Biosoc AGM – Manifestos

Biosoc Chairperson

Bearach Reynolds

My name is Bearach Reynolds (3rd med) and I am running to be the chairperson of the 141st session of Biosoc.

After two years working with the committee as 2nd and 3rd year rep, I know how Biosoc works and I know how it can be improved. The three areas I would focus on are Content, Collaboration and Community.

Content: Medball, Christmas trip, careers night are all staple Biosoc events, but I believe our members deserve more. We need to revitalize our existing events while also increasing what we have to offer. Diversification and development would be my aim for the 141st session.

Collaboration: Trinity has an abundance of societies that hold many fantastic events throughout the year, and we should be proud to be one of them. However, Biosoc has been too insular to date. I believe we need to work with other society to provide our members with a wider range of high profile events. Collaborations can mean bigger budgets and therefore bigger events!

Community: Events such as the “Teddy Bear Hospital” have been roaring success in other medical societies, we need to step up our game. Our scope for events that can benefit both Trinity and wider community is huge, let’s utilize it!


Oisin O’Brien

My name’s Oisín and I’d love to be a part of next year’s Biosoc! Some of the second years might know me as the guy who shares his notes on Facebook, some of the third years might know me as a dear friend, and the rest of you might know me as that guy who got kicked out of the Hive for dancing shirtless. For these reasons alone, you can be sure that I’m the man for the job.

Over the last 3 years Biosoc has given me so many memories – fascinating talks, adventures abroad and loads of fun nights out. None of these good times would have been possible without the hard work that the committee does every year. Now I’d love the chance to make a contribution of my own and ensure that Biosoc continues to become even bigger and better!

There are numerous reasons why you should vote for me:

  • I’m a hard worker. I would only volunteer for this position if I was willing to give my full commitment to it. I will take pride in my role and do everything I can to make sure I fulfil my duties to the very best of my abilities.
  • I enjoy working as part of a team. My priority will be to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas with the committee and have a role in improving the society.
  • I have experience as a leader. In school I was the head prefect, captain of debating teams in English and Spanish, and also served as the Chairperson and Treasurer of the SVP committee for two consecutive years.

I would be sincerely grateful if you gave me the opportunity to prove myself and help make next year’s committee the best one yet!”

Biosoc Secretary

Ciara O’Neill 

Hi I’m Ciara O Neill, a third year running for the position of Biosoc secretary. Although great at taking notes (an ideal trait for a secretary wouldn’t you agree?), I’m not great at writing about myself, so instead of feeding you all the usual guarantees of how reliable and efficient and dedicated I am (all incidentally true, I swear), I wrote this poem because everything is better when it rhymes:

Oh Biosoc, please let me be,
Secretary of your next committee,
I’ll work so hard for you I swear,
I’ll age and wrinkle and get grey hair.
But all this I wont mind at all,
I’ll throw you your best yet MedBall,
I’ll send tonnes of fun emails, full of cat gifs and memes,
And help organise the Christmas trip of your dreams.
My note taking at meetings will be the stuff of dreams,
I’ll be enthusiastic, hardworking and a part of the team,
So please Biosoc members vote for me,
Most importantly I’ll ensure lots of wine and cheese!

Apologies to those who found that too cheesy but I swear I’m not usually so vomit inducing xoxo


Nanci O’Reilly

Hi, my name is Nanci O’Reilly and I want to be your Biosoc secretary for the 141st session.

To be a great secretary, I think organisation, time commitment and dedication to completing the task at hand are the most important qualities.  Hopefully from my class rep work the last two years, you’ve seen that I’m practical, efficient and well up for a challenge.  If elected I would put as much effort and more into this secretarial position.

Email is my weapon of choice, as the SOM knows well.  If you vote for me, I’ll write witty and concise emails without too many blinding emojis.  However the best medium for contacting students is definitely Facebook and I’d be keen to work with the PRO on ensuring that all info required is easily visible.

For Biosoc events next year, we’ll want to be thinking bigger, better and more bountiful and I have no problem organising the practical side of the most far flung ideas the 141st committee will have to offer.  Why do the Hist and Phil get all the celeb speakers?  Because they have insistent (relentless) secretaries, that’s why!

Biosoc members need to have a better idea of the day-to-day work of the committee.  What goes on behind the scenes is a great reflection of the power of a student organisation and I want to make sure that the committee keeps everyone up to date.

