Featuring some fun-loving doctors, some famous Liverpudlians, and a notable trinity graduate or two (Matthew’s long time Phil friend Oscar and travel-pal Chris).

You could be a part of it too, by joining us on our Magical not-really-a-Mystery Tour to LIVERPOOL, home of the Grand National, Britain’s oldest Chinatown, and inventor of modern pop-music and inspiration for millions worldwide, Mel C. Oh and the Beatles.

Liverpool has it all: world famous architecture, cultural experiences to boot, and many hip and happening clubs, including one particular establishment that has been described to us as “the messiest place on earth”. Ideal.

The price is €90, and for that you get:
– A pleasant ferry journey there and back
– A possibly less pleasant (but short) bus journey X2
– 2 nights’ accommodation
– 2 delicious breakfasts
– A fantastic dinner
– A sense of overwhelming joy, gratis


We will be accepting reservations from SUNDAY THE 27TH OF OCTOBER AT 7PM.

Send an e-mail to .
Write “Liverpool Christmas Trip” in the subject box.
You may reserve up to 2 places (i.e. for yourself and one friend).
Write your name and year in the e-mail, as well as your chum’s details if you’re also booking for them.

DO NOT E-MAIL US BEFORE 7PM ON SUNDAY – that would be foolish, we can’t accept any early bookings. Likewise don’t leave it on the long-finger, lest ye be disappointed. Places are unfortunately limited.

We will be collecting a €20 deposit from everyone who’s coming from Monday the 4th of November – Friday the 8th, with the full amount required at a later date (to be confirmed).

We have a few tricks up our sleeve to make sure this is the best trip of all time, OF ALL TIME! We’ll be sure to remind you incessantly about booking, but please don’t forget to e-mail us on Sunday if you want to come. We promise it’ll be the bees knees.

IN SUMMARY, in case you missed the subtle poster above:
Biosoc trip to Liverpool
15th-17th of December
90 squids
Book your place by e-mail this Sunday at 7pm



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