careersposterfinalWE WANT YOU
to come to our event


TCD BIOSOC and TCD SURGSOC are hosting a set-to-be-spectacular CAREERS NIGHT on the 11th of February in the Tercentenary lecture hall, BMSI, at 7:30pm.

In a “the-tables-have-turned” type scenario, 5 teams of medical professionals (including Prof. Lucey, Dr. Ormond and other Biosoc regulars) will fight for YOUR respect and adulation through three grueling rounds of heated and entertaining debate in an effort to convince us all that their career is a pursuit worth following.

Through the medium of new-fangled technologies such as interactive remotes and the Twitter, we will conclusively establish once and for all which specialty is the best, and hopefully in the process decide what we want to be when we grow up.

Think “Mock the Week” with a medical twist and you have the right idea. This promises to be an entertaining and informative evening, and will of course be followed by a beverage reception in the KEA. Don’t miss it!


Medical Careers Night
Tuesday, 11/02/2014
7:30PM, Tercentenary Lecture Hall, BMSI
Followed by a reception in the KEA

See you there,


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