Vote No Shit Nanci for BioSoc Sec!


Sinead Cornyn

Hi everyone! I would absolutely love to get involved in Biosoc this year, whether that be through the Biosoc Committee or Med Day Committee! I would mainly like the role of secretary, and feel I would be particularly suited to it. I’m a hard working and organized person, and will have no hesitation contacting anyone that needs to be contacted to make events as good as they can possibly be! I promise to attend every meeting, work diligently on the running of the society and keep everything organized. I will also keep you all up-to-date with upcoming events guaranteed to be great craic!

I’d really love to take this year as an opportunity to get involved in a society I’ve been a member of all through college. I’ve been part of committees outside of university, and am excited for the opportunity to be part of a college one!

I’ve had a few ideas for new things Biosoc & Med Day could get involved in, such as charity ventures like a charity 5km race for Med Day. The society is a great one with many traditions, but there is always room to grow! I would like to help make that happen!


Oisin O’Brien (see above)

Biosoc Treasurer


Maz O’Dwyer

The first time I encountered Biosoc, I had the delight of drinking 8 pints and 3 tequila shots on the pub crawl. The morning after I did not suffer a hangover, as I was “young, free and supple!” By Gawd, things have changed! Not the drinking – the hangovers. In all fairness though, Biosoc is not about the drinking, it’s about the people you meet and how they make you feel, that is merry, accepted and part of the family And I’m sure this is the same for many of ye! And here is the reason I wish to be a part of biosoc. This year biosoc executed so many great events: the Christmas trip to Edinburgh, Medball, Medicine through the arts, and a great careers night. Building on this, I’d love to see Medicine through the Arts and the Careers Night become bigger events.

Treasurer is a role that I know from being MOVE treasurer last year. I’m passionate about spreadsheets and apparently I am seriously attracted to formatting and equations on excel… or so I’m told. Joking, but no seriously, have you seen the sexiness of excel??? As MOVE treasurer, I not only managed the societies spending but had to allocate credits according to work done and money raised this year. I really like treasure though… Do people actually read these? Boobs? So this is kind of my manifesto. If you don’t know me you should get to know me…

I suppose I think I’m a decent candidate because I like making people happy. I like when things are great and I like making them great. So yep. That’s why you should think about voting for me.


Gossip Goat Out


Tseun Han James Kong

Hello, I would like to apply for the position of Treasurer on the Biosoc Committee and I think I would be good for the position because of several reasons. Firstly, I am very much a team player and I enjoy working with other people. Secondly, I have first-hand experience working as a treasurer for the squash club over the last year. In my own not-so-humble opinion, I am diligent and reliable when it comes to keeping track of money and ensuring that my responsibilities are taken care of.

The reason I want to apply as it is a good opportunity for me to get involved with such a large society in the college and I have always been appreciative for the efforts of previous committees. I think the role will supplement and refine my abilities and it is my belief that working in such a committee is a highly rewarding experience.

As such, I appreciate any votes that come in my direction and look forward the prospect of working on the Biosoc.


Oisin O’Brien (see above)

Biosoc Public Relations Officer


Sadhbh Heneghan

Aside from being called Sadhbh (you wouldn’t even have to change the nametags), here is what would make me a great PRO:

I am insanely organized! Take a look at my desktop background: everything is neatly filed within a simple “College” folder – the title of which will also show my originality. Subtler files are hidden and entitled “Med ball slideshow” and “Scandal sheet shenanigans” proving that I am permanently ready for any med ball scenario.

I have been designing posters as early as 2007 and an A in Leaving Certificate art resides permanently on my CV. While my earlier works focused a lot on book covers and imaginary events, more recent works have been somewhat more scientific (and boring). Proficient in the art of snapchat editing, my creative skills have not been lost. The biosoc poster productions would allow me to come as close to applying to NCAD and IADT as possible, without the necessity of multiple piercings.

I spend an extraordinary amount of time browsing the book of faces, usually procrastinating. One of my new years resolutions was to be more productive. What could possibly be more productive than using my procrastination time to create weird and wonderful Facebook events for the Biosoc Calendar?!

As an avid user of Twitter, I know my way around a hashtag (#WhyIsJConnJustStandingThere is one of my favourites). This may come in handy when reading out many of the more risqué tweets at the annual Careers Night.

