Candidates for the 143rd Session



David Hopkins

As Biosoc rep for the past three years, I understand how important this society is for our college experience. Biosoc’s gone from strength to strength recently, but there’s still scope for us to improve, in both our social calendar and our promotion of medicine.

Through trips, balls, and messy pub crawls, Biosoc fosters the incredible community that exists within medicine here. I have the experience necessary to ensure that next year’s committee will deliver quality staple events, but I believe there’s room for more. As chair, I would see new events introduced, like a first term mixer for the younger years and more large collaborations, off the back of our successes with the Phil and TES.

Through guest speakers and panels, there’s been great work done this year to encourage interest in medicine, but it’s crucial we build on this. The Biosoc Focus series is a brilliant initiative and I have plans to develop this further, with interest from the likes of MSF to partake. If elected, I’d also like to introduce workshop events on skills we need but aren’t taught, like presenting and public speaking.

I’m passionate about Biosoc, and with my experience and enthusiasm, I feel I’m the right person to lead next year’s committee.

Anna McCollum

My name is Anna McCollum, I’m a 3rd Med and I would love to be Chairperson of Biosoc’s 143rd Session.

Being involved with BioSoc has been by far the most enjoyable and worthwhile experience of my college life so far so I would love to have the opportunity to make next year as amazing as the last 3 have been for me.

Having sat on several committees in the past, I am under no illusion as to the work required to run a successful society. However I believe I have the necessary experience for the job; I have a history of event organising and team managing, as Head Girl in school, with Glasgow University MedSoc and in various charity work over the years.

Having spent two years off the Biosoc committee and one fabulous year on the committee as 2nd year rep, I believe I have a very unique insight into not only how Biosoc works but also what does and doesn’t work for its members. I want to make sure you guys get exactly what you want from Biosoc. Think collaborations, trips, and of course, free wine.

Please come to the AGM to hear my big plans and what I have to bring to the role.


Jack Hartnett

In addition to our favourite events – the Pub Crawl, Inaugural Ball and Med Ball – Biosoc has continuously pushed its boundaries.

Every year newer, more diverse ideas are brought to the fore – Medicine through the Arts and the Sports Medicine forum to name a few. These successes stem from the passion and creativity of its members. However, behind all this, is a well organised, dedicated committee working synchronously.

If elected, I’ll ensure Biosoc continues to become more active in college life by providing the organised, efficient support structure that any properly run committee needs – a hard working secretary. I see the role as a facilitator – doing the ground work such that the committee is enabled to provide the best it can to its members, all the way from wide eyed first years looking to make friends on the pub crawl to the exhausted fifth meds who need a proper finals night out to blow off a degree’s worth of stress.

I promise to be as organised and effective as Oisín O’Brien’s super notes, as dedicated to Biosoc as Yuri Volkov is to integrin receptors and as excited about sending meme-filled emails as Orla Sheils is about giving exam hints.

Aisling O’Grady Walshe

My name is Aisling O’Grady Walshe and I am running for Secretary for the 2017/18 Session.  I think I would make a good secretary because I am organized, efficient and enthusiastic.  I also have a lot of administrative experience. I was Secretary of MOVE this year and so have a good idea of what is required to run a society.  In my role as secretary I managed the MOVE email, kept records of all our meetings and arranged grants from the CSC and the TCD Alumni.  I also helped organize MOVE ball and several of our other big fundraisers. I played a big role in school life, and was very involved in organizing our debs and several other large events throughout the school year. I have arranged several charity events over the years. I have always enjoyed being part of a team, and have played team sports for most of my life. I would really love the chance to get more involve in Biosoc this year, and would be so grateful for you vote!


Hilary Leeson

Hey guys, I’m Hilary and I would absolutely love you to vote me for Biosoc Treasurer.

So why should you vote me?

1. I have the experience. In 2nd year I was VP and treasurer of the JCR at Trinity Hall, this role gave me the opportunity to manage a €39,000 budget and this year I was a member of Trinity Ents Committee so I definitely know how to manage money and run an event.

