This is a brilliant role but it is very demanding. You are responsible for overseeing all events and making sure that all the components of event organisation come together. You will liaise with all members of the committee and the reps from other years. You will also be in contact with faculty members regarding various events.

You work very closely with the secretary and the treasurer. The chair and treasurer are jointly responsible for society finances and you are ultimately responsible for organisation of events and the actions of the society as a whole.

This role takes up a lot of time and can be quite stressful however, it is enjoyable and I am very glad that I got the opportunity to be chair. The time commitment does impact on your studies and it’s important to bear this in mind. You will have to utilise your time well to balance both but it is possible.

Quote from housemate: “Do you even do medicine anymore?” Such a joker.

You will have the chance to propose new directions for the society, to reinforce aspects that you think are important and to develop areas that are in need of improvement.

All the best,
Conor Feely


The secretary’s main roles are to keep a record of all the year’s activities and to help with the practical side of running things. This involves taking minutes at committee meetings, booking venues for events, liaising with faculty, helping with email and postal correspondence and chipping in with whatever else is needed! Being secretary is quite a big commitment so balancing your time is important. It’s a lot of fun though and I’d definitely recommend running for a position. Good luck!

The treasurer, along with the chair, is responsible for the finances of the society. It is the treasurer’s responsibility to create a budget at the start of the year and ensure that this is adhered to. They continually update the society’s accounts, and are responsible for the submission of the end of year accounts to the CSC. They also apply for a grant from the CSC based on the budget, and approach different organisations about sponsorship of events. The treasurer is also the society’s representative on the CSC which means they attend all of the CSC’s AGMs and EGMs.
This role is quite demanding with a lot of responsibility. A lot of time is spent going to banks, writing sponsorship proposals, and keeping the accounts up to date. The time commitment is important to bear in mind if you are thinking about running for treasurer. However, if you enjoy accounting and the workings of the CSC, and a role with a lot of responsibility, this is a good job for you!
The role of the public relations officer is mainly to take responsibility for the society’s online presence. This means moderating the Facebook/Twitter accounts, creating Facebook events etc, and uploading content to the website. The PRO is also responsible for designing event posters and organising any promotional campaigns.
Other jobs I took responsibility for this year included other design tasks such as putting together a fresher’s stand banner, designing the hoodies, compiling the booklets for both inaugural and med ball, as well as any other visual stuff that needed to be done e.g. ticket design, putting together slideshows, deciding on props, making promotional videos etc. Furthermore the PRO is of course expected to help out on the day at all the events.
PRO is a fantastic position and really is a lot of fun, particularly for anyone who likes messing around with photoshop and/or #hashtagging. In many ways you get to decide what image the society portrays and your work will have a massive influence on how well your events do, with the blame landing pretty much solely on your shoulders if no one shows up. It does however take up more time than you would perhaps expect, with a pretty consistent effort required throughout the year. It would help to be somewhat proficient with a design platform such as photoshop (or free equivalents). If you have any more questions send us an e-mail and I’ll get back to you.Good Luck!

Conor Toale
There are 2 Entertainments officers for Biosoc. As ENTs officer you are responsible for organising the social aspect of most events with the help of the committee. In particular ENTS officers book club and pub venues and negotiate drink/entry deals with these venues. The main events that ENTS deal with are the nights out for the pub crawl, booksale, Halloween, biosoc trip, inaugural ball, finals night.
This work isn’t much of a time commitment and most of it can be done over the phone or via email. Therefore you will also spend a lot of your time helping the committee with jobs that need to be done such as buying wine or dealing with the big events such as Med ball.
The hardest part of this position is probably sorting the nights out for the Biosoc trip but overall it’s a rewarding experience and great craic.

 Michael & Matthew


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