Way with the words – I count Nicola Walsh among my close friends so naturally, anything that “I” write will be amazing! References: N Walsh, Med Ball Scandal Sheet, 2014, 2015.

I’m always trying to come up with new ideas for our various events. Among some of my current ones are a Mean Girls themed Biosoc Panto, a Harry Potter themed Med Ball and setting up a Biosoc Instagram page for all of those med ball misdemeanors

Biosoc Ents Officer


Louise Ward

Hi, I’m Louise and I am running for Biosoc ENTs officer for the 141st Session.

Let’s face it. For many of us, Biosoc constitutes a huge portion of our social lives! From the pub-crawl on freshers week, to the Medday warmup, Medday itself, the Christmas trip, Inaugural ball, Medball to many other talks and nights, that cumulate in the cheapest of free wine, that you know is going to make it very difficult to make it in for your 7.30 tutorial tomorrow morning! Medicine is a family, and Biosoc is the outlet that brings our family together.

So, why should you vote for me? Well, I’m qualified for the job! I was a 3rd year rep this year for Biosoc. In fact, many of you may recognise my name from spamming Facebook pages and emails throughout the year. From my experience, I know all the important ins-and-outs of Biosoc, from moving people from pub to pub in Edinburgh, to turning the KEA into a carnival themed wonderland. I am organised, and have experience with running events. Just 2 weeks ago, I helped organise the hugely successful MOVE AGM and pub quiz.

So what will I do as your ENTs officer? I will help to organise all the usual events to the high standards that you have come to expect. I am particularly interested in organising Medball, as this is, in my opinion, one of the highlights of every year! I would also like to bring some new events to you, including greater collaboration with  other societies, both in Trinity and the other medical colleges in Ireland. I would also like to introduce some alcohol-free events throughout the year, such as movie nights, or a Christmas mince pie party.


Naomi Howard-James

Hi guys, my name is Naomi and I would love to be your Biosoc Ents officer.

This year’s committee have provided us with an extremely high standard of entertainment. I would like the opportunity to build on their work by continuing to improve the standard of established events, placing more emphasis on some of the smaller events, as well as introducing novel events.

The Christmas trip is the first area I think improvements can be made;  I think better value for money can be achieved and further destinations reached. Building on the success of the relocation of Inaugural predrinks to the Dining Hall, I would like to diversify existing BioSoc events and explore new venues, including for my beloved Med Ball. I would like to introduce new events by improving collaborations with other college societies and Med schools to broaden our social horizons.

I promise to be committed, enthusiastic and innovative and provide you all with a year of immense entertainment.

Andrew Neary

Hi! I’m running for Ents. I think I’m the best person for this position because I’ve got great organisational skills, and I work very well in a team.

I was an integral member of the MOVE Mystery Tour committee, and I was responsible for booking both the pub and the club. I’ve also organised other events, including my school’s graduation

and 6th year holiday.

Biosoc offers such a diverse range of events, from Med Ball, to the Christmas trip, to the careers night. These have all brought us together so much over the years, and I’d love the opportunity to be able to organise and build upon these already great events


Hugh O’Sullivan
My name is Hugh. I’m in 3rd year and applying for Ents for next years Biosoc.
I already have a large amount of experience in organising and running lots of society events as part of the DU Food & Drink committee for the last 3 years (and next year too). I’ve been fresher rep, PRO and secretary as well as organised successful Burrito eating/making nights, Falafel appreciation and Home Brewing competitions as well as lots of others. As well as that I helped out in a small way with Body & Soul Week this year, in arranging a healthy breakfast event in Yogism.
I think I’ll be a good Ents reps because I’m well used to liaising with restaurants, venues and college authorities for bookings. Most of all I know nothing makes a good night better than cold beer and warm food so I’ll definitely be looking to incorporate a lot of that into my role and continue the great tradition of meddie nights out


Alex Robinson

First and foremost, I’m running for Ents officer because I like going out, I like to see people having a good time and I feel like there’s definitely room for more events throughout the college calendar. I’m organised in general, and have experience organising class nights out.

As I’m coming from the masters year, most of my friends have just finished 4th year. This gives me a good insight into the runnings of the year, and so makes me better able to organise nights out for fourth years at appropriate times (end of rotations, around Christmas time since many don’t have exams) etc.