2. I have ideas to make Biosoc even better. If elected I would work to gain more sponsorship, organise more intervarsity events and collaborate with other societies as well as with Trinity Ents to bring more to med events.

3. Commitment. If you elect me treasurer I will do my absolute best to ensure the smooth running of all money released aspects of Biosoc!


Aisling Betts

Hi my name is Aisling Betts and I’m running to be your Biosoc PRO. I’ve always loved all the  events Biosoc throw throughout the year, and would love to play a part in them. I have great communication and teamwork skills, love socialising and pouring wine  as well as taking photographic evidence of the things that happen due to said socialising and wine- as many of my friends can tell you. I would love to keep everyone updated on all the latest Biosoc events and goings on, help run the page and update events, generating  hype for what are always the best nights of our year, as well as the more academic events like Medicine through the Arts.
I would bring enthusiasm to the job, and would love to expand on the rebranding of Biosoc that previous years have worked towards.
I love wine, I love cheese, I love wine and cheese events, Id love to be Biosoc PRO.

Louise Hession

Hello, my name is Louise and I think I’d be a pro at being your PRO. I’ve always wanted to get involved in Trinitys society life and I think I’d be really good in this position. Here are a few reasons why I think I deserve your vote

1) One of the main responsibilities of the PRO is to design various posters, tickets and event pages, I’ve had a lot of experience doing this in school, I have designed posters for a charity run in aid of Pieta House, as well as that I was in charge of advertising for our school production, so I’m no stranger to Photoshop. I really enjoyed doing these and haven’t gotten to do it in years as medical school has quenched my life of artistic endeavours, I would relish the opportunity to use the right side of my brain again.

2) Procrastinating on the internet is one activity that I have excelled at in college, and what better way to spend this time than spamming facebook with various Biosoc events that promise snacks and free wine.

3) Some of my more minor achievements include designing the Google logo, being Banksy and having 240,000 friends on facebook which would broaden Biosocs reach beyond TCD Medicine.


Ruth Cusack

Hello my name is Ruth and I’d love to be next year’s Ents officer. Biosoc nights have been one of my favourite parts of college and I would love to have the chance to make them even bigger and better. Having been on several committees during my time in college, I feel I have the necessary skills and experience for the role.

Last year I was PRO of MOVE and helped organised one of the most successful MOVE Balls in recent years. I also organised the first ever Horse Racing Soc – Equestrian Club Ball in November this year, which sold out and is now set to be an annual affair.

In the 143rd session, I’d like to make mark on the numerous and fabulous events BioSoc holds each year. For Med Ball, I’d love to increase ticket numbers so everyone and their special someone can dance the night away and for the Christmas trip I’d like to organise a group activity during the day so people don’t just go from café to café spending their all-important drinking money.

Biosoc already has so many fantastic events and I’d love the chance to make these even more inclusive and with even more free wine!

Cian Casey

From the very start, Biosoc has been one of the best things about studying medicine in Trinity. Biosoc fosters a great sense of camaraderie not just within year groups, but medicine as a whole. The fresher’s pub crawl is often where 5 year friendships are made and first years receive wise words of wisdom. I’ve always gotten a lot from Biosoc, be it free wine or careers advice, and now I’d like to give something back.

With regards to ENTs, Biosoc is surely one of the most varied on campus, from “Medicine Through the Arts” to debates and inaugural ball. I’d like to build on this diversity, running more events in association with related societies such as GenSoc. I also hope to run more events that have an international outlook to better engage with all of medicine. I love a good night out and I’m a bit odd, which is needed for unique events. I also have prior experience running events (think last week’s MOVE pub quiz) and have sat on several committees.

I might come short of SOM’s required attendance level, but I’ve hit near 100% for BioSoc.

Vote Cian X

Anna McCollum



Fionn Slattery

Hi! My name is Fionn Slattery and I want to give something back to a fantastic society, that has been there for me right the way through college and help others have the same wonderful experience that I have had and am having.

From the pub crawl in September 2014, to Med Ball just gone, BioSoc has made, what at times can be a very tough and stressful course, not just bearable, but genuinely enjoyable.

