Candidates for the 142nd Session of Biosoc


Patrick Carr
Hi, my name is Patrick and I’m running to be chairperson of the 142nd Biosoc committee. Biosoc to me is an integral part of studying Medicine in TCD and the course wouldn’t be the same without it. Biosoc’s renowned social events are how many of us form friendships with both people in our year and other years.
I’m running for chairperson as I believe I have the necessary skills. I’ve had leadership experience before, being chairperson of Sligo Comhairle na nÓg, headboy in secondary school and sitting on Dáil na nÓg. Since coming to college I have also been class rep and sat on the Biosoc committee in 1st year.
In addition to experience I have ideas. I want this next Biosoc to be even bigger and better ‐ through improving the events we currently have, working together with our other medical societies like Surgsoc and PIA and incorporating new events, including more intervarsity events.

Conor Keogh
Biosoc have done great work to create a sense of family within medicine in the last few years, and many of its events are now central to the social calendars of its members. I believe we can build on these successes and also do more to fulfil Biosoc’s aim of promoting medicine within Trinity.
I want to see us move to encourage interest in medicine as a worthwhile topic in itself. This applies from first year, in emphasising how basic sciences feed into clinical progress, through to final year, when exploration of emerging areas can inform career choices.
In practical terms, student‐led seminars and guest speakers spanning basic, translational and clinical science would help to shift the perception of the academic aspects of medicine from something to be suffered through towards something we can see the value of, engage with and, ultimately, celebrate.


Michelle Horan
My name is Michelle Horan and I would be delighted to have the opportunity to act as Secretary of Biosoc next year, for its 142nd Session.
I believe I would be suitable for the role, having dealt with responsibility in the past, being elected Head Girl of my school as well as acting as Secretary of my School Hockey Club. I also co‐captained the Ladies 1st 5ths Hockey team here in Trinity last year. Regardless of my prowess on the hockey field, (or lack thereof) these were roles that required dedication, organisation and a willingness to complete tasks and a desire to do them to the best of my ability!
I have a love for all Biosoc events and would love to play a part in making them even better, and I can promise at least one glitter‐themed event! If appointed, I would do my utmost to ensure the smooth running of Biosoc and would put my all into everything that the role requires!

Oisín O’Brien

Hi, I’m Oisín and I’d love to be your next Biosoc Secretary! I’m a masters student, current Med Day Treasurer and will be joining the Class of 2018 in September. This position would be a fantastic opportunity for me to acquire new skills and experiences, plus a great way to get to know my new classmates. It would also be a privilege to work for a society that’s contributed so much to my college life. I’ve particularly enjoyed being involved in this year’s Christmas Panto, the Phil Debate, and the upcoming play. As part of the 142nd session, I’d like to continue investing in projects that explore the more imaginative aspects of medicine. I would be an effective Secretary because I pride myself on my organised notes, value good communication and my achievements as Med Day Treasurer have given me valuable experience which would greatly benefit the Biosoc committee.


Sinéad Crowley
My name’s Sinéad Crowley and I’m running for treasurer of Biosoc.
Over the last three years I’ve enjoyed countless events run by Biosoc, from trips abroad to fancy balls, and I’d love the opportunity to be a part of such an active committee. This year I am chairperson of MOVE and have really enjoyed working with a committee to organise events.
Part of Biosoc’s treasurer’s role is to liaise with the csc. I have been doing that this year as part of MOVE. Although I haven’t been treasurer before I am organised and alright with numbers!
I really hope you’ll consider me for your vote for treasurer
and Med day Secretary.

Sam Grennan
Hey everyone, I’m Sam and I’m running for Treasurer of BioSoc.
We all knew that one guy in school who collected 1c and 2c coins, who actually enjoyed completing excel sheets and who used his calculator for something other than spelling the word BOOB. Well, you guessed it, that guy was me!!
I am passionate about Biosoc and believe that the events they run are a great way of bringing the years together. Having been a Medday rep in 2nd year and treasurer of MOVE this year, I have first‐hand experience of managing accounts and working with the CSC. I understand the commitment required and will work hard to make next year the best year yet.
So from Medday, to MOVE to Biosoc (potentially) if you want to see me complete the holy trinity, I would greatly appreciate your vote.

