Biosoc 144th Session Manifestos

BioSoc Chairperson

Rian Hayes:

My name is Rían Hayes, and I’m delighted to be putting myself forward to chair the 144th Session of Biosoc. With three years’ previous experience on the committee, I think I can now say I know a thing or two about throwing a wine reception and writing a Scandal sheet.

I’m salivating at the opportunity to make Biosoc bigger and bolder than ever this year. I love what the society has to offer, and as ever I think we can be doing so much more of all that good stuff. In terms of the social side of things I want to continue on the successes of previous years, notably the new inclusion of the surf trip. I want another fantastic Christmas trip, and possibly a return to a location on the continent(!!), and I’m already looking into how we could introduce a trip in Semester 2 like a lot of other courses and societies already have. I’d also like to include some more stuff specifically for first years around Freshers’ week.

We sometimes forget Biosoc has a slightly academic side, and I want to keep that alive for those who want it – I want to enliven the InFocus series of talks, and provide some scope for members to present papers a couple of times a term. Most importantly, for clinical years who are thinking about their future I want to massively expand the junior careers night that happened this year – I think it was fantastic and has room to be exponentially more so.

In terms of behind the scenes stuff, I want to work to expand our sponsorship and increase the funds available to us (think bigger, badder wine and cheese), increase our collaboration with other societies (read: make friends in other courses, by bringing back the Phil debate, having a take me out night with Lawsoc, etc.), and hopefully get Medball tickets distributed peacefully this year! I think my knowledge of how the Biosoc calendar works and how events get run will be useful for hopefully making things run fairly seamlessly, and having another excellent year of Biosoc. Cheers guys.



BioSoc Secretary

Stuart O’ Faolain

Hi, my name is Stuart Phelan and I would love to be Secretary of Biosoc’s 144th Session. From the pub crawl to Med Ball, throughout the year Biosoc is continually running events, creating stress over tickets and supplying as much free wine as humanly possible. I see the role of Secretary as making sure that everything runs smoothly, facilitating everyone else in getting on with their role and to deal quickly with any issues that come up. As an active member of Biosoc (rip my liver) I can see exactly what has worked for us in the past and what hasn’t. If elected I want to make sure that Biosoc is even more active throughout the year and keeps pushing the boundaries with new and even better events. As secretary for my school’s Student Union and a class rep this year I understand just how much work is involved, where problems happen and most importantly how to make sure they don’t happen. I want to use my experience of running nights out, debs and the first Half Way Through Medicine Ball this year to make next year as brilliant as the last 3 years have been for me!



Dylan Stacey

My name is Dylan. I’m a Third Med and I’m running for Secretary and OCM. From three years in biosoc, the events they put on have always been something to look forward to. They are great for bringing people together from first to fifth year, and I’d love to be part of the committee to make them even better in future.

Behind the great events that cater for everyone’s tastes, there’s a committee working hard to make this happen. I am more than ready to take on the job, and make sure that every occasion is as enjoyable as possible.

I have experience in a leadership role, as captain of the football team last year. This involved booking pitches, acting as the link between the team and the committee members, as well as my responsibilities on the pitch. That said, the most enjoyable part of this role was getting to know all of the team, and making sure they were all getting the most out of the club. I hope to do the same with biosoc.

I would love the opportunity to represent you guys as part of the Biosoc team.


BioSoc Treasurer


Caitlin Waters:

Hi, my name is Caitlin and I’m in third year. I’m running for Treasurer and Ents officer of the 144th session of Biosoc. Biosoc events have played a huge role in my college life so far. I would love to become involved in the running of Biosoc to make these events even better in the years to come. Please send a vote my way for the following reasons J


  1. I feel I would be a valuable asset to Biosoc as I’m very organised and know the dedication it takes to run a successful society.


  1. I have been heavily involved in the sailing club for the past three years and on this year’s committee we managed to raise over €40,000, so I am no stranger to cash dollah bills.


  1. I am also very much up for the sesh and am most frequently seen buying g&ts at the bar (showing I spend money in the best possible ways!).


  1. If I were elected onto next year’s committee I would love to see the smoother running of Med Ball ticket sales and the introduction of a Biosoc Ski Trip in January 2019!


Beata Carroll

Hello everyone,

My name is Beata and this year I would love to be your Biosoc treasurer. Having been the biosoc rep for the past three years, I am well versed in the organisation of all things Biosoc and think I’d be well suited for dealing with all that #cashdollah.

I am prepared to put every effort into gathering more sponsorship, applying for different grants offered by the CSC and researching other methods on how to expand our budget.

I would also be perfectly happy to spend said budget on all things Biosoc, making the 144th year the best one yet!

Apart from my own personal student loan (which is forever being paid back- ask bank of ireland!), I also have experience with varying levels of budgets and handling large sums of money, such as when I helped collect and distribute €48,000 to the Hope foundation in Calcutta.

Like many of us, I like to prioritise spending on travel, so would love to put more emphasis on getting sponsorship so that the Christmas trip could be further afield, aka lets get to EUROPE #destinationX

and would love to encourage more trips in the year, from continuing the surf trip tradition to organising another one in the second semester.

Even though this year saw a big improvement with Lydia, there is still room to make paying for membership subscriptions and Medball tickets even better.

I would like to find a system which distributes tickets fairly and efficiently and avoids hours of refreshing the page to confirm a purchase! (we’ve all been there, but the days of Evopass and Tilt are over)

I hope that you all bop along to the AGM on Tuesday, grab a ballot, some wine and cheese, and enjoy one of the last outings with the current 143rd session.

Would be honoured to #represent you all for another year and looking forward to hearing your ideas on how to make it even better ❤


Emma Gray:

Hi guys, I’m Emma, a third med and I would love to be your treasurer next year. Why should you vote for me? I’m a bubbly, outgoing person that will engage in all aspects of the society, I own a calculator, and I’m good at sums! I have been a treasurer before in school committees and loved the responsibilities involved with handling cash, keeping accounts and spending other people’s money. I was also never caught embezzling.

I have managed to fund 3 biosoc holidays, and only have one very small loan, a quality in any good treasurer.

All in all I think I have the qualities and experience necessary to become a great treasurer next year, and can hopefully help to keep biosoc in the green!


Leah Carroll


Hey, I’m Leah and I’d love to be your Biosoc treasurer this year.


