halloweenballThe infamous Hallowe’en Ball will be taking place next Friday and will of course be all sorts of fun. Not only is it a chance to dress up in ghoulish gear and spread the Hallowe’en fear but it’s a Inter Varsity event so there’s even more hope of getting the shift than on your normal society nights out! So dress to impress and hopefully you’ll meet the witch or warlock of your nightmares! However, what’s fun without rules? Costumes at this event tend to be quite spectacular, therefore we must insist on the following precautions:

1. No Lab coats. Being a “creepy doctor” is not acceptable. The same goes for scrubs.
2. The more unattractive the better.
3. “A ghost” should really only be used as a last resort. However, if you get the shift in a ghost costume we will be rather impressed.

Can’t wait until next week? Don’t forget that we’re taking part in Trinity Arts Festival’s “Through the Looking Glass” event tonight at 7pm in the GMB. We can promise somewhat creepy entertainment and a “lavish” reception. LAVISH.


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