I also am very interested in bringing the Christmas trip to mainland Europe. If elected, I will begin working on that as soon as possible. Failing that, I’d also like to look into running an international mystery tour; I’m thinking buses from Nassau street across to England on the ferry. I’d also like to increase the interest in the Med Intervarisities weekend, which has a lot of potential but isn’t very popular.

Finally, I’d like to work more closely with class reps of each year to organise bigger and better class events. One thing I feel could do with a greater effort is a post Schols trip for 2nd years.


Ciara O’Neill (see above)


Biosoc Ordinary Committee Member


Nicola Raftery

Hi everyone! Tonight I’m running for the position of OCM and I would really REALLY appreciate a vote! Okay, so why am I running for OCM? Well, a few reasons, I’m currently an OCM on the MOVE committee and I am loving my role! I’ve learned this year that the role of an OCM can be very varied… From organising workshops for secondary school kids to hassling the owners of dodgey joke shops on Henry Street for free fez hats and giant cigars… yes that happened. I knew the role of OCMs could be varied but this year has shown me just how much variety the job actually entails, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it! So I would love to become involved this year with biosoc and bring my experience from this year with me and dive into all the weird and wonderful jobs that come with being an OCM.  Also, Biosoc have done an amazing job this year and I would love the chance to contribute to making next year just as much a success! So yeah, Im running for OCM and I would really appreciate your vote!


Trisha Ang
My name is Trisha Ang and I wish to run for Ordinary Committee member for Biosoc.

I think I’m best suited for this job because I work well with my peers, and am an excellent team player. This is shown in my role as a prefect in school, where we were responsible for organising charity events and running countless of bake sales, Christmas bazaars and student conferences. This means I am very familiar with different aspects of organising events, such as the financial (phoning companies for sponsorships), practical (moving speakers and microphones for large events) and the emotional (the anxiety associated with unexpected mishaps!) aspects.

Running errands is my forte; I have practiced organising bookshelves, photocopying, printing and buying supplies in my time as a volunteer for a school for children with autism. This would prepare me for the multitude of menial jobs that await an OCM.
I am also part of the international community in Trinity, and I hope to represent this minority by suggesting events in the future that would appeal to the non-EU members of Biosoc.
I am an avid baker, which means that every future Biosoc event will be well stocked with peanut-butter squares and other sweet treats. I hope this is reason enough for you to vote for me!


Katie Wolohan
I’m Katie and I am running for OCM. Being OCM isn’t a backup position for me, it’s the one I’m genuinely interested in, and I think I could bring a lot to the table. I’ve worked on several committees before (school stuff like senior prefect and green schools, as well as holding the position of youth officer on the committee in my local Irish music organisation). This year, I also worked as Irish Youth ambassador for the ONE campaign (Bono’s anti-poverty campaign), which meant working alongside a lot of (stubborn and difficult) international politicians and NGOs in organising campaigns, events etc. The positions of chair, secretary and treasurer carry a very large workload and as OCM I’d do my best to work with the people in these positions to balance that workload, helping things run smoothly


Bearach Reynolds (see above)

Louise Ward (see above)

Aoife Page (see below)

Sinead Cornyn (see above)

Biosoc 3rd Year Rep


Maeve Reidy

This year I would like to run for Biosoc rep as I would love to continue to be involved in the society and build up relations with the other years. After being a part of the committee this year, I know what the job entails and feel like I have the necessary skills for it, such as good organizational and communication skills. I loved getting the opportunity to be involved in organizing the various events, such as med ball and the annual Biosoc Christmas trip, and the stress that comes with collecting the money of course. I would love to do it all over again


Greg Murphy

Dear Biosoc,

I would like to run for class rep in third year. I enjoyed taking part in Biosoc this year and would love to do it again

Greg Murphy xxx


Biosoc 2nd Year Rep


Aisling Betts
Biosoc events such as Med Day, Inaugural Ball, the Christmas Trip and Med Ball have helped make this year one of my best (and blurriest) and I want to give back and become more involved in this amazing society.  I have been to all the events this year and would love to help organise and come up with even bigger (and blurrier) ideas for next year. I’ve been elected as class rep and SVDP represent in my school before and would love to bring this experience to the society. I’m enthusiastic, confident and feel I could take initiative when needed. . I would also like to increase the interactions between the years and liaise with the second years and make sure they’re kept up to date with all of Biosoc’s latest activities and events.
On a more serious note, I also have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long year of medcest. Skills that make me a nightmare for people who want to commit scandal undercover. I promise to make the scandal sheet at Medball a raging success, my gossip queen status uncontested.