I’m currently one of the MOVE treasurers and was involved in the organisation of lots of events this year including MOVE Ball, bake sales and the refresher’s pub crawl. I think I’d be perfect for this position because I’m organised, enthusiastic and well able to sweet-talk my way into generous sponsorships/donations, as I’ve achieved with MOVE this year. I’m approachable, dependable and have the experience to know what this role entails and how to carry it out successfully.


I’ve seen all the hard work that previous committees have put into organising top class events in the past and I’d love to have the opportunity to contribute to the success of Biosoc in the future! Hope you’ll give me your vote!




BioSoc Public Relations Officer


Caoimhe Geoghegan:

Hi I’m Caoimhe and I’m in 3rd med (no not the blonde one, nope not that other blonde one, no not the little tiny one from Kerry, yeah the other one) I’d like to be PRO of biosoc next year. Here’s a few reasons why I think I deserve your vote:

(wow how clear and concise, what good public relations)

  1. I’m pretty good with computers. I edit and put together our classes medday videos and am also decent with photoshop. As anyone who has had the displeasure of watching my Instastories will tell you, I have a habit of cropping myself and some other unwilling participants into memes in times of stress. I think these could be invaluable skills as pro.
  2. I suffer from a rare but chronic condition, called irrelevantcaptionitis (ohh have you never heard of it?? It comes up as a short case all the time) This forces me to have quite long often unrelated captions on all my instagrams all in the name of making people exhale slightly louder than normal while scrolling through their newsfeeds. I feel this would be an asset in this role
  3. As I’m morally against staying in placement past 1, I have a lot of free time and I’ve realised there is only so many times I can rewatch Friends and The Office. So by some careful rearrangement of my busy schedule of staring into space and videoing my dog, I would be able to give this position all the time it requires.

All jokes aside, I’ve really enjoyed just being a member of biosoc for the past 3 years and I want to get more involved this year. I haven’t held a position like this before but I think this is something I could be good at if I was given the chance.

“If you pick Caoimhe for PRO, she will be 100% less crap than Claudine HJ’s Instagram captions” – the Norwegian times

*disclaimer: the Norwegian times did not provide a quote for this manifesto*


Dave Moran:

Hey there, I’m Dave and I’d love nothing more than to become PublicRelationsOfficer for BioSoc!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Bebo, ChristianMingle; if you can name it, I’m definitely on it far too much already! The main PROle is managing BioSoc’s social media, and I would be unreal in channelling my procrastination online into running all the pages/events.

Since school I have creative experience using Photoshop and editors, and my skill has only improved in years since, and as PRO I’ll excel in designing the posters, tickets, event banners for BioSoc.

I don’t just edit photos, I’m no stranger to actually taking pics and videos either:


I filmed and co-directed the entirety of this year’s amazing 3rd Year MedDay Video, and PROs in years past made highlight videos of the Christmas Trip, which I’d love to bring back to BioSoc after seeing it work amazingly in other societies/clubs!


VERY into photography since 1st Med, I’ve learned that with great power comes great responsibility (and hilarious MedBall slideshows). We all need those really aesthetic pics from the blacktie Balls for cover photos and Tinder profiles, and I guarantee if I’m voted PRO you’ll get those 200+ likes or my name isn’t “ThatGuyWhoPlayedVoorheis”!

Beata Carroll 

BioSoc Entertainment Officers (x2)

Katie Waddell:

HIi! I’m Katie and I would love to be one of the next ENTs officers! (and not just for the mythical ‘not shit wine’) I’ve made some of my best memories in college on biosoc events (and some more I’d rather forget) and would love to be involved in putting together next year’s. I’m super organised and have experience with school council, planning events as head of house and with MOVE events including the ball raffle.

For next year I’d love to include more events that go beyond the standard night out. The trip to Lahinch was a great success this year and I’d also like to organise more events in collaboration with other societies.  I’m especially keen on making sure the first years feel very welcome as I found the events a great way to meet people but it can all be a bit daunting.

Who knows, I might actually find a decent way of selling med ball tickets



Alexandra crotty

Hi, my name is Ally and I would love to be one of this year’s ENTs officers for Biosoc.

I have loved attending all Biosoc events for the past three years, and events such as the Fresher’s pubcrawl and Med ball (despite the hours spent online trying to get a ticket) are two of my favourite college events throughout the year. It gives people an opportunity to meet meds from other years, which with our differing schedules split between hospitals and TBSI would be otherwise impossible.

After attending this year’s med surf trip to Lahinch I also had a similar idea for a med ski trip, and would love to collaborate with snowsports to organise this trip the week before the normal college ski trip, so that those of us on placement during the actual trip can go without worrying about having to repeat the missed week of placement in the summer.

I would love to be given the opportunity to be a part of this year’s committee, to be able to organise these events and general nights out throughout the year – those of you who know me know how enthusiastic I am about nights out (when I’m not falling asleep) – so would love your vote!


Brendan Sweeney:

Howdy folks! My name is Brendan Sweeney and I’m currently in 3rd Med. I’m running for position of ENTS this year. Having enjoyed another great year of Biosoc events, I’m keen to keep up the good work done by this years committee, but I’ve plenty of ideas to spice things up. Think more events, more booze, bigger, bolder, better than ever before. You all know how we love our wine receptions; but I think it’s time we embrace that side of us that’s only dying to get some tequila down the hatch, a lick of salt, and a dash of lemon, whether it be in the mouth or eye, we won’t judge… I want the surf trip to be repeated, along with our traditional med ball and Christmas trip of course, all with some added surprises along the way! Biosoc nights out are some of the best all year, and the envy of many other courses, so I promise to raise the bar and continue to expand the Biosoc events to include more than ever before, making sure this coming year will be the best year for Biosoc yet! Having been head prefect at my school, I’ve plenty of previous experience organizing events so I think I’ll be well suited for the role. Not wanting to reveal all my secrets just yet, I hope to see you all at the AGM on Tuesday to hear the rest of my plans for Biosoc!

Caitlin Waters



BioSoc Ordinary Committee Members (x2)


Aida Izydorczyk:
Hi guys, I’m Aida and I’d like to be the next (and hopefully the best ever ;)) OCM of BioSoc!

Note, that you should vote for me, because of my slick organisational skills and self-motivation, but also because of my ability to motivate and help to organise others (especially Felix).

