Medical students, including Biosoc Chairperson Conor Feely, and Secretary Mary Joyce, present the petition to the IMO

Medical students, including Biosoc chairperson Conor Feely, and secretary Mary Joyce, present the petition to the IMO

Representative from the medical societies of all the universities across the country today presented a petition to the IMO, signed by more than 2500 medical students, in a show of solidarity for NCHDS. Junior doctors are going on strike tomorrow with the aim of ending shift lengths in excess of 24 hours, as well as obtaining a detailed plan from the HSE on achieving EWTD compliance by the end of 2014.

“Junior doctors in Ireland are working illegal, dangerous hours. Many are rostered for shifts in excess of 36 hours.

Despite endless broken deadlines the HSE has completely failed to introduce EWTD compliant rotas.

We, as medical students are signing this petition in solidarity with our future colleagues , and also sending a message that we will continue the fight for better conditions once we are qualified.”

With many Irish medical graduates emigrating to countries such as Australia and the USA in search of better working conditions, this is an issue that affects medical students’ future careers directly. Our Chairperson Conor Feely and secretary Mary Joyce represented TCD Biosoc at today’s presentation.


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