Biosoc AGM – Description of Roles

The end of the 141st Session of the Biological Association is nigh, and with that comes our AGM. There are a lot of positions to be filled this year so anyone thinking of running stands a good chance of getting one of them!

It can be a little confusing to know what position is for you, so in order to clear up the individual roles a little, here is a brief description of what is entailed in each position!

Biosoc Chairperson:

The most prestigious position of all. King/Queen of Biosoc certainly has their work cut out for them! Their main jobs are to ensure the smooth running of the year through the smooth execution of each and every event, act as liaison for all involved with Biosoc, oversee the finances in conjunction with the treasurer and be the main point of contact for the president. This is a time consuming role but with incredible benefits. “Being chair of Biosoc is the thing I am asked most about during SHO interviews” – Former Chair of Biosoc.

Biosoc Secretary:

If you are an organised person, this is the role for you! The secretary keeps all members up to date with Biosoc banter by managing the members list, email account and sending regular emails. The secretary also acts as one of the chief administrators of the committee and is responsible for booking all venues, keeping meeting minutes and is in charge of the majority of official correspondence. Amenable traits include diligence, attention to detail, touch-typing and decent communication skills.

Biosoc Treasurer:

Aka. The Money Handler! The primary role of the treasurer is to oversee the society accounts, collect receipts and attribute relevant repayments to the payees or creditors. In addition, they represent Biosoc on the CSC, and are requested to vote at specific meetings throughout the year, most notably the CSC AGM. They are in charge of updating the CSC online system and conducting a financial report for the end of the year accounts in order to facilitate Biosoc’s validity as a society and to apply for the end of the Societal year awards. In addition, the treasurer is responsible for applying for the overall CSC grant Biosoc receives every year. In order to be treasurer, you should be comfortable handling large amounts of dollah at any given time!

Biosoc Public Relations Officer:

This job should appeal to anyone with a more artistic side. The role of PRO includes two main branches: social media and artsy stuff. In general, they are responsible for updating all social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WordPress), promoting each of Biosoc’s events and act as a casual liaison for members of the general public through the Facebook page. They are also responsible for designing any booklets, t-shirts, posters, hoodies, tickets and Facebook banners throughout the year. Good communications skills, a creative personality and some technological skills are a definite advantage for this role!

Biosoc Entertainment Officers:

ENTs sounds like Events! The role of the two ENTs officers is essentially to organise all aspects of the wonderful events Biosoc run throughout the year. They do that by contacting venues, sponsors, catering staff, travel agents, airlines, hostels, etc. to get the very best value for all of the Biosoc Members. Along with the Chair, they are the primary people involved in organising the Biosoc Christmas trip, Med Ball and many of our nights out. Candidates should be enthusiastic, always be up for a great night out and have a generally positive, can-do attitude!

Biosoc Ordinary Committee Member:

OCM is a great position that lets you get involved in lots of different areas without having too much responsibility for any one area. Often, some of the more work-laden committee members will need help with big jobs, like organising venues or contacting speakers, and that’s where you come in. It’s also a great opportunity to bring whatever specific skills and interests you have to the table. To an extent, OCM is what you make it – the more you put in, the more you get out. If you like organising plays, or taking pictures, or designing posters, or planning venues (the list is endless), you can get involved and take on responsibility in whatever area you enjoy most.

Med Day Chairperson:

Med Day chair allows you to channel your creativity and ideas into a leadership role which has a tangible positive impact on hospitals. Working with a wonderful team, it is a true pleasure to see the behind-the-scenes planning, organising, in-betweening with emails, and meetings finally bring the vision to fruition. Sponsorship, venues, t-shirts, beneficiaries and multiple other facets of the day are important responsibilities, but if you can remain calm under pressure, the persistence will pay off and be a wholly rewarding experience. This role guarantees you a place on the Biosoc Committee as an OCM, as well as a warm fuzzy feeling.

Med Day Secretary:

This is a broad but rewarding job. Like a secretary of any society, you have to keep a watchful eye over the email account and keep minutes of every meeting. You are also responsible for keeping Med Day organised. In addition, as secretary of Med Day, you are second in command and may have to be the leader at some events. This role also guarantees you a place on the Biosoc Committee as an OCM. It’s a very broad, interesting job but really rewarding.

Med Day Treasurer:

As Treasurer, Med Day relies on you to acquire as much money as possible. Firstly, you’ll make sure the budget proposals for prospective beneficiaries are cost-effective. Then you’ll spend your summer schmoozing with every business in the country willing to offer sponsorship money. Once you’ve gathered your war chest, you’ll plan a budget for the event and negotiate for the best prices. On The Day itself, you’ll be responsible for collecting all the cash buckets and making sure they are lodged safely. The job also involves updating accounts, recording invoices/receipts and writing all those cheques (including the big ones!). This position would suit someone who is a good salesperson, very well-organised, and likes the idea of looking after €50,000.

Med Day Public Relations Officer:

The Med Day PRO looks after our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. You’ll use these to promote and document events throughout the year (including the day in question). The ideal candidate will run an engaging promotional campaign, take flattering pictures and be able to create interesting posters/videos.

Med Day Ordinary Committee Member:

Med Day OCM is a really rewarding and fun role, ideal for someone who works well in a team and who’s willing to work hard for the first semester. Some of the main tasks you could be involved with are helping to secure sponsorship, organising the Med Day Warm Up night and organising odd jobs in relation to Med Day, including being part of the Med Day fairy team.

Biosoc & Med Day Year Representatives:

These positions can be applied for by people going into their 2nd or 3rd year of study. Each committee has 2 representatives in each year. The role of the reps is to essentially act as a liaison between the committees and the members of their year. This is done through making announcements at the end of lectures, posting on class pages and occasionally, sending the odd email. Reps usually sit in on meetings and are an integral part of the committee, occasionally sharing tasks of OCMs. This is the perfect role for you if you wish to get involved in Biosoc but are not yet eligible to run for a committee position!

Association of Medical Students in Ireland (AMSI) Representative:

The AMSI Rep will also be elected on the night of the Biosoc AGM, as part of a new collaboration between the organisations. This is a 2 year position. The elected rep will chair the TCD AMSI committee with current rep (Tess Higgins) and represent Trinity on the national AMSI committee. You will be involved in initiating projects such as a Teddy Bear Hospital, public health initiatives or any other project you can think of, here in Ireland. AMSI is a member of the IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Associations), and offers opportunities to be part of this international community and attend annual international student conferences in locations such as Malta, Macedonia, Mexico & Greece. Any queries can be sent to elsweene@tcd.ie or just come to the info night on Thursday April 7th in the TBSI.

So that’s it! If any of the above positions sound appealing to you, please send an email to biosoc@csc.tcd.ie and include your name, the position(s) you would like to run for, your manifesto and a phone number you can be contacted on!

Good luck to all candidates running!


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