Anna McCollum

My name is Anna McCollum I am 19 year old Northerner and I am running to be 2nd Year BioSoc Rep for 2015/2016. I have loved the various Biosoc events throughout the year, Med Day, the Edinburgh trip etc, and I am very keen to be able to make a contribution towards keeping up the great work that the Biosoc do.
I feel like I would be the right person for the job as I have the experience and enthusiasm necessary to represent my year. I was Deputy Head Girl in school, which involved a lot of work and responsibility including organising two Formals and many other events. As well as this, through my involvement in organising charity fundraisers, e.g. this years Dive for Cancer, I have often had the responsibility of looking after large amounts of money and have great organisational skills which I have gained through my experience with these events. I have acquired great communication skills and have a lot of experience working in a team so think I would be a great attribute to the Biosoc committee.
I would love the chance to be next years 2nd Year BioSoc Rep so please vote for me and I won’t let you down!


David Hopkins

My name is Dave Hopkins, I’m 19, from Dublin and running to be one of this year’s 2nd year reps. I’m a friendly, enthusiastic guy who loves to get involved in all sorts of events, so I’d love to be part of next year’s committee!

As this year’s 1st year rep, I’ve been in charge of ticket selling, carrying cash, promoting events and liaising with my year. I’ve been involved in the planning and running of all our Biosoc events, giving me the experience and confidence needed to play an active role in next year’s committee and offer new ideas to help further improve the society. Elsewhere, I took part in Jailbreak ’15 as one half of Team Max & Dave, successfully reaching Location X (Lake Bled, Slovenia) in 36 hours and managing to raise the most funds for SVP and Amnesty out of all 110 teams who participated, with over €4,000! Doing Jailbreak taught me plenty about communication, organising events, social media and general arm-chancing, all of which I know will be important as rep! I was also involved in Katie Cogan’s campaign team in her successful bid for next year’s SU Ents Officer position. All my involvement in Biosoc and the wider college community this year has also allowed me to get to know a huge variety of great people from my own year, the rest of medicine and other courses too, which will be a big help for promoting events and ticket selling as second year rep.

I’d love the opportunity to continue working with Biosoc next year and I truly believe that I have what’s needed to represent my class, so I hope you will vote for me as 2nd year rep!

Med Day Chairperson


Eimear Duff

In first year of college, Med Day replaced Santa Claus as the one thing I truly believe in and will get up at 5am for. I have leadership experience as Vice President of TCD FrenchSoc, and have been succeeded procuring free food both on rotation and through sponsorship for TEDMED 2014. I was involved in organising the Campus 5k in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières and last year’s 50k in aid of Med Day. The wonderful experience of working with the 2014 Med Day committee has inspired me to build on their success. I am excited to explore new ideas for Med Day, devising new ways to fundraise and collecting experiences from last year’s collectors to maximise the money we raise.  I have great ambitions for  harnessing the future Med Day committee’s strengths. New positions Guardian of the Burcos, Guardian of the Craic and Med Day Fairy to bring treats to collectors (relayed via snap chat) are ready to be appointed. I am passionate about Med Day and would love to channel my innovation and idealism into overseeing everything and overlooking nothing as Med Day Chair


Oisin O’Brien (see above)

Med Day Secretary


Sahr Yambasu

Sahr here, a Med Day veteran! I interviewed myself to see if I’d make a good Med Day secretary:

“So how will you help increase Med Day’s earnings this year?

I’m a born hustler, yo, so I know all about gettin’ them dolla bills. I apply the right pressure when sponsors don’t wanna cough up that green (shifty eyes).

And what can you bring to the table as Med Day secretary?

Three skills, which I learnt on tha’ street, are vital for success in any aspect of life: hard work, organisation and passive aggression, son.

Do you have enough experience to be on the Med Day team?

Mayne, I’ve been on this since day one. I’m talkin’ Med Day videos, third year rep(resentin’), all that good stuff! Experience? I know all about the inner workings of Med Day, man, there’s levels to this ‘ish!

