Freshers’ Week

First off the bat, it’s pretty much essential for all freshers to come and visit us at our stand in Front Square! There’ll be plenty of treats to delve into, freshers’ packs and some general ‘fun’. We’ll let you know about what nights out are in store.  Make sure to save some energy for the annual Biosoc Pub Crawl on Thursday night where you’ll meet the famously attractive older meds.

Booksale and Med Day Warm Up

Cheap cheap books, a special guest speaker, and a night out to round it off.


Hallowe’en Ball

This may not be a “real ball” in the dinner-jackets and gowns sense, but that’s what it tends to be called (we’ve noticed). Whatever you do, don’t show up dressed as a doctor.


An early start for collecting, some activities on campus throughout the day, and another night out for good measure.


For you soccer enthusiasts, dust off the boots and prepare for some serious inter year rivalry!

Christmas Panto

Mulled wine and mince pies on the eve of the Christmas holidays. Be sure not to be too embarrassing a person in the first term or you WILL be a subject of this pantomime, performed and written by the 4th meds.


Christmas trip

The most memorable trips of our time in college! Where will we it be this year?


Academic Prizes, Speech from the President, wine and cheese and classy night out!

Med Ball

The biggest event of the year! Details TBA!

Careers Night

A careers night with a twist. Watch surgeons, medics, psychiatrists, EM docs, anaesthetists and potentially others vie for your attention as the roles are reversed and the onus is put on them to convince you that their specialty is the best specialty. Promises to be a fun night with plenty of interspecialty bashing and informative too!

Wine and cheese to follow where you’ll get a chance to ask them questions informally.

Finals nights

Two serious parties for the OAPs of the med school- 4th and 5th med finals nights.