Also running:

Oisín O’Brien


John Mahon

Hi my name is John, and I’m running for PRO of the 142nd session.
I believe that I’d be a great fit for this position – I already spend most of my time on the internet, and I have extensive experience creating events on Facebook for organisations such as ΑΔΦ UBC and TCD Cancer Soc.
I also have some experience with video editing software, following a work placement with Reelgood Productions. Last year’s Biosoc Trip video was a great idea, and is definitely something I’d like to carry forward.
I intend on increasing activity on the Instagram which Sadhbh created last year, with a view to growing it over time, and encouraging members to submit their own relevant pictures. Finally I would like to raise awareness of the WordPress page, and update the advice section on the site – it has huge potential to be a centralised hub of information for smaller medical societies, such as NIMSA and MOVE.

Kevin O’Rourke

I’m Kevin and I’m new to your year. Had to take a bit of time out but I would love to be your Biosoc PRO on my return to Medicine. Those of you I haven’t met yet might have seen some of the stuff I’ve done; I took pictures for MOVE ball this year and did the slide shows at the Med Day talent show both this year and last year. I was Photo Editor at the Trinity News when we won Best Newspaper, Best Design and Best Website at the Student Media Awards, I know my way around website design, Photoshop and video editing and I can write pretty good sometimes too. Thanks for your consideration and either way I look forward to joining you in August.


Evin Doyle
My manifesto is based on three main points:
1) Understanding that non‐alcoholic does not mean dry. Waterballoon fights, karaoke nights and a whole bucket load of possibly unsanctionable events, all of these are on the cards.
2) Exams also do not mean dry time. We’ll have plenty of time to get serious later in our lives, and if you can’t handle a lecture the morning after, how will you manage being on‐ call?
3) Fostering more of a relationship between the health sciences. We’re far too insular in my opinion. Maybe even getting LawSoc involved. God knows we’ll need lawyers at some stage. Vote Evin, and moisturise yerselves.

Niamh Grayson

Hi I’m Niamh Grayson and I’m running for ENTs. Since first year, Biosoc nights out have been one of my favorite parts of medicine. I would love to organize and improve Biosoc’s events throughout the year. I believe I have the necessary skills for this role. This year I was part of organizing the MOVE workshops, which were a great success raising over €2000, as well as organizing my school’s grad. From my experience as an S2S mentor, I am aware of the importance of communication between the years, which is an integral part of promoting events. I know what it’s like as broke student; I believe in value for money ‐ especially with events like the Christmas trip. Also, I’m keen to work on more inter‐varsity nights such as Halloween ball.
In all, I am always up for a night out and believe I have the organization skills, the dedication, and the enthusiasm to make a great ENTS officer for Biosoc next year.

Nikita Naqvi

I would like to be ENTs officer because I feel that BioSoc events are so important to us at various stages, from being the first point of social contact and where we develop our friends in the course to being a well deserved study break and something to look forward to in our later years. After many years of attending these events I’ve noticed that there’s a tried and tested recipe to the collection of events available which I would like to maintain to the same fun standard, while also incorporating new events with emphasis on the international students and their occasions so that this society can accurately reflect the diversity of its all members. It’s important for these events to be inclusive and well organised, while still maintaining the reputation of being fun and having a laugh, all factors which I will bring to them.

Cliodhna Tutty‐Bardon

Since first year I’ve gone to the majority of Biosoc’s Events from trips to talks, pub crawls and balls. After three years of attending and thoroughly enjoying them I’d really like to be more involved in the organisation and planning of these events which are enjoyed so much by everyone in Medicine! I would be delighted to have a role on the committee, maybe this is an area in medicine I could finally excel in. The events often give us something to look forward to in a sea of study, and I’d love to be organising these things for people to look forward to.


Orlaith Kelly
My name is Orlaith Kelly and I would love to be OCM of Biosoc! This year I was one of the treasurers of MOVE, and I think the experience I gained from being on a society committee would definitely benefit me as an OCM of biosoc! I’ve always loved Biosoc (way back since I was on the Med day committee in 1st year) and I would really like to be part of it this
year! Please vote for me. Okellz xoxo

Jenny Kinane
I would love to be involved in the Biosoc next year as an ordinary committee member. The Biosoc has provided many of the highlights of my three years in medicine, and I see it as an integral part of my college life. Through my appreciation for all of the hard work and efforts that have been put in by past committee members, I would now like to do my part in continuing the success of the Biosoc. I like working in groups, maintaining harmony and getting things done, which is why I think I am well suited to the role of Ordinary Committee Member. If I get elected I will bring enthusiasm, creativity and plenty of hard work to the Biosoc team. Please vote for me!!