I would love the opportunity to get more involved, i have thoroughly enjoyed my involvement fundraising for MOVE this year and would love to do the same to organise events etc for biosoc next year. I have some experience after being the chair of the debs committee in 6th year, and that ended up a great success.

I know how important Biosoc is for all of us, and would love to get the chance to help out with the committee next year!


Tanna Tan:
Hi everyone, my name is Tanna, and I would like to run for the position of OCM on the Biosoc committee.


From my personal experience of being a Biosoc member for the past three years, I understand how important it is to be part of a society which organises exciting, fun, but also educational events that cater for everyone – from first to final year – throughout the academic year. Whether it’s the Christmas trip, Med Ball, or Careers Night, Biosoc has my made college experience so much more enjoyable, and through being an OCM, I would really like to do the same for you.


I am organised (slightly more so than the SoM), outgoing, and motivated, and enjoy working in a team. If elected, I hope to contribute to the smooth running of the society and to raise the possibility of organising more social events for each individual year as well as casual inter-year bonding events.


I would love to be involved in managing Biosoc, a society that looks after us well and ensures that medicine is not just all work, no play. I’d also really appreciate your votes. Thank you!


Ross Layden:

My names Ross Layden and I’m a 3rd year who would love to be on the Biosoc committee next year. Having not run for the committee in first year and seeing no possible way to oust the R&B combo in the following years, I have bided my time until now, to hopefully become an integral part of Biosoc.


I have experience of being on a committee from being the Ents officer for Trinity Orchestra where I learned how a successful society works. I organized events for concerts as well as the nights out on our annual tour abroad.


Being a member of Biosoc for the last 3 years has been hugely enjoyable and occasionally frustrating. I have seen amazing events organized really well, indicating how effective a hardworking and dedicated committee can be. I’ve also noticed areas where the society could definitely improve. If elected I would bring my experience and hard work to ensuring it does. I’d love to be able to positively impact the running of the society for its members, to ensure everyone in Medicine gets as much out of being a member as I have.


Whilst being too soft to commit to running for a larger role, if elected I intend to be a vocal member of the committee, and believe I could ensure Biosoc continues to improve as I have seen it do in my 3 years.


Risteard Brennan

Hi everyone, my name is Risteárd Brennan and I would love to be a Biosoc OCM for the 144th session. Since my first fresher’s week pub crawl, Biosoc has made me feel part of something much bigger than just a group of students on the same course. It creates a community atmosphere and brings us all closer together (even if they use somewhat questionable methods involving cable ties).

We all have busy timetables but knowing that there is a Biosoc event like the Christmas trip just around the corner has always helped me to keep pushing on by giving me something to look forward to. Some of my fondest college memories have been during Biosoc events. I have gotten so much from this amazing society and I would love the opportunity to help make the 144th session as enjoyable for everyone as the last 3 sessions have been for me.


Dave Moran

Dylan Stacey

Leah Carroll

Claire Aitken

Stuart O Faolain

Caoimhe Geoghegan

Beata Carroll


BioSoc 3rd Year Class Representatives (x2)


Ernan Hession:

So here I am, back once again with another ground breaking manifesto, just you wait and see how amazing this is, and it’ll be less than 200 words! Can you believe that! Only 200! That’s hardly enough words for anyone to make any of their points or goals for the next years Biosoc. I think my first plan for next years Biosoc is longer manifestos, 1000 words. Yes that’ll be perfect, people will put effort into them rather than waffle and say a load of garbage for 93 words so far, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m getting close to my point because I’m running dangerously low on words. 88 words left, that’ll do nicely. Being serious, I’d love to do Biosoc again this year, I’ve had some great times with an amazing committee and want to continue the high standard of events for everyone. I would definitely get the surf trip going again and hopefully more spaces to accommodate the high demand. And of course, more wine 😉




Marianne Foley:

Hey, my name’s Marianne Foley and I’d like to run for 3nd year rep. Having had the pleasure of being on the committee this year, it’s been a great insight into how things work. Biosoc has established a sense of community between the years – something I’ve been so grateful for and would love to be part of its continuity. Should I be re-elected, I would endeavour to implement a ‘pay it forward’ system, where the current committee works to take care of the future committee, in terms of seeking out a Med Ball venue as early as possible to maximise capacity – the more tickets available, the less chance there is of the inevitable ticket sale issues because, much like me – the internet’s a little slow.

I have all the valuable traits that one seeks in a rep:

  • I’ll do as I’m told (clean version)
  • sometimes I’m entertaining
  • I spam the class page like my life depends on it and most imperatively;
  • I pour the free wine generously because I’m desperate to please people

Although I’m technically closer to retirement than the current 5th meds, I’d hope I don’t have to retire from Biosoc just yet.

Thank you,

Mattress Marianne



Maeve Higgins:

Presenting: My Maevisfesto

The era of junior and senior infants comes to an end and our reps have been fantastic! I hope to uphold their high standard of class page spamming, but also, to spare a thought for our ‘alt’ classmates who oppose social media. I can post them letters or maybe even spam them in person.

Our class has consistent attendees at the wonderful Biosoc events who need no encouragement to come along- only a whisper of ‘free wine’, but I hope to make an extra effort to encourage our less frequent attendees to come along and join the biosocialising! Except Medball- tickets are already scarce enough… I mean especially Medball.

I hope to be a voice for my class in Biosoc and a voice for Biosoc in my class. I’d love to keep them involved and in the loop with Biosoc and I’d love their regular feedback and suggestions to help Biosoc develop more events and successful information evenings and to give Biosoc the pat on the back it deserves when it does good.

I have drank the free wine but I want to do more. I want to serve the wine. I want to serve the people.



Lydia S McCabe:

Lydia S McCabe at your service, the S standing for SuitableForElectionAsBiosocRep, all one word, my parents had an unfortunate sense of humour but clearcut ambitions for me.

Biosoc is without doubt, one of the highlights of being a medical student here in Trinity, and it seems like an incredibly rewarding society to be involved in.

Why should I be elected as 3rd year rep? It’s a pity there is maximum word count.

Having started my networking early, I have many social contacts in both in our year, and other years, so I can ensure that as many people attend Biosoc events as humanly possible. This will be especially important next year when we are all scattered around the Pale on placement, and no longer see each other every day on minus 1.

I am a naturally enthusiastic and vibrant person, who is not afraid to get a job done even if it means behaving in a socially questionable manner for a good cause.