Will the incoming chairperson be able to count on you?

Fo’ sho’. You know why? Because I’m loyal (shout out to Chris Breezy)”

So there you have it. A candidate that’s a little rough around the edges, but brings something different to the table. He’s got my vote!


Karen O’Neill

I am running for the position of Med Day Secretary. The position itself sums up my two passions in life – charity work and writing stuff down. I think I’m best suited to the job of secretary as I am ridiculously organized and after 3 long years of lecture attendance have a knack for great note taking. Lists are my forte. If it needs to be done its on a list and if its on a list it’ll most definitely be done. I genuinely would love the opportunity to be on the Med Day committee and be part of organizing what is one of the best days of the year, not to mention the incredible amounts of money that are raised each year. I tend not to do things by halves and if part of the Med Day committee for 2015 I promise to make sure that it is the biggest and best Trinity Med Day one could ever imagine!


Martin O’Donnell

Hi, my name is Martin and I’m running for Secretary and OCM of the Med Day Committee.

Having being involved with Med Day each year, I have seen the good it can do, and the craic too! As part of the committee, I hope to use my “very particular set of skills” (Not in the Liam Neeson sort of way…)

– I’m a team player and have worked as part of the MOVE subcommittee for the end of year quiz. Being part of a team does not mean you have to be the loudest, but someone who listens and works with others.

– Organisation and Communication are key (sorry for the cliché) – As secretary, I would have an agenda ready each meeting, with goals and progress reports ready.

– While I’m serious in organising a great event, I’m not afraid to make fun of myself (cough…. All-Bran).

– I could be credited with being a class-appointed IT-rep/wizard (maybe self-appointed…). I hope to streamline IT systems to lessen the large workload. I also hope to set up an online donations system, the lack of which lessened the impact of the great social media donation campaign this year.


Chloe MacAuley

I would like to run for secretary because I love being organised, I love writing lists and making timetabled plans and writing emails. Having been such a huge fan of Med Day since first year it was such a privilege to be a rep last year and it would be amazing to have the opportunity to be a part of it all again!

It was such a success last year and I know how much work it takes to make it that successful. I am willing to put in all the time (and emails) it takes. Having met representatives from the charities we donated to last year I saw how important med day really is; it would mean a lot to me for our year to be able to make such a difference to whatever charities are picked next year and I really want to be a part of that. I love it too much to let it down!


Aoife Page

Hey folks! I’m Aoife and I would love to have the opportunity to get involved in Biosoc. It really is an integral part of Trinity Med, bringing together all 5 years and providing a much-needed break from the books. Fun times with great people, that’s what its all about! Over the past 3 years I’ve watched from the sidelines, and now I would be honoured to have the chance to pitch in.

The description for Biosoc OCM stressed a keen interest in wine, and in that case you can be sure that I’m the woman for the job. But really, I promise that I’ll be hard working and ready to take on any challenge. Also, I have some great last minute problem solving skills that might come in useful (looks like all that PBL might finally pay off, eh?). If you vote for me I promise I’ll give it 100%! Thank you 🙂


Oisin O’Brien (see above)


Sinead Cornyn (see above)

Med Day Treasurer

 Oisin O’Brien (see above)

Med Day Public Relations Officer


Ailbhe Kiely

I believe myself to be well-equipped for this position based on four years experience of working in marketing part-time, as well as having been the Director in Chief of my school charity in my fifth year. In my current position as a Brand Ambassador for Vita Coco I am given the autonomy to liaise with a wide range of companies, large and small, establish new working partnerships, and represent our own brand with dignity, professionalism and enthusiasm. This are skills I hope to carry into this role, in addition to the special skills one needs to represent a charity – gained from my experience at school.

Looking into next year, I hope to build upon the hugely successful twibbon campaign that was orchestrated to perfection by this year’s committee. I would love to further establish the social media presence of the charity, not only amongst medics or even Trinity students, but beyond. Instagram and Snapchat for example have accelerated in popularity this year and should definitely be exploited in the coming year.

Furthermore, sponsorship is something I see as hugely important in upholding Med Day’s reputation as a tremendous charity event – however I firmly believe in discretion going forward as unfortunately last year’s heavily logoed t-shirts did deter certain people from donating.