Ciara O’Byrne
I am running for position of OCM. I am particularly interested in organising Biosoc events such as the pantomime, careers night and Medball. Focusing on Med Day, I would like to get involved with promotion and advertising of the event as well as organising various aspects

of the day itself. Another aspect I would be interested in would be partnering up with other societies in Trinity and organising some more joint events with them. I also think we should bring in more student deals for lunch and coffees around SJH and Tallaght with our Biosoc cards.


Amy O’Regan
I would love to be one of your (extra)Ordinary Committee Members next year. I am a team player, really hardworking and organised (ish)… and I love Biosoc, what more dya need

Shane O’Neill

I’m Shane and I’m running for Biosoc OCM and Med Day OCM. Here’s why:

  • S……eriously varied and useful skill set with real experience in: Charity work, Organisation, Fund raising, Data Analysis, Construction, Instruction, Driving…∙
  • H……ardworking, excessively enthusiastic, and am, at times, “slightly” obsessive.
  • A……ssisting and guiding projects? I love it! I take real joy in seeing ideas realised.
  • N……o known criminal record.
  • E……nergetic, passionate and committed.

Most of all what I really would like is to work for worthwhile societies while having good craic and having happy memories with those I meet along the way. Thanks!

Nicola Raftery

I would love to run for the position of OCM this year! I have experience of being OCM on the MOVE committee and I really enjoyed it. I was involved in running many events and my duties ranged from organising workshops for secondary school kids to hassling dodgey joke shop owners for free fez hats and giant cigars… yes that happened. I know the role of an OCM can be varied and that’s why I enjoy it so much! Biosoc have done an amazing job this year and I would love the chance to contribute to making next year just as much a success and hopefully bring a few fresh ideas to the table also!


Also running:

Shauna Quinn
Conor Keogh
Oisín O’Brien
Evin Doyle
Cliodhna Tutty‐Bardon


Ciara Brennan
I would like to run for Biosoc rep as I would love to get involved in the society and believe I would be a suitable candidate for the position. I have been a member of Biosoc for three years now and so am very familiar with all the events that happen throughout the year and would love to help in the organisation of these events. I am familiar with the processes involved in this and I have the commuication and organisation skills necessary to be an effective rep.

David Hopkins
Having been Biosoc rep of my class the last two years, I know exactly what the role entails. However I’d like to expand on that role by having the reps open a dialogue with their class and allow our members to influence change in our society, which I’ve found lacking up to now.
Furthermore, I feel my experience will allow me to operate not only as a representative of the year, but also as an active member of the committee, who can bring fresh and useful ideas to better the Biosoc experience for every member. One example: I’d like to keep Med Cup on campus, but with an open Pav, DJs, food, a night‐out after and more to make a proper event out of it!

Kat Hughes
Hi, my name is Kat Hughes and I want to be your 3rd year Rep.
Ok, prepare yourselves for some unbridled self‐praise: in school I was Head Girl, head of the Green & Debs Committees, the English & French debating teams. I was the class rep for Human Genetics and organised loads of class nights out (even though I was secretly preparing for the HPAT to be with you fine people!). I also have a lot of experience working as part of a team (Starbucks‐service with a smile!). Most importantly, I am friendly, approachable, enthusiastic and hard‐working.
Phew, ok so I would just like to say I don’t put myself for this position lightly; I put all my effort into everything I do and would genuinely love to bring some fresh ideas in order to make Biosoc as inclusive and fun as it can be.

Anna McCollum

As one of this year’s 2nd year reps, I loved contributing to the different events and getting to know the other years. A highlight would be our involvement in Trinity Arts Festival’s Fourth Week presentation, a brilliant event and it was great to be able to represent Biosoc. I think I would be a great attribute to next year’s committee as I know what the job entails. I have experienced the fun and hard work of being a Rep ‐ promoting, selling tickets, collecting money and representing. Not only did I carry out regular rep duties, I also took on extra jobs which I think was a great help to the committee; from dragging 300 wine glasses across campus to cleaning floors. On top of this, I love pouring wine and plaguing my years Facebook page – that’s really what Biosoc’s all about! I loved being on the committee and would love to do it all again so please give me your vote for 3rd Year Rep!