I was on the Dublin University Athletics committee (DUHAC) this year, so have plenty experience in how committee politics work.

Please vote for me and make the future obnoxiously yellow.1


1Every Trinity medical student whether they are aware of it or not.


Adam Murphy:

Hey guys, my name is Adam Murphy and I’d love to be your Third year Biosoc rep! Unfortunately I have not been nearly as involved in the year at large as I’d have liked so far and I really want to change that!

It goes without saying that Biosoc is an instrumental part of our lives as med students and I feel this will be even more true next year as we are split up in hospitals and the nights out will give us opportunities to reconnect! On that note I have plenty of experience organising events having organised the debs for my secondary school and being an active cub scout leader. I’m also approachable and practically live in the tbsi so it’s easy to find me if you need anything!

To finish up one thing i passionately want to do is make sure eventbrite is never mentioned again so please vote for me!


Daire Pryal:

“My name’s Dáire Pryal and I’m running for 3rd year rep. I really want to get involved in Biosoc this year because I really enjoy the social aspect of this course, and if anyone says I look “cold” or “unapproachable”, it’s actually just resting bitch face. I think the Biosoc reps do so much to bring our year together and facilitate us letting off some steam and boy do I LOVE letting off some steam. I really do love our year and am still amazed that no matter who you bump into around TBSI or the hospitals, you can have a chat with virtually anyone no problem and I really love that about this class and that’s why I really want to get involved this year and help make Biosoc the best it’s ever been.


Having served as PRO for Trinity Orchestra this year, I’ve learned a LOT about dealing with complaints and helping solve people’s problems, and I learned a lot about event management and production from being on the TEDx committee, and I would love to be able to bring these skills to Biosoc.


I would be honoured to be your 3rd year rep so please vote 4 me x”


BioSoc 2nd Year Class Representatives (x2)



John Drought:

In just 200 words I’m supposed to say why I think I’m any better than everybody else vying for this position. I’m probably no better than the rest of them but I still have to write this application so ill give it a try.

As some of you may be aware I was your 1st year biosoc rep this year. I loved it so much that I decided I’d try continue my reign for a bit longer. Yes, some of you may see that as me being greedy but I see it as me building upon the skills that I learned during the year to represent you guys even better next year. I will try my best to fix some of the problems we encountered this year. I’ll make sure to fight for you so you can get that extra half glass of wine at the wine receptions and that you only have to wait 47 minutes instead of 50 for a Medball ticket. If elected I would also like to build on some #slay events that were introduced this year like the surf trip.

Make Biosoc great again, vote John xx


Yamen Al Fathil

Hi, my name is Yamen Al Fathil and I’m running for 2nd year biosoc class rep for the 144th session. Biosoc transformed my impression of medicine and med students from a crowd of super serious wanna be doctors to a mob of messy students looking for any excuse to go out and for that i am truly thankful to biosoc. Their events have been the highlights of my year from making my first friends on the pubcrawl to going 3 days without talking to a single sober soul on the liverpool trip. I hope to be biosoc rep so I can play a role in organising and improving the events for the coming year. I want to work towards making the events more inclusive of the people in my year and in other years as well as possibly collaborating with other courses to make more memorable nights to distract us from medicine.

Also after becoming known as the class snake I’d love to be responsible for putting together the med web and scandal sheet xx.


Laoise Geoghegan:

Hi my name is Laoise Geoghegan (lee-sha gay-gan) and I am running for 2nd year rep. From a young age I have always been passionate about wine receptions, pub crawls, scandal sheets, outrageous trips to average locations and balls. Biosoc played a big part in my experience of first year and I’d really like to get more involved next year.  With my extensive experience of spamming everyone’s Instagram newsfeeds daily, I am the answer to all biosoc’s class page spamming needs. I have thoroughly enjoyed all biosoc’s nights out or so I have been told, maybe if I was given a task or purpose at these events (other than girl in heap on floor) I would know that for myself next year. If you vote for me I can guarantee that the biosoc trip next year will be to Maga. (disclaimer: this is a complete lie) I’m gonna end this here so its not long and awkward like myself. And remember a vote for me is a vote for Laoise Geoghegan




Med Day Chairperson:

Claudine Howard-James

Hi, I’m Claudine and I’m running for the position of Med Day chair this year, something I have wanted since first year seeing then queen Eimear Duff at work, realising what an incredible event Med Day is both for us and for what it does to help so many worthy causes. I’m sure I’ve hassled many of you on behalf of Med Day over the past three years and would love nothing more than to continue to do so for the next year. Anyone who has heard me talk about Med Day knows that it is literally Christmas for me, best day of the year. When else do you get the day off lectures/placement to have a day of fun, with the added benefit of giving back to the hospitals that do so much for us?

I’ve had the privilege of being Med Day rep for three years now and I really think the experience under three wonderful chairpersons will stand to me in the organisation of this year. Hopefully I have proved myself to be worthy of chair over the past three years, and I have loved every minute of it so far- there’s nothing quite like seeing the organisational challenge of the day pay off both figuratively in the enjoyment we all get from the day and physically in the money we raise.

I think we tend to forget just how special a day Med Day is, but when you think about the fact that all of us in this room managed to raise over €50,000 last year it really is an amazing feat. This is a figure I want to build upon again this coming year, and promise to give Med Day everything I’ve got to make it a reality.

Thank you!

Med Day Secretary

Caraiosa Harrington:

Hi my name is Caraiosa, yes that’s the name on the sheet of paper with all the vowels in it, and I am running for Med Day Secretary (or treasurer/pro/ocm/ocm). I have worked with med day last year as a rep, and the year before organising the sponsored spin, so have gained a lot of insight into the med-day meshwork. I acted as secretary in the past for Trinity Triathlon Club also. Most of you may not have heard of this sporting club, however I like to think my emails and planning were well received from all 5 of its members.
As secretary, I will promise to harness my talents- such as my incessant plaguing of whatsapp groups- into a more productive role gaining sponsors. After emailing every hospital in equatorial Africa this year for our elective, I think I am more than prepared for this role.
Balance- is also a key ingredient of a successful Med Day secretary. Despite what people may say regarding my inability to balance -any- hot drink, I can balance – time, organisation and meticulous planning.
All jokes aside, I have a lot of love for this charity and what it does, and I have some exciting plans for events up my sleeves. If I were elected your med day secretary I would work alongside our chair, to deliver you a med day with all the things you’ve loved from previous years, and everything new and more from this years.
So please vote me as your med day secretary, and I will promise you sweat and tears, and wine and cheese.
(references available upon request, Also proficient at Excel)



Claire Aitken:

Hey I’m Claire and I’m running for Med Day secretary.  Med day is one of the highlights of our college calendar and I’ve had so many positive experiences from it – cementing friendships and fundraising for some really important causes. I’d be delighted to be involved in its success next year.

