Don’t be late for this very important date! Come and celebrate a very merry un-birthday at Med Ball 2014… in Wonderland!


Follow the white rabbit to the Ballsbridge hotel on the 22nd of February for a night of madness, nonsense and the annual trip down the rabbit hole into med-debauchery.

Apparently Vine is what the kids are all at these days, so we decided to run a very hip and happening competition for 2 free med ball tickets, to see who could come up with the most amusing 6 second video.

After some gentle coersion, we rounded up 8 entrants, who garnered over 1200 “likes between them”:

1. Trinidad’s triple threat Sinead Ramjit

2. Twitter’s #1 pun pundit Sile Kelly

3. Infamous double-act Laura O’D and RCT

4. Kyryll Cyrus and Salim Thicke

5. The Muppet show with Aodhbha Schuttke

6. Part time magician Eabha Manley

7. Rachel Mulally and her suspiciously high production values

8. Former child starlet Rob Owens

And here are our own feeble attempts…

2nd year twerk-enthusiasts Kyryll and Salim were crowned the winners with a glorious 429 likes! Congratulations lads, we’ll see you at the ball.



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