Lukewarm Praszkys and bruised tailbones

Two first years give us an account of their first experience of Med Day..

Before coming into first year, I had a vague understanding of Med Day thanks to being annually harassed in the streets by enthusiastic med students looking for change. But what most surprised me in my first involvement this year is the sheer amount of dedication & organization going on behind the scenes!

Getting in to Trinity for 6.00AM seemed like an ambitious ask, but somehow the volunteers trudged half-asleep through the darkness & rain to Luce Hall, where we were met with the beautiful sight of hot food and coffee. Fed, watered & armed with collection buckets and copious amounts of stickers, the teams set off: my own to the Ha’penny Bridge, but others as far as Tallaght and Santry.

And so at 7.00 AM the collecting began. With shouts about Palliative Care and Trinity Med Day, we went to work shaking the loose change from the commuters of Dublin. The adventurous among us weaved in and out of traffic like a scene from Dodgeball, with taxi men firing coins out of their moving cars.

The reaction from the public was overwhelmingly positive, with people sporting their Med Day stickers all over the place and even a brief cameo from Irish internationals Gordon D’Arcy and Rob Kearney. At 1.00 PM, our voices gone and our buckets heavy with coppers, we strolled back to the Pav after a hard morning’s work for lunch and a lukewarm Praszky, with the soon-to-be slaves among us reflecting despairingly on their questionable decision-making abilities.  – David Hopkins

It was like we hadn’t been awake for a good 8 or 9 hours (that’s longer than a full scheduled day of lectures…). I’ll admit I was freezing as I still had a good 6 layers of clothes on, but everyone was smiling and sharing their stories from the morning as we regrouped and made our way to the Pav. Chicken a la king and a few beers later we were all bouncing around on the Trinity pitches (literally). It took me back to the time spent at carnivals during my childhood days as we saw each other’s competitive sides running on inflatable obstacle courses. I definitely took it one step too far when I bruised my tailbone climbing over the last obstacle, oops.

No single girl would ever admit that her favourite part of the day was the slave auction. But deep down, we all know that everyone (guys alike) love seeing the boys lose some articles of clothing. I lost track of how many attractive rear ends I saw 😉 I managed to stay awake and frozen for a good many hours, but I admittedly couldn’t bring myself to set any new records for myself. But I applaud everyone who managed to party the night away at Krystle. Since I moved to Ireland and started at Trinity College, MedDay was by far one of the most rewarding days. I’m already looking forward to next year!

 – Jillian Jung


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