Aisling O’Grady Walshe
My name is Aisling O’Grady Walshe and I’m running for 3rd year Biosoc rep. I would really like to be elected for this position because I have always really enjoyed Biosoc events and would love to get involved in the running and arranging of them. I was head girl in school and so was heavily involved in organising many events including the Debs and several school fundraising days. This involved responsibility for budgeting and managing large amounts of cash. I think that these experiences make me a good candidate for 3rd year rep and I hope that you agree! Thank you


Beata Carroll
My name is Beata Carroll and I am running for 2nd year rep.
I am a reliable, approachable and enthusiastic 20 something year old, and would love to be your year representative. Whether it be spamming the class Facebook page, collecting money or guiding tours in Amsterdam, I am up for the challenge!
Biosoc already has a special place in my heart from the first pub‐crawl to med‐ball!
Having had a year of experience, I know the system, the importance of being organised and also being a good communicator and I would love to not only continue, but also improve on its success for next year.

Rian Hayes
The year organising and running events with Biosoc has given me a much better insight into how the society works than I would have gotten from outside, and allowed me get to know the rest of the committee well, some of whom I’m sure will continue on next session. I feel this best places me to represent the interests of 2nd year in Biosoc, and to smooth out some

of this year’s wrinkles, like the ticketing of Med Ball. It also has also shown me what events the year likes best so we can improve and better publicise them.

Charlie Murray
My name is Charlie Murray and I’m running for 2nd year rep.
I really want to get involved more in Biosoc, the society runs so many huge events throughout the year and I think the 2nd year rep needs to be ready to help out with anything and ready to deal with the stress of being called last minute to help a committee member. I’m good at multitasking, working under pressure and working against deadlines and I want to make next year as amazing as I’m able to, and help out the committee as much as possible.

Abidur Rahman

Hi guys,
Biosoc reps are the ones that organize some AMAZING events throughout the year. Those of you that have met me, I hope you can state that I meet the requirements for the position. I will always put forth my best efforts to organize some spectacular events. I will also do my absolute best in ensuring that every request that you guys have of me are fulfilled to the best of my abilities. Thank you very much and I hope you guys vote for me to represent you as the second year Biosoc rep.


Ailish Naughton

Hi, my name is Ailish and I’m running for Med Day chair for next year! Having been involved on the committee this year as 3rd year rep, I’ve seen first‐hand all the hard work and organisation that goes into such a massive event. If elected, I would love to try and involve other health science courses in the events leading up to Med Day, such as the warm up night. I would also like to revamp the slave auction section of the day, as that is an area that I feel a lot more money could be raised. I really am truly passionate about the causes that Med Day supports, and would love to work with the incoming committee to raise as much money as possible whilst making sure everyone has as fun a day as possible. I’m hard‐ working and organised and think I could bring a lot to the role!


Gemma Farmer
I’m running for the Med Day committee this year as I would love the opportunity to become

more involved in the fantastic event that is Med Day! I think I would be suited to the role of secretary as I am efficient, organised, patient, calm and hard working! As secretary of the Med Day committee I would be dedicated to ensuring nothing was overlooked, no emails unsent, no event unplanned! I don’t shy away from a challenge and would give 100% to all the necessary planning and organising needed for the smoothing running of Med Day! As an active and enthusiastic participant in Med Day every year I would be delighted to get more involved and, if elected, would work hard to make sure Med Day 2016 is as wonderful as ever!

Eric Moran
Hi I’m Eric Moran and I’m running for Med Day Secretary. Med Day is one of the most important and truly phenomenal events in Trinity and I’d love to be part of it. I believe I have the experience and qualities necessary for this role. During my time in college I’ve been a class rep for Biosoc and MOVE, while also being involved with Trinity VDP. I’ve been a weekly Activity Leader and this year I was Producer of the VDP Panto, one of the largest college charity events. I organised meetings and rehearsals, booked rooms, sent countless emails, and created promo videos and events. I also secured better deals than ever for the show’s production, saving over €1500 of the previous Panto budget. These various roles have given me the skills necessary for the role of secretary. I’m a hardworking, organized, friendly, dedicated individual and would love your vote.