BioSoc helped me (and all of us, I’m sure) make my first friends at a time when I was nervous about being in a totally new environment, to helping me keep making memories with them the whole way through college. It’s this appreciation for what BioSoc do, along with my own personal experience, that I believe will make me a successful OCM.

I raised €3000 euro for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland in 6th year in school by organising a fun run, taught Irish as part of VTP for the past year, recently organised a Pub Quiz for MOVE and took part in the 3rd year Med Day video. These experiences led me to realise that to be successful, any committee member, but especially OCM, needs to be organised, willing and hardworking to succeed, I believe I fit this bill.

Eva Timmons

My name is Eva Timmons and I would love to be OCM of biosoc! I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of biosoc for the past 3 years and this year I would love the opportunity to get more involved. I believe I have the necessary skills and qualities to be a great asset to the committee. I am an effective team member, I’m enthusiastic and I have extensive experience organising many events. As senior prefect in school I contributed greatly in the organisation of our debs and pre debs. I have also been involved in charity work having successfully run fundraising events from fashion shows to bake sales. A highlight of this year was my involvement in organising workshops for secondary school kids where we managed to raise almost 2000 Euros for MOVE. I hope I am afforded the chance to bring some great new ideas and a fresh angle to event organising delving on my years of experience of event attending! I look forward to making next year as wonderful and as fun as the previous three years.

Hilary Leeson

Sorcha Minnock

Aisling O’Grady Walshe

Anna McCollum



Rían Hayes

With two years’ experience on the Biosoc committee I like to think I have a reasonably firm handle on how the society works and how to write a Scandal Sheet. My aim next year is to move forward with some new things, and improve those that could’ve run smoother in what was overall a great year for Biosoc, with a great committee. For the current 2 nd years the two biggest upsets were how MedBall ticketing went, and how some of us (+most of 1 st year) were excluded from the Inaugural Ball afters. Unfortunately these things were unforeseeable, and even though we got a night out in O’Reilly’s on the back of it, I’d prefer to make sure that doesn’t happen again next year. Inaugural confirmed we’ll get screwed by bars/nightclubs we’re with if we don’t get a clear written version of any agreements. Re MedBall, I want to make sure we poll the various course years to accurately gauge the demand for MedBall tickets, so we can plan to satisfy demand and make sure they get sold fairly. Finally, I want to organise a few more inter-year nights like the 1st/2nd year one in O’Reilly’s to ensure year-round good craic.

Beata Carroll

Biosoc has played a major role in all our lives in medicine and I am incredibly grateful to have been able to help in the organisation and coordination of so many successful events during the year.

Having been a rep for 2 years, I know what the job entails and think that I can help merge both tradition and new ideas in the 143rd session of Biosoc.

Considering we will be split up next year in the hospitals, I think it will be crucial that we have plenty of opportunities to gather as a whole, be it on a night out, sporting event or even trip abroad! I would hope to bring new ideas to the committee (# keeping it fresh) and help iron out the blips we’ve had along the way (tilt ticketing and increasing the ball quota).  I am approachable, enthusiastic and essentially live in the TBSI, meaning I will always be around to ensure the smooth running of events and of course, listen to any ideas or suggestions you may have.

Finally, along with having mastered the art of wine pouring, I am also an organised and hard working individual, and would be honoured to get the chance to represent our year.

Emma Gray

Hi guys, I’m Emma, a second year med. I’m running for both 3rd year rep, and Med day rep.  I think I would do a great job in these roles because I’m enthusiastic, hard working and great craic. I also have lots of experience working within a committee.

I’m determined not to repeat the mistakes that have been made in the past, that have particularily affected our year, and have loads of ideas to make Biosoc events more inclusive and diverse, having collaborations with other societies in Trinity. I would also strive to make events more accessible to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years, who often haven’t been catered for in the past.

Overall I will work really hard to make everyone have a great year next year, and make Biosoc events fun.