Having been MOVE chairperson this year, I’ve demonstrated organisational skills and communication to aid committee engagement and arrange several successful events.  My experience of working with the CSC and charity regulators means I understand the responsibilities of a college charity and the key deadlines throughout the year.  I’m also used to contacting companies for sponsorships and keeping on top of our emails which I know is a key role for med day secretary!

I would really love the opportunity to be help organise med day as secretary and hope you’ll vote for me!

Med Day Treasurer

Caoimhe Dalton:

Hi I’m Caoimhe and I would love to be this year’s Med day treasurer. Med day has held a special place in my calendar every year and it lay the foundation of many of my long-lasting friendships within medicine beginning in first year. Med Day is only as strong as it’s last performance and I believe there is huge scope to build on the success of last year’s amazing haul of over €50,000! I am a diligent and committed person who would be delighted to take on the task of overseeing the finances of this year’s funds.

From my experiences cashing up in both a hotel bar and nightclub on a regular basis, I have plenty of knowledge regarding the correct handling of cash.

On a final note, I have strong communication skills and the motivation necessary to find generous sponsors to ensure the success of Med Day 2018.



Peter Menzies

Your boy back at it again keeping it short and sweet like myself, I’ve been a Med Day representative and a member of Biosoc for three glorious years … I’m hooked, Med Day gives me LIFE. With the motivation of more med days in my mind I finally made it to second year and am now running for third year rep as well as Treasurer $$$

The only thing that I love anywhere close to the magic of med day is the magic art of tidying, this questionable obsession with all things organisation means that I’ll always be on top of everything and all of those dollahs. However more than that, I’ve watched closely each year so far and I’d just be so happy and so humbled to be involved again either as treasurer or representative and use all my experiences and skills to help bag those 50Gs!

Much love from Peta, hoping the odds are ever in my favour x

Aisling O’Donnell

My name is Aisling and I (like everyone) love Med Day. I still remember arriving at 6am on my first Med Day and being overwhelmed by the passion everyone had for plastic buckets and loose change. I want to spread that love this year and help bring Med Day to the next level.

Experience wise, I am well able to fundraise and save money at the same time. I started at age 7 when I saved for 6 weeks to buy a Mary Kate and Ashley DVD. I ramped this up last year when I raised €3000 last year as I went to Zambia with the charity SUAS.

A big part of being treasurer is securing sponsorship from big corporations so you have to be able to get people on your side. I was the volunteer liaison officer for the St. Patricks’ day parade with the gymnastics club I work in this year. I managed to herd 60 children without losing any and also keep all their parents happy. If you can keep mams happy, you can keep anyone happy. I also teach with Streetdoctors and a large part of these sessions is about engaging with our students and understanding their point of view. I plan on using all these skills to nail down the 50gs we all need.

In summary, I would love to help make Med Day 2018 the happiest Med Day yet.

Caraiosa Harrington

Leah Carroll



Med Day Public Relations Officer

Dave Moran

Med Day Ordinary Committee Members (x3)

Aisling O’ Donnell

Caoimhe Dalton

Caraiosa Harrington

Leah Carroll

Claire Aitken

Aida Izydorczyk

Med Day 3rd Year Class Representatives (x2)


Emma Quinn:

Hi folks, it’s me, Emma. Contrary to popular belief, my middle name is not Sesh Queen. Almost 21 years ago now, my parents gave me the middle name “Med Day” in anticipation of me going for 3rd year Med Day Rep 2018/19.


Med Day is my favourite day of the year because it is what I believe medicine is all about. It is a sense of community, a bit of craic while doing something for the benefit of others.

I am all about this society from the med day quiz (which I have managed to make no contribution to what so ever) to the med day warm up (from what I remember from them)

Last year med day was so good that I got home at 7.30 the next day-(not for what you have may have been thinking)  but because fell asleep on the bus and ended up in Kells but sure look sure listen, it’s all part of living your best life- AMIRITE


Why me you ask? Because it’s in my blood says I, it’s in my name, it’s in my identity. Not getting this will lead not only to my own social embarrassment but also will call into question every decision my parents have made about my upbringing. Please don’t do this to Nuala and Joe





Conor Stapleton:

Howdaí guys, my name is Conor and I’d love to represent you next year as your Med Day rep. Med Day is as quintessential a Trinity Med experience as learning about Myasthenia Gravis and the fact that John F. Kennedy had Addison’s disease. The groggy trek into the TBSI in the morning, the breakfast-time fuel up, the hustle on the streets and the unbelievable talent at the show, I love it all. Med Day is one of our only opportunities to make a real difference to people’s lives during our undergrad years, in the least cliché way possible.

What else can I say that is half way sensible about electing me as your class rep. I’m diligent and a people person. I have the experience of founding a society (Hup AgSoc!) and have plenty of fundraising experience also, having once jumped from a plane for Crumlin Children’s Hospital. I’ve also acted as Treasurer for AgSoc for the last year.

I will leave you with the wise and humble words of Donald Trump which really resonate with me: “It’s about time that this country had somebody running it that has an idea about money.”


Louise Murray:

Hello Hello !

I’m Louise and I’d love to put myself forward to be 3rd Year MedDay Rep. First off, I am 100% a morning person so would be sure to get my whole year here bright eyed (or not-so bright eyed) and bushy tailed on day!

MedDay gives us a chance to say thank you and give something back to the hospitals that give so much to us. The atmosphere and sense of community among everyone is really something we should be very proud of. The purpose and drive behind MedDay is something I also feel very strongly about and would love the opportunity to contribute more to the making of the day.

Having fundraised with Naas Rotary club and Barretstown, I understand all the work that has to go on behind the scenes, both on the day, as well as, the weeks leading up to the big event. I’m a team player, organised and highly committed to anything I put my mind to, so you can be sure you can count on me to get any jobs that need to be done, done!