Lastly, having always had a keen interest in art and design, I want to further establish the ‘brand’ of Med Day through media other than our tshirts and twibbons – things like pins, pens, post-its (fingers crossed sponsored) may be effective in reinforcing the image in a more permanent way, before and after the day itself.


Sahr Yambasu  (see above)

Med Day Ordinary Committee Member


Deirdre Ryan

I’m going for Medday OCM this year because I believe in our year. I think we can match and hopefully exceed last year’s total money raised, which was phenomenal. I have been a committee member in the past and work well as part of a team. I promise that I will give my all to Medday and the lead up to it and that I will be enthusiastic and try to keep spirits up on the committee! Every year Medday comes up with bright new ideas to reel in the cash to support such a worthy cause and I would love to be part of that.


Rachel Kearns

I’m Rachel and I’m running for the position of Medday OCM. I’ve always loved Med Day and I wanted to get involved this year to give something back to the hospitals that do so much for us. I really enjoyed being secretary of MOVE this year, and being part of a team where everyone brought so much to the table. I can’t wait for our year to own Med Day and I’d be delighted to harass some rich gentlemen for a bit of healthy ‘sponsorship’ 😉 Talents include brownies, snapchat and well-worded emails.

Amy Lynch

I feel I would be a good addition to the Med day Committee. I have participated in the move fundraising effort this year including being on the Mystery tour subcommittee and really enjoyed helping out and being part of a committee. I also organised a coffee morning to add to the money that I will be bringing over to my hospital. I think med day is such an important event every year. It is unique and the amount of money raised each year is really astonishing. I would really love to be a part of the medday committee and be a key part of the organising efforts. I am willing to dedicate myself to the committee and make sure that medday 2015 is as fantastic as ever and that the worthy causes get the funds they need. I enjoy organising events and will hopefully put my organising skills to good use. In summary I would be delighted with the opportunity to be on the medday committee and would be enthusiastic and do everything needed to fully fulfil the role of a committee member.

Sahr Yambasu (see above)


Martin O’Donnell (see above)


Chloe MacAuley (see above)


Sinead Cornyn (see above)


Karen O’Neill (see above)

Med Day 3rd Year Rep


Ailish Naughton

I’d love the chance to be 3rd year rep for med day next year! Having been a rep for the paediatrics society this year I’ve seen how fun it is to be involved as part of a committee. I’m organised and outgoing, and think I could do a great job of encouraging everybody to get involved on the day! I have experience of organising events through my time on the vincent de paul committee in my school, and really think I could bring a lot to the role!

Roisin Flynn

My name is Róisín Flynn and I’d like to run for Med Day rep for the academic year 2015/16. I really admire the work that has been put in by previous committees and I would like, before the end of my time in TCD, to play a part in that. Med Day is always a fun and rewarding day and I hope that I might contribute to the 2015 event.


Med Day 2nd Year Rep


Eva Jones

My name is Eva Jones and I am running for second year Med Day Rep. Having already been a first year rep, I know what is involved in making Med Day the incredible success it is. I have seen first-hand the skills, dedication and hard work needed to organise such a huge event and would love to have the opportunity to contribute again. Having been the Manager of the AIB Branch in my school and Regional winner of the Rotary Youth Leadership Award, I have shown that I am hardworking, outgoing and can take initiative when required. I have been involved in fundraising for various charities throughout my secondary school years, including St. Vincent de Paul, M.S. Ireland and 65 Roses.

Over the past 14 years, Med Day has become one of the most important and enjoyable events in the Med Calendar. I am passionate about Med Day and ready to do everything in my power to make the 15th Med Day even bigger and better.

 Cormac Newell

Having hugely enjoyed my very first Med Day back in October I would love a way to become more involved in the up coming 2015 event. I feel I have certainly shown my commitment to the cause, having sprinted completely naked across quite a large cricket pitch all in the name of charity.
For the day that’s in it I feel Med day really thrives on a whirlwind of excitement and commitment to a great cause, I feel I would be well able to encourage and motivate my fellow second years to really give 110% during Med Day 2015, even without dangling free wine in front of them…….
On top of this I would love to be given the opportunity to get involved in the organisation of the day its self. I can only imagine the planning that is involved to pull it all off. I would love to be able to throw in some new ideas and help out wherever possible.
Thank you,
Impalee, Cormac Newell


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