Biosoc AGM – Roles of Committee Members


Chairperson is a demanding and often time consuming role, but is in my (biased) opinion the best position to hold!

As resident King/Queen your job is to make sure the year and each event runs as smoothly as possible, if it goes well great if not, it’s damage control time!
More so than the other roles, you’ve to interact with every member of the commitee, and generally keep an eye on what everyone is doing. The chairperson and the treasurer are responsible for the finances and accountability of the society and will have to answer to the csc if anything looks dodgy!
As well as the committee you will be liasing with many members of faculty, the CSC and corporate entities, as well as being the main point of contact for the president. Working with these in a professional manner and represent Biosoc is crucial.
Biosoc work can take over a lot of time, but with a bit of organisation it’s possible to do well in exams and keep up the society work at the same time. Plus you’re working with a committee of 16 (including reps) so don’t be afraid to delegate if you feel things are getting a bit overwhelming.
One of the best things about being Chair is the ability to put your mark on the society, be it through new ventures or making changes to existing events, and contribute to what is this year, 140 years of Biosoc.
Without rambling on too much longer, it’s been the most fantastic year, and the experiences I’ve had as Chair have been great. So this sounds like the job for you, just throw your name in the hat and who knows, this time next year you could be here struggling to describe your role in succinct and informative manner!
Administration can be fun too! As Secretary, you’ll keep all members up to date with the Biosoc banter. You’ll manage the members list, the email account and send regular emails. You’ll keep the minutes of all committee meetings & makes lots of lovely lists. You’re in charge of correspondence on Biosoc’s behalf, everything from booking rooms to inviting guests speakers. Good and consistent organisation really helps the committee run smoothly. As a committee member, you’ll help with the planning, setting up and running of events. Most of which involves carrying lots of wine to lots of places. Enjoy!
The Treasurer performs multiple roles in the society. Primarily, your job will to be fulfil the society accounts, collect receipts and attribute relevant repayments to the payees or creditors via cheque. You will be the primary interface between the society and the bank. In addition, you are the representing member of Biosoc on the CSC, and will be
requested to vote at specific meetings throughout the year most notably the AGM.
You will be required to update the CSC online system and conduct a financial reports for the end of the year accounts in order to facilitate your validity as a society and to apply for the end of the Societal year awards.

In addition you will be responsible for applying for the overall CSC grant Biosoc receives every year. It will be your job to liquidize it as much as possible or that the events throughout the year allow.

I hope you have a good key, and a safe house. Because you constantly have literally thousands of euro stored in your room… You lose it… You will have hundreds of angry Med Students wondering where their wine has gone! Banks have weekends off too.

Finally, you will generally be a committee member and have to uphold your predecessors reputation for dashing good looks, and general awesomeness. This will not be an easy task. I bid you well on your endeavours..

If you are pure class at drawing pictures on Microsoft Paint and good at writing hilare statuses that get all the likes on Facebook, then this position might interest you 😉
The PRO is responsible for maintaining the online presence of the society, which includes Facebook, Twitter and the website. You promote all the events and try to get maximum attendance (it helps to always mention the free wine reception afterwards!).
Some experience with Photoshop is probably necessary, as you will be designing the membership cards, hoodies, booklets and posters for all the events throughout the year. You also put together the slideshows and visuals for the events.
As well as the above, the PRO is expected to attend all society events and help out in whatever way is needed on the night. It’s great fun and you have a lot of creative input into the society’s image. Any more questions, just ask!

The ENTs officer’s role resolves around organizing any of the Biosoc’s social events. The major responsibilities of the ENTs officers are the Christmas Trip and annual Med Ball. These events are the most time consuming of the year and require a lot of prior planning. However they also offer an opportunity to organize and shape a major event to your liking. Other events throughout the year such as the Fresher’s Week Pub Crawl and Halloween Ball are also your responsibility.

We found the role of ENTs officer to be enjoyable and rewarding. It offered an opportunity to contribute to the success of the Biosoc and practice some real world skills. Probably the best part of the job is working under your own remit towards a palpable goal. The role is open to expansion and you are free to create new events and hopefully institute new Biosoc traditions.