I’d love nothing more than to represent my year for MedDay … Thank you J



Aaron Barry:

Hi, my name is Aaron Barry and I would love to be one of third year’s Med Day Representatives. Having been the rep for the current second years, I can enter next year with much more experience and understanding of how Med Day is organised and coordinated on the day. After working with such a great committee this year, I would love the opportunity to work with another great team of people and facilitate more mixing between the different years of the course. As the link between the committee and the people in my year, I will work to ensure full involvement from the whole of third year. I hope to be a very approachable and inclusive representative, who will bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to Med Day. As my year will be spread across many teaching hospitals next year, I will make sure that information about Med Day events is communicated to everyone in my year regardless of where they are based, making sure all get involved, and helping make next Med Day one of the most successful and enjoyable Med Days yet




Emily Feeney:

Hi I’m Emily Feeney and I’d like to be your third year Med Day rep.

Med Day is probably my favourite day of the year.

It’s such a wholesome and rewarding experience and I’d love the chance to get involved behind the scenes and go beyond my annual act of impressively manipulative bucket-collecting. As MSFC committee member, former Chairperson of Amnesty and senior student council member, I have had plenty of experience in organising bake sales, fun days and other fundraising events.

I believe I’d be the perfect person for representing my year and getting everyone involved in hopefully the biggest and most successful Med Day yet!

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you then please just consider taking pity on me x

Peter Menzies

Med Day 2nd Year Class Representatives (x2)


Amal Mutahir:

First year was quite a new and exciting experience for most of us, but when I first heard all the hype about Med day I began to worry if it was really going to be all they said it would, and if getting up at 5am was really worth it.


Lo and behold, here I am a couple months after the extraordinary day having made the decision to contribute as much as I possibly can to future Med Days. Running around the place shaking buckets to watching my friends swallow raw eggs for charity; this day was one hell of a day and one I would absolutely love to be an even greater part of next year.


Previous event-organisation experience derives from my roles as LC student council member and badminton captain. If elected 2nd year Med Day representative, I will carry the title with pride and gratitude, ensuring that I put my all into helping organise this incredible event. My name is Amal Mutahir (the same Amal who wore fairy lights to Med Day last year) and it would be an honour to represent my fellow 2nd years as Med Day representative.


Catherine Keenan

Hi, my name is Catherine Keenan and I am running for 2nd year Med Day rep. Med Day was one of the highlights of my first year experience and I would really like to be more involved next year. I live about 4 years away so I’m fairly used to the early mornings, Med Day wont have a patch on me. I am really friendly, social, smiley, ginger, mature, organised, punctual, conscientious, diligent, fearless, courageous, mental, legendary and just gas all together. Being the youngest in my family makes me really loud and overconfident (did I tell you I had a twin?!) so promoting med day events will be second nature to me. I am proficient in social media posting with years of experience in running my dog’s instagram page (@king_george_of_the_compund, follow 4 follow;)). I cannot wait to spam my class page with all the med day posts as I am also proficient in annoying every member of my class daily and  would like more opportunities to do so. So, if an absolutely LETHAL med day is what you’re after vote me for 2nd year rep.



Colleen Clinton

Hi! My name’s Colleen, and I’m really hoping that you choose me to be one of your 2nd year Med Day reps.

Being part of the MedDay team was a highlight of my first year. Not only did I meet such lovely people, but the work that MedDay does is really phenomenal. Back in September, I never would have imagined that such money could be raised, but that was before I understood what MedDay could do.

This year I knew very little about what had to be done, but I tried my best to help out where I could. I’ve learned a lot from the amazing committee of the year gone by, and I think that next year I could be great asset. I’m willing to work hard, and I will do best to make sure that all of the incoming second years get the most out of what MedDay has to offer!

I’ve enjoyed every part of being your first year rep, and would like to be a part of this team for as long as I can



Sean Garvey:

Hey everybody, my name Sean Garvey, otherwise known as “flicc-flacc guy” or simply “sport” by friends and family. Med day was super-duper fun and rewarding for me in many ways, from the camaraderie that led us to a free wine reception, to the worthwhile cause each and every one of us supported. Being part of the whole event was thrilling and I wish to take my involvement even further by becoming 2nd Year Med Day rep.  I believe that spelling Med Day is impossible without Me in it and in light of this amazing discovery, I can promise to bring you a dash of over-bearing enthusiasm, a pinch of electrifying energy and a soupçon of great ideas for fundraising.




Candidates for the 143rd Session



David Hopkins

As Biosoc rep for the past three years, I understand how important this society is for our college experience. Biosoc’s gone from strength to strength recently, but there’s still scope for us to improve, in both our social calendar and our promotion of medicine.

Through trips, balls, and messy pub crawls, Biosoc fosters the incredible community that exists within medicine here. I have the experience necessary to ensure that next year’s committee will deliver quality staple events, but I believe there’s room for more. As chair, I would see new events introduced, like a first term mixer for the younger years and more large collaborations, off the back of our successes with the Phil and TES.

Through guest speakers and panels, there’s been great work done this year to encourage interest in medicine, but it’s crucial we build on this. The Biosoc Focus series is a brilliant initiative and I have plans to develop this further, with interest from the likes of MSF to partake. If elected, I’d also like to introduce workshop events on skills we need but aren’t taught, like presenting and public speaking.

I’m passionate about Biosoc, and with my experience and enthusiasm, I feel I’m the right person to lead next year’s committee.

Anna McCollum

My name is Anna McCollum, I’m a 3rd Med and I would love to be Chairperson of Biosoc’s 143rd Session.

Being involved with BioSoc has been by far the most enjoyable and worthwhile experience of my college life so far so I would love to have the opportunity to make next year as amazing as the last 3 have been for me.

Having sat on several committees in the past, I am under no illusion as to the work required to run a successful society. However I believe I have the necessary experience for the job; I have a history of event organising and team managing, as Head Girl in school, with Glasgow University MedSoc and in various charity work over the years.

Having spent two years off the Biosoc committee and one fabulous year on the committee as 2nd year rep, I believe I have a very unique insight into not only how Biosoc works but also what does and doesn’t work for its members. I want to make sure you guys get exactly what you want from Biosoc. Think collaborations, trips, and of course, free wine.

Please come to the AGM to hear my big plans and what I have to bring to the role.


Jack Hartnett

In addition to our favourite events – the Pub Crawl, Inaugural Ball and Med Ball – Biosoc has continuously pushed its boundaries.