Ernan Hession

Hi, my name is Ernan Hession and I’m running for 2nd year Biosoc rep. Biosoc played such a huge role in my first year of medicine, helping me get to know my peers and building friendships with my year and the older years. This is a tradition I would love to continue and give the future 1st years the same experience as I had and making sure the year is as fun for them as it was for me with as much free wine humanly possible. The biosoc night outs are undoubtedly some of the most fun nights out of the year and I will make sure they stay as hard to remember next year as they were this year. I hope to plan events that appeal to all members of biosoc and possibly incorporate other years, societies and medical schools. So please vote Ernan number 1, I’m the only person in trinity with the name you can’t miss it.

Andrew Duncan

I am known by many aliases, such as Andrew, Andy, Duncan, Duncy, and most shamefully, Big Daddy Dunc, but I would most like to be known as the 2nd year Biosoc Rep for the 143rd session. Believe it or not, this being the 143rd session is no coincidence, as in this number are the reasons that I should become the next 2nd year rep

1- Because I am the 1 for this role. I share good relations with all those in the year, and could no doubt coerce them all into going to each and every biosoc event.

4- Because I am the man 4 you. I would take great pleasure in leading a team of drunken meds to the next destination on the infamous Biosoc pubcrawl that has claimed many a fresher, unaccustomed to the sesh heights that Biosoc reaches.

3- How many cans of Tesco Lager I can fit in my pants.

If elected, I’ll have no problem in spamming our class page, and even less of a problem leading our year of sesh moths to the bright lights that are Biosoc events. Gracias (note bilingualism)

Marianne Foley

I’d like to run for 2nd year class representative this year. I passionately regretted not getting more involved with BioSoc this year, so I’d like to right that wrong. I was a class rep for MOVE this year, which gave me the opportunity to refine my skills of spamming the class page and spamming the class in real life. I’d love to work on events that include all the medical years and be a part of expanding BioSoc’s philanthropic element, too. I’m (technically) a little older than a first year should be, so I have a great balance between managing responsibility and being down with the kids!

P.S. – I love BioSoc.

P.P.S. – I hope BioSoc’s not going to like me ‘just as a friend’

Caoimhe Byrne

My name’s Caoimhe Byrne and I’m running for Biosoc 2nd year rep. I’m approachable, easy going and always up for a bit of craic (evident when I ruined myself on med day doing the iron stomach). Biosoc is all about getting meds together and drinking wine, two things I love, as anyone who knows me will tell you. I’d be good for Biosoc as I can pass on this enthusiasm  and encourage everyone to attend the events as they’re essential for building friendships, getting to know each other and maybe losing a memory or two. If elected, I’d be committed to helping with all the events, making sure everyone knows they’re happening and encouraging them to go. I loved all the nights out this year, and Biosoc are responsible for some of the best nights of my college experience so far. I’d love the opportunity to be a part of it this year and make sure next year everyone has as good a time as we did. I hope you’ll vote for me!

Peter Menzies

Short & Sweet like myself: I love Med Day BIOSOC. Currently the 2nd Year Med Day Rep but repeating first year, this academic loop hole means I am running for the exact same position again this year. So its fair to say I’ve some insight into and experience of the job! In September I advised all my s2s mentees to go for med day rep and let no one stand in their way… Now one year on: a failed supra, repeat fees and an s2s award later I’ve some stiff competition to defend my role. However it’s been lovely to get to know a new year, I would be honoured to represent them and actually stay in second year this time, fingers crossed. Med Day is glorious. It’s everything to me and I’d do anything for it. “Die for the Cause.”

(Mixing things up and also throwing my name in for Biosoc)

Daire Walsh

Daire Walsh – Reigning 1st year rep, Newcastle trip surviver, and low-priced alcohol enthusiast.
So firstly, already being rep for a year has really given me a first hand experience into the organisation and running of the society’s events. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.
What I want to bring back this year is a drive for improvement. It’s not enough to just “Keep Biosoc great”, but constantly strive for improvement.
My year of experience would really allow me to hit the ground running next year. No adjusting or learning the ropes, but rather getting straight to work abusing my powe… I mean making Biosoc 143 the greatest year yet!