Shauna Quinn
Being a Med Day rep in 2nd year, I really appreciated the team commitment. I met so many new people, learned so many new skills and I even did my first proper all nighter (A skill that I regularly make use of)! It was such an incredible experience and I would do it a thousand times over! You should vote for me for Secretary or OCM… Why? Well, I have the experience, the spirit and the enthusiasm to keep us going through the year! I am hard‐ working and willing to take on any challenge along the way. It would mean a great deal to me to be a part of the Med Day committee to help organise the best events of the year to give something back to the hospitals, that do so much for us, and to give the meds the well needed break we deserve! Wine included. If you vote for me, I can assure you I will give it 100%!

Devina Sharma
Those who have been in my Med Day collecting groups would tell you that my enthusiasm has been unrivalled, from doing ‘the worm’ on the street to creating performances worthy of the West End. I’m not afraid to put myself on the line and conjure up fresh ideas, even if shop owners donated money “just so we’d shut up”.
One of my attributes is dedication to my goal… just sheer relentless persistence, the outcome success is another question! The role’s breadth warrants one to have a myriad of interests and be quick to learn. I have been involved in multiple societies; players, sports and debating, along with participation in charitable programmes outside of college. My palate proves to be quite diverse!
I have seen first‐hand the benefits charitable donations to hospitals can have, having worked for a resource‐poor rural Indian hospital. I truly believe in this cause and, spurned by my passion, I will do my utmost.

Also running:

Sinéad Crowley


Ciara Broderick Farrell
Hi I’m Ciara and I’d like to run for Med Day treasurer. Having done Leaving Cert accounting I feel I can handle the finance side of being treasurer. I’ve also been involved in a lot of fundraising for MOVE this year. I was on the committee for the MOVE workshops and organised a coffee morning (and raffle) as a personal event, both events raising over €2,500 each. I realise that the treasurer is the first point of contact for many donations. I have firsthand experience of this, having obtained sponsorship and donations from several companies for my coffee morning and raffle. In the past I’ve been involved in fundraising for The Irish Cancer Society, Cork Simon Community, The Emer Casey Foundation and Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.


Greg Murphy
I’d really love the opportunity to be this years Med day pro. Med day has always been my favourite day of the year and I’ve always wanted to be involved. As a member of the bio soc comitee for the last 2 years I have learnt a huge amount about how it works and could bring all of my experience to the Med day PRO position.
I also have a lot of new ideas that I’d love to use for Med day this year in order to make it easy for the public to make their donations through online and other means. I’ve had a lot of experience with raising money and was part of a group that raised over 20000 for charity.
Most importantly I’ll give this job 100% of my attention and would love to be the pro for next years Med day.


Louise O’Halloran
My name is Louise O’Halloran and I am running for the position of Medday OCM. Medday is always a fantastic day and my favourite medicine event of the year and this year I would love to play a part in making it as successful as possible! I have experience working on committees and am a good team player. I would be a valuable enthusiastic and dedicated member of the committee and would love to share my ideas on how to make this Medday even better than the last.

George Petrov
Hello there guys , my name is George Petrov (Gosho) and I would be honoured if you gave me the opportunity to be one of the OCMs of med day during the following year! In my opinion I am a suitable candidate for the job as I am very hard working, enthusiastic about almost everything, very approachable, relaxed, love teamwork and as always having the ‘craic’! Another key quality that my mates like to remind me about is my booming voice which between the money collecting during med day and meetings and organising big groups of chatty people, I feel like I can get my point across without a megaphone! With all this self praise and advertisement aside, Med Day means a lot to me and it only shows how

a few hundred medical students can combine efforts to raise the staggering €50000 and actually make a real change to someone’s life which not many other societies (if any) are capable of achieving. So on that note it would be a privilege if I could be your OCM for 2016! Thanks a million lads! Vote for Gosho!

Also running:
Ailish Naughton
Gemma Farmer
Eric Moran
Devina Sharma
Shauna Quinn
Cliodhna Tutty‐Bardon
Shane O’Neill
Ciara O’Byrne

3rd year Med Day Rep

Joseph Mulhall
Hey it’s Joe and I’m running for MedDay rep. I feel I’m perfect for the job. As a sheep farmer I’m well used to the 5am starts of lambing season, so the early start of MedDay is no trouble for me. I’m great at collecting money from strangers, I was an alter server for 5 years so I’ve collected millions of euros from the parishoners of Kilavaney parish. On a serious note, I’m very friendly, approachable and fun and feel I can bring a lot of energy and excitement to Med Day. So please vote for me.