Every year newer, more diverse ideas are brought to the fore – Medicine through the Arts and the Sports Medicine forum to name a few. These successes stem from the passion and creativity of its members. However, behind all this, is a well organised, dedicated committee working synchronously.

If elected, I’ll ensure Biosoc continues to become more active in college life by providing the organised, efficient support structure that any properly run committee needs – a hard working secretary. I see the role as a facilitator – doing the ground work such that the committee is enabled to provide the best it can to its members, all the way from wide eyed first years looking to make friends on the pub crawl to the exhausted fifth meds who need a proper finals night out to blow off a degree’s worth of stress.

I promise to be as organised and effective as Oisín O’Brien’s super notes, as dedicated to Biosoc as Yuri Volkov is to integrin receptors and as excited about sending meme-filled emails as Orla Sheils is about giving exam hints.

Aisling O’Grady Walshe

My name is Aisling O’Grady Walshe and I am running for Secretary for the 2017/18 Session.  I think I would make a good secretary because I am organized, efficient and enthusiastic.  I also have a lot of administrative experience. I was Secretary of MOVE this year and so have a good idea of what is required to run a society.  In my role as secretary I managed the MOVE email, kept records of all our meetings and arranged grants from the CSC and the TCD Alumni.  I also helped organize MOVE ball and several of our other big fundraisers. I played a big role in school life, and was very involved in organizing our debs and several other large events throughout the school year. I have arranged several charity events over the years. I have always enjoyed being part of a team, and have played team sports for most of my life. I would really love the chance to get more involve in Biosoc this year, and would be so grateful for you vote!


Hilary Leeson

Hey guys, I’m Hilary and I would absolutely love you to vote me for Biosoc Treasurer.

So why should you vote me?

1. I have the experience. In 2nd year I was VP and treasurer of the JCR at Trinity Hall, this role gave me the opportunity to manage a €39,000 budget and this year I was a member of Trinity Ents Committee so I definitely know how to manage money and run an event.

2. I have ideas to make Biosoc even better. If elected I would work to gain more sponsorship, organise more intervarsity events and collaborate with other societies as well as with Trinity Ents to bring more to med events.

3. Commitment. If you elect me treasurer I will do my absolute best to ensure the smooth running of all money released aspects of Biosoc!


Aisling Betts

Hi my name is Aisling Betts and I’m running to be your Biosoc PRO. I’ve always loved all the  events Biosoc throw throughout the year, and would love to play a part in them. I have great communication and teamwork skills, love socialising and pouring wine  as well as taking photographic evidence of the things that happen due to said socialising and wine- as many of my friends can tell you. I would love to keep everyone updated on all the latest Biosoc events and goings on, help run the page and update events, generating  hype for what are always the best nights of our year, as well as the more academic events like Medicine through the Arts.
I would bring enthusiasm to the job, and would love to expand on the rebranding of Biosoc that previous years have worked towards.
I love wine, I love cheese, I love wine and cheese events, Id love to be Biosoc PRO.

Louise Hession

Hello, my name is Louise and I think I’d be a pro at being your PRO. I’ve always wanted to get involved in Trinitys society life and I think I’d be really good in this position. Here are a few reasons why I think I deserve your vote

1) One of the main responsibilities of the PRO is to design various posters, tickets and event pages, I’ve had a lot of experience doing this in school, I have designed posters for a charity run in aid of Pieta House, as well as that I was in charge of advertising for our school production, so I’m no stranger to Photoshop. I really enjoyed doing these and haven’t gotten to do it in years as medical school has quenched my life of artistic endeavours, I would relish the opportunity to use the right side of my brain again.

2) Procrastinating on the internet is one activity that I have excelled at in college, and what better way to spend this time than spamming facebook with various Biosoc events that promise snacks and free wine.

3) Some of my more minor achievements include designing the Google logo, being Banksy and having 240,000 friends on facebook which would broaden Biosocs reach beyond TCD Medicine.


Ruth Cusack

Hello my name is Ruth and I’d love to be next year’s Ents officer. Biosoc nights have been one of my favourite parts of college and I would love to have the chance to make them even bigger and better. Having been on several committees during my time in college, I feel I have the necessary skills and experience for the role.

Last year I was PRO of MOVE and helped organised one of the most successful MOVE Balls in recent years. I also organised the first ever Horse Racing Soc – Equestrian Club Ball in November this year, which sold out and is now set to be an annual affair.

In the 143rd session, I’d like to make mark on the numerous and fabulous events BioSoc holds each year. For Med Ball, I’d love to increase ticket numbers so everyone and their special someone can dance the night away and for the Christmas trip I’d like to organise a group activity during the day so people don’t just go from café to café spending their all-important drinking money.

Biosoc already has so many fantastic events and I’d love the chance to make these even more inclusive and with even more free wine!

Cian Casey

From the very start, Biosoc has been one of the best things about studying medicine in Trinity. Biosoc fosters a great sense of camaraderie not just within year groups, but medicine as a whole. The fresher’s pub crawl is often where 5 year friendships are made and first years receive wise words of wisdom. I’ve always gotten a lot from Biosoc, be it free wine or careers advice, and now I’d like to give something back.

With regards to ENTs, Biosoc is surely one of the most varied on campus, from “Medicine Through the Arts” to debates and inaugural ball. I’d like to build on this diversity, running more events in association with related societies such as GenSoc. I also hope to run more events that have an international outlook to better engage with all of medicine. I love a good night out and I’m a bit odd, which is needed for unique events. I also have prior experience running events (think last week’s MOVE pub quiz) and have sat on several committees.

I might come short of SOM’s required attendance level, but I’ve hit near 100% for BioSoc.

Vote Cian X

Anna McCollum



Fionn Slattery

Hi! My name is Fionn Slattery and I want to give something back to a fantastic society, that has been there for me right the way through college and help others have the same wonderful experience that I have had and am having.

From the pub crawl in September 2014, to Med Ball just gone, BioSoc has made, what at times can be a very tough and stressful course, not just bearable, but genuinely enjoyable.

BioSoc helped me (and all of us, I’m sure) make my first friends at a time when I was nervous about being in a totally new environment, to helping me keep making memories with them the whole way through college. It’s this appreciation for what BioSoc do, along with my own personal experience, that I believe will make me a successful OCM.

