale, Halloween, biosoc trip, inaugural ball, finals night.
This work isn’t much of a time commitment and most of it can be done over the phone or via email. Therefore you will also spend a lot of your time helping the committee with jobs that need to be done such as buying wine or dealing with the big events such as Med ball.
The hardest part of this position is probably sorting the nights out for the Biosoc trip but overall it’s a rewarding experience and great craic.

 Michael & Matthew