Cormac Newell
My name is Cormac Newell and I would like to apply for the position of 3rd year Med Day rep.
For the past year I have been rep to the second years and loved it. In my application for that position I spoke about getting my year involved in the Med day and building on the enjoyment of the previous year. Most people seemed to agree this was the “best Med Day ever!!!”, while I played a very small role in making it so, I would love the opportunity to do so again. Over the past year I think I acted well as a liason to the second years and improved in terms of the administrative aspect of the organisation.

Also running: Kat Hughes

2nd Year Med Day Rep

Peter Menzies
Short and Sweet, Peter Menzies ‐ 1st year. Being on the Med Day committee this year was a humbling opportunity, working with such a brilliant team. Seeing all the work and effort that is put in behind the scenes has given me a massive appreciation for being a link between committee and my year as well as an enthusiasm to do more. I’d count myself more than lucky to be given this chance to get involved again. A relevant quote: “Good times are had by those who work hard, are organised and have a good few wine receptions”. Thank you!

Claudine Howard‐James
Being a part of Med Day was one of the best and most rewarding experiences I had this

year. I wish to continue my involvement into next year and keep up the good work from this year of fun events which helped both in terms of fundraising and class bonding. I want to contribute my energy and enthusiasm to helping the causes Med Day chooses to support, organising events and coming up with even more ideas to raise both money and awareness for Trinity Med Day.


Shubhangi Karmakar
As AMSI Rep I feel I’d bring a variety of different perspectives from my interest in politics and debating to the collaboration between medical schools globally. I was invited to speak at the Hist’s Ed Burke panel on “Abortion: The Elephant in the Womb”.
I’m looking into the feasibility of Repealing the 8th with Dr. Veronica O’Keane, and running social media for Trinity Independent Seanad Candidate Sabina Brennan who is working with Public Ageing and Neurorehabilitation policy.
If elected I will work towards overcoming barriers to access in Public Health through raising awareness in future generations of medical professionals.

Henry Roberts
Hi! I am a 2nd Med and I would like to be your AMSI rep for the coming year. I believe AMSI can become a strong, national voice for us and I have the enthusiasm and energy to work towards that goal. I have experience in co‐ordinating a large team which organised several public health events both on a university campus and in the wider public domain which received national media coverage. I have several ideas for the Association, including a national student scientific conference to complement the already‐established annual intervarsities.

Nick Stefanovic
I’d like to be your TCD AMSI rep‐ I’ve the experience, the ideas, & know how to get to Cork and Galway!
1. Experience:
‐ Class Rep in JF/SF Med: Events, class trip, awards night! Admin schtuff, making the Medicine thing as easy as possible for my year!
‐ Ents officer for FashionSoc (I’m a team playa!)
2. Engagement:
‐ Networking with UCD/RCSI throughout year.
‐ Promoting academia via intervarsity careers night‐ Expose TCD students to specialties that aren’t taught in our hospitals (e.g. Neurosurgery, transplant surgery).
‐ Promote Medical Student interests on a national and international level, inform TCD via efficient PR.

Shermeen Rahmat
The opportunity to be part of a movement that enacts change is what drew me to running.
Voting for me you’re choosing someone who is willing to get to know what we as medical students think and want, someone who’s committed to exploring the ways we can affect

change, and making sure that AMSI is a place where good ideas can be built into the real world. One goal I have is to create a project that’s centred on homelessness in Ireland. Any further information needed before voting for me? Email me at rahmats@tcd.ie

Kaie Rosborough
Executed the first Canada‐wide Science Faculty conference
→ Equivalent of AMSI for undergraduate science students
→ Help expand influence of AMSI within Ireland Ideas:
Targeting the Irish childhood obesity epidemic
→ Workshops with Dr. Donal O’Shea (youth weight management expert) → Education about the in utero impact of maternal obesity
Bring the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign to Ireland
→ Help physicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures
→ More care ≠ better care (overuse, waste, or harm to patient)

Also running: Peter Menzies


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