I raised €3000 euro for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland in 6th year in school by organising a fun run, taught Irish as part of VTP for the past year, recently organised a Pub Quiz for MOVE and took part in the 3rd year Med Day video. These experiences led me to realise that to be successful, any committee member, but especially OCM, needs to be organised, willing and hardworking to succeed, I believe I fit this bill.

Eva Timmons

My name is Eva Timmons and I would love to be OCM of biosoc! I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of biosoc for the past 3 years and this year I would love the opportunity to get more involved. I believe I have the necessary skills and qualities to be a great asset to the committee. I am an effective team member, I’m enthusiastic and I have extensive experience organising many events. As senior prefect in school I contributed greatly in the organisation of our debs and pre debs. I have also been involved in charity work having successfully run fundraising events from fashion shows to bake sales. A highlight of this year was my involvement in organising workshops for secondary school kids where we managed to raise almost 2000 Euros for MOVE. I hope I am afforded the chance to bring some great new ideas and a fresh angle to event organising delving on my years of experience of event attending! I look forward to making next year as wonderful and as fun as the previous three years.

Hilary Leeson

Sorcha Minnock

Aisling O’Grady Walshe

Anna McCollum



Rían Hayes

With two years’ experience on the Biosoc committee I like to think I have a reasonably firm handle on how the society works and how to write a Scandal Sheet. My aim next year is to move forward with some new things, and improve those that could’ve run smoother in what was overall a great year for Biosoc, with a great committee. For the current 2 nd years the two biggest upsets were how MedBall ticketing went, and how some of us (+most of 1 st year) were excluded from the Inaugural Ball afters. Unfortunately these things were unforeseeable, and even though we got a night out in O’Reilly’s on the back of it, I’d prefer to make sure that doesn’t happen again next year. Inaugural confirmed we’ll get screwed by bars/nightclubs we’re with if we don’t get a clear written version of any agreements. Re MedBall, I want to make sure we poll the various course years to accurately gauge the demand for MedBall tickets, so we can plan to satisfy demand and make sure they get sold fairly. Finally, I want to organise a few more inter-year nights like the 1st/2nd year one in O’Reilly’s to ensure year-round good craic.

Beata Carroll

Biosoc has played a major role in all our lives in medicine and I am incredibly grateful to have been able to help in the organisation and coordination of so many successful events during the year.

Having been a rep for 2 years, I know what the job entails and think that I can help merge both tradition and new ideas in the 143rd session of Biosoc.

Considering we will be split up next year in the hospitals, I think it will be crucial that we have plenty of opportunities to gather as a whole, be it on a night out, sporting event or even trip abroad! I would hope to bring new ideas to the committee (# keeping it fresh) and help iron out the blips we’ve had along the way (tilt ticketing and increasing the ball quota).  I am approachable, enthusiastic and essentially live in the TBSI, meaning I will always be around to ensure the smooth running of events and of course, listen to any ideas or suggestions you may have.

Finally, along with having mastered the art of wine pouring, I am also an organised and hard working individual, and would be honoured to get the chance to represent our year.

Emma Gray

Hi guys, I’m Emma, a second year med. I’m running for both 3rd year rep, and Med day rep.  I think I would do a great job in these roles because I’m enthusiastic, hard working and great craic. I also have lots of experience working within a committee.

I’m determined not to repeat the mistakes that have been made in the past, that have particularily affected our year, and have loads of ideas to make Biosoc events more inclusive and diverse, having collaborations with other societies in Trinity. I would also strive to make events more accessible to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years, who often haven’t been catered for in the past.

Overall I will work really hard to make everyone have a great year next year, and make Biosoc events fun.


Ernan Hession

Hi, my name is Ernan Hession and I’m running for 2nd year Biosoc rep. Biosoc played such a huge role in my first year of medicine, helping me get to know my peers and building friendships with my year and the older years. This is a tradition I would love to continue and give the future 1st years the same experience as I had and making sure the year is as fun for them as it was for me with as much free wine humanly possible. The biosoc night outs are undoubtedly some of the most fun nights out of the year and I will make sure they stay as hard to remember next year as they were this year. I hope to plan events that appeal to all members of biosoc and possibly incorporate other years, societies and medical schools. So please vote Ernan number 1, I’m the only person in trinity with the name you can’t miss it.

Andrew Duncan

I am known by many aliases, such as Andrew, Andy, Duncan, Duncy, and most shamefully, Big Daddy Dunc, but I would most like to be known as the 2nd year Biosoc Rep for the 143rd session. Believe it or not, this being the 143rd session is no coincidence, as in this number are the reasons that I should become the next 2nd year rep

1- Because I am the 1 for this role. I share good relations with all those in the year, and could no doubt coerce them all into going to each and every biosoc event.

4- Because I am the man 4 you. I would take great pleasure in leading a team of drunken meds to the next destination on the infamous Biosoc pubcrawl that has claimed many a fresher, unaccustomed to the sesh heights that Biosoc reaches.

3- How many cans of Tesco Lager I can fit in my pants.

If elected, I’ll have no problem in spamming our class page, and even less of a problem leading our year of sesh moths to the bright lights that are Biosoc events. Gracias (note bilingualism)

Marianne Foley

I’d like to run for 2nd year class representative this year. I passionately regretted not getting more involved with BioSoc this year, so I’d like to right that wrong. I was a class rep for MOVE this year, which gave me the opportunity to refine my skills of spamming the class page and spamming the class in real life. I’d love to work on events that include all the medical years and be a part of expanding BioSoc’s philanthropic element, too. I’m (technically) a little older than a first year should be, so I have a great balance between managing responsibility and being down with the kids!

P.S. – I love BioSoc.

P.P.S. – I hope BioSoc’s not going to like me ‘just as a friend’

Caoimhe Byrne

My name’s Caoimhe Byrne and I’m running for Biosoc 2nd year rep. I’m approachable, easy going and always up for a bit of craic (evident when I ruined myself on med day doing the iron stomach). Biosoc is all about getting meds together and drinking wine, two things I love, as anyone who knows me will tell you. I’d be good for Biosoc as I can pass on this enthusiasm  and encourage everyone to attend the events as they’re essential for building friendships, getting to know each other and maybe losing a memory or two. If elected, I’d be committed to helping with all the events, making sure everyone knows they’re happening and encouraging them to go. I loved all the nights out this year, and Biosoc are responsible for some