Cormac Newell

My name is Cormac Newell, I’m in third year and here’s my manifesto for chairperson of Med day. If I don’t get elected as chair I’d also love to run for an OCM position.

Med day is a pretty special day to all of us. Marking the penultimate day before study must actual start begin, it acts as a kind of  Christmas-St Patricks day hybrid, but instead of getting gifts you collect like mad and get that incredible feeling of having contributed to something genuinely huge. Having been class Med day rep for two years in a row I’ve had the opportunity to help raise monumental funds for such amazingly worthy cause all while organising a day which always goes down as one of the best in the year. That said so much more than a single day. While I have never debs committee I do think I have amassed two years of invaluable experience working under two excellent med day committees. This experience in hand I think I will be capable of keeping the whole event on track and running smoothly, even in the face of external disasters such as a garda strike or necessary change of date. I would hope to build on the work of those before me, to make for an even bigger day which would raise even more funds for excellent causes, while at the same time striving to make the day as memorable for all as it has been to me for the past three years.

It’ll be huge.


Michael Mc Kenna

Hi, my name is Michael Mc Kenna and I’m running to be your next Med Day Secretary. Med Day is such an important day in the academic calendar both in terms of the opportunities it gives to students to get to know each other and for the causes we support every year that need our help. As the current Treasurer of MOVE and a former class rep, I have the knowledge and experience in areas such as organisation, logistics and teamwork needed to make this coming Med Day one of the most successful ever. I also volunteered with Suas in India last year so I’m very familiar with what it takes to successfully fundraise and meet deadlines. I would really love the opportunity to help bring you one of the best Med Days yet so I would really appreciate your vote!

Tim Fannon

Hi, I’m Tim and I’m running for Med Day secretary. I think I would be ideally suited for this position in that I am extremely hard working, organised and goal oriented. I will be more than happy to go above and beyond what is required to make sure that Med Day remains one of the most successful events in the college calendar.

I think one of the most important aspects of the secretary role is to encourage the effective engagement of the committee with potential sponsors and beneficiaries, and to ensure that the committee works well together as a functional unit. Having been deeply involved in college societies such as Trinity Singers, Trinity Musical Theatre and DUFC, I would be excellent in fulfilling this organisational and delegatory role.

Efficiency and proficiency are two of my all-time favourite words, really and truly. I will not be afraid to push myself or others to raise as much money as possible and I would look forward towards engaging with such an exciting and worthwhile challenge. Having really enjoyed Med Day for the last three years, it’s a charity that I would love to serve through the role of secretary during the upcoming year!

Sorcha Minnock

Hi guys! I’m running to be this year’s Med Day secretary! Med Day is truly Christmas for med students and the best day of the year! I would love to be part of organising next year’s Med Day and helping raise even more money than ever!

I’m an organised, efficient and a hardworking person! And my PPAM assignment told me I’m a very good communicator! Being MOVE chair this year I’m very used to begging for best value for money and sending countless emails asking for free stuff and sponsorship!

Because of this year I’m also used to working with the CSC and have experience being involved with running a charity society! I have always been a dedicated participant of med day and have almost got knocked down trying to collect money between cars!

I would really appreciate your vote! Thank you!


Ciara Hopkins

Hi my name is Ciara and I am running to be your Med Day treasurer. Med day has always been something  I have loved participating for the last 3 years. I’ve always been one of the eager ones who turn up well before 7am, this year I was the very first in our year to be there to fund raise.  But why would I be good for Treasurer?  My number one skill is my ability to organise. I understand to responsibility that comes with this job, the amount of money we raise and how much I would have to be responsible for. I am also very persistent and know how much I will need this when I am looking for sponsorship for the event.  I have also been involved in MOVE fundraising events. I  organised the incredibly successful CANDY CANES for MOVE this year, which brought joy happiness and raised lots of money for another great charity. I’m not involved in any other committees, so have a lot of time and energy to give to this committee. I would love if you would consider me for the position!

Joe Leahy

Hi, I’m Joe and I’m running for the position of Med Day Treasurer. I was one of the treasurers of Move this year, a role I thoroughly enjoyed, so I have experience in running the financial side of a student charity. Charity is something that I’m really passionate about, and through Move and Trinity VDP I have a lot of experience in organising events and fundraising for worthwhile causes. As treasurer, I would do everything within my power to organise sponsors and help ensure that we raise as much money as we can for the incredibly worthy causes that we help support. Med Day has consistently been one of the highlights of my time in Trinity and I would love to have the opportunity to help make Med Day 2017 the best one yet. Thanks x


Niamh Moynagh

Hi, my name is Niamh moynagh and I’d like to be your PRO of Med day. From my first year days of ducking through town, dodging the enthusiastic collectors as I avoided all things medicine, to this year as the third person to arrive in the TBSI, eager and ever ready to contribute to the amazing day that is med day, I think I’m a contester for the most improved supporter of what this committee stands for. Besides my love for Med day despite my fashionably late arrival to the party, I think my self proclaimed attention seeking title makes me ideal for the role of PRO. After many years of daily instagram posts and self fraping Facebook statuses, I think it’s time to put these practiced to perfection skills to a charitable use, to benefit the amazing charities that Med Day supports. Finally, many 3rd years will tell u that I broke my own ankle earlier on in the year just because I was lacking on social media material; this is the level of dedication to the cause that you can expect from me as your Med Day pro. Thank you.

Ellen Boyle


Ellen Boyle

I’m Ellen and I would really love to be a part of next year’s Med Day committee. Med Day is my favourite event each year as we combine many of our hard earned medical skills (setting horrifically early alarms, badgering the general public, stripping and drinking like fish) to raise astonishing amounts of money for seriously deserving causes.

I think I will be a good OCM as I really enjoy getting involved with the work of organising events whether that be liaising with the venue for those all important drink deals or helping with the clean up that those drink deals inevitably contribute to. This year I was a member of TCD AMSI and was involved in organising our Med Minds events which gave me excellent experience in working hard as part of a team and interacting with outside companies and sponsors. I will be able to apply what I learned with AMSI to my role as Med Day OCM.

The work that goes into Med Day is intense and each year Med Day ups it’s game, both in how much money is raised for each cause and in how the event is enjoyed by the general public and us volunteers. I would love to be a part of the committee that continues to make Med Day the best day of the year.

Dónal Keating

Hi everyone, my name is Dónal and I would love to be an OCM for Med Day this year! Med day is one of the best days of the year, giving us all a chance to raise money and have a great time. I think I’d be a great OCM for a number of reasons.

As a member of the MOVE committee I have been involved in multiple MOVE events this year, including MOVE ball and workshops for secondary school students. Organising these events has trained me in sending hundreds of email, arranging sponsorship and crucially raising money for charity! These experiences have given me the skills which would make me a great addition to this year’s Med day team.

Most of all, I really love Med Day. It’s been an important part of college for me and I just want to make sure that everyone in every year gets to enjoy it as much as I do! I hope that you’ll all consider voting for me and that you’ll give me the chance to make Med Day as successful and as fun as possible!

Róisín Ní Dhomhnaill

Hi, my name is Róisín Ní Dhomhnaill and I’m running for Med Day OCM next year. It really is a fantastic day and I have loved taking part the last two years. I regretted not trying to get involved with the committee earlier than this and do think that I could bring a lot to the team. I’m committed, organised and enthusiastic and do have experience organising fundraising events with MOVE and at home. Each year we raise a phenomenal amount of money for great causes and I would love the opportunity to help however I can to make that as successful and as fun as possible.

Tim Fannon

Joe Leahy

Eva Timmons


Claudine Howard-James

Hi, I’m Claudine and I’m running for the role of 3rd year Med Day class rep. I have been part of the Med Day team for the last two years and it’s one of my favourite aspects of the year, and of the course! Being a part of Med Day is such a rewarding and wonderful experience, so I would love to continue my involvement in this great cause and build on the successes of the last few years. Hopefully I have proved myself to be a good link between the year and the committee and would love the opportunity to do so again this year. I really enjoy the organisational challenge of the day and seeing it all pay off, both figuratively in the enjoyment that we all get from Med Day activities and physically in the money we raise for the hospitals that do so much for us in the course of our training. Thank you!

Caraíosa Harrington

Hey my name is CaraÍosa and I am running for the position of 3 rd year medday rep. I have acted as the 2 nd year MOVE rep this year and have decided to dip my toe in the pond of another medical charity. I am enthusiastic, energetic and efficient. I organised and supervised the medday sponsored cycle last November which proved to be a huge success and raised over 500 euro. Since last medday I have become increasingly interested in playing a larger role in its coordination and would be thrilled to upgrade from being ‘cycle girl’ to med-day rep. So I would love if you could vote for me!

Aoife Corcoran

Hi my name is Aoife Corcoran and I’m running for 3 rd Year Med Day Rep this year. Med Day is always a day that allows us to give something back to others with the added benefit of being able to enjoy every minute of it. This year I’d love to contribute to the work that goes on behind the scenes that makes Med Day what it is. In my opinion, this position is suited to me as I’m hardworking and dedicated to whatever the task at hand may be, whether its eating a mountain of pasta or perhaps, organising one of the best Med events of the year. I feel I’d be a valuable member of the committee as I’m friendly, approachable and keen to get involved. If chosen, I’d be more than happy to contribute my enthusiasm, ideas and bad jokes to this year’s committee.

Dave Moran

Dave here, and I’m throwing my hat into the ring to be the Med Day Rep for the 3rd years next year. In keeping with the idioms, helping to plan and promote Med Day won’t be my first rodeo, because I’ve plenty of experience organising events already, be they nights out and debs to coffee mornings and bake sales. I’ve also continued to work with medical and healthcare-based organisations while in and since leaving school, including Our Lady’s Hospice Harolds Cross and WALK (a centre and association that helps those with intellectual disabilities with social support and employment amongst others) in Longmile Road, so believe me when I tell you how much I know what even a bit more funding means in helping the individual!

In terms of goals as a Med Day rep, (clichéd as it sounds) I work well as part of a team and when a job needs to be done, I’ll be the one to apply myself and have my nose to the grindstone til it’s achieved.

Emma Gray


Peter Menzies

Short & Sweet like myself: I love Med Day. Currently the 2nd Year Med Day Rep but repeating first year, this academic loop hole means I am running for the exact same position again this year. So its fair to say I’ve some insight into and experience of the job! In September I advised all my s2s mentees to go for med day rep and let no one stand in their way… Now one year on: a failed supra, repeat fees and an s2s award later I’ve some stiff competition to defend my role. However it’s been lovely to get to know a new year, I would be honoured to represent them and actually stay in second year this time, fingers crossed. Med Day is glorious. It’s everything to me and I’d do anything for it. “Die for the Cause.”

Emily Feeney

Hi guys, my name is Emily Feeney and I would love to be your 2nd year Med Day representative.

You may remember me from such phenomenally successful societal endeavours as “NigellaSoc” and “various others”. I also have plenty of former experience in my tenure as senior prefect, student council member and chairperson of my school’s Amnesty International group during sixth year.

I am truly passionate and enthusiastic about the causes that Med Day supports. Med Day was one of the most fun days of my first year experience (and not just because of that free wine reception) and I would be delighted to have the opportunity to take part in organising such an amazing, worthwhile event.

Aaron Barry

Hi my name is Aaron Barry and I would love to be one of the 2nd year Med Day Representatives. Having enjoyed Med Day so much this year, I would love to give back by getting involved in organizing and coordinating next year’s Med Day. As the link between the committee and the people in my year, I will work to ensure full involvement from the whole of second year. I have raised funds on multiple occasions for both my Athletics and Swim Club back home, and also have helped organize events with these clubs also. I’m very friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to, and will bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to Med Day. I would love to get the chance to work with representatives from other years as part of the Med Day team, and facilitate more interaction and mixing between the second years and other years. As a rep, I’ll make sure to rally the second years to help make next Med Day one of BioSoc’s most successful and enjoyable Med Days yet.


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