In previous years there has been a misconception of OCM as the easy seat into the society, with all of the free Med Ball tickets and none of the responsibility. It is time we put this to rest. There is nothing “Ordinary” about the ordinary committee members. We are the backbone of the biosoc committee. No task is too menial, no wine run too last minute for this position. Be warned: this is no job for the faint hearted. Looking busy is not as easy as it seems and with that in mind, any applicant must be willing to present at all society events, prepared to set up copious wine receptions, drink copious amounts of wine and urge copious numbers of revellers to “Feck off out of the KEA”. Applicants must have a strong understanding of the CSC inner workings (you will be sent to pay off the bribes to the right people), with a penchant for wine selection preferable. Bonus points if you can tell us the cheapest bottle of white available in the city centre. Above all else applicants must have ECDL certification, with special interest in forwarding emails.


The role of Med Day Chairperson is to plan, organize and oversee the running of Med Day, Biosoc’s annual charity event. (kinda a big deal). As chairperson, the smooth running of the day is your responsibility. You will organise and chair meetings on a fortnightly basis or thereabouts, during which you and the committee together will come up with ideas, plans, and jobs which you then need to delegate out fairly among the committee which then you will need to follow up on.

As chairperson it’s very important that you get everyone on the team as involved as possible. Make sure that their ideas are heard and discussed in a fair manner, make sure that jobs are delegated as equally as possible and liaise with everyone to make sure that they’re getting on okay with their tasks. Basically your job is to make sure everyone else is doing theirs! As chair, you are also jointly responsible

On Med Day itself, you need to be on the ground with your phone attached to your hand should any problems arise. (Volunteers being kicked out of places etc) Yourself and the committee will be on campus all day; setting up the breakfast, the bucket drop off and the activities while everyone is out collecting. After Med Day you then lodge the money, give out the raffle prizes, tie up any other loose ends and enjoy the fun of being Biosoc OCM for the rest of the year! 🙂

Taking on the role of Med Day Secretary is extremely rewarding and I would strongly encourage you all to put yourselves forward. You act as second in command, forming a key part of the decision making unit of the committee. As you end up writing many of the emails, you have the opportunity to develop your skills of negotiation and communication, as well as tailor events to suit your schedule. Furthermore you are integral to the collection of HEAPS of money for charity, and that is something of which you can always be proud.

Operation: Med Day

Objective: Earn as much cash dollah whilst having the maximum amount of everyone’s favourite “organised craic” in a 24 hours period.

Agent Codename: Money ho.

Partner in Crime: BOI Staff.

Requirements: Count good. Steal never. Triple check everything. Trust no one.

Maxim: Be ambitious. Be intelligent. Be relentless. And please God be organised.

Breakdown: The Treasurer is in charge of money – obviously. You’re responsible for all the finances of Med Day, alongside the Chair. It’s your job to secure sponsorship for the day, as well to create an expenditure budget for all events. Pre-Med Day sponsorship is absolutely key. The aim of the game is to earn as much money as possible so you must do your best to balance risk vs. potential greatness in the money department. You need to create and continuously update, a detailed spreadsheet record of all income and expenditure accounts, and manage the physical bank account. The cheque book is your new bread and butter, and you’re in charge of paying everyone who needs to be paid. On Med Day itself, you’re responsible for getting all of the fundraised money (in particular, the dauntingly large amount of coins from buckets) to a safe location; ideally the Med Day bank account.

If you have a secret love of business meetings, accounting and convincing powerful people to support you, this is the job for you.

There’s never a great influx of people who want to be Treasurer, but I don’t know why – it has been one of the most rewarding, challenging and fun things I’ve had the privilege to do in college. I’d highly recommend going for it.

Any questions just drop me a mail – conlantr@tcd.ie


The role of the Med Day PRO will be to maintain a highly active presence on all social media in the run up to the day and on the day itself. As Med Day is a fund raising endeavour, it is extremely important to publicize the day and get the message out there, so this is a vital position! They will be expected to help in any design requirements that arise, such as posters. They will also be responsible for obtaining sponsorship along with the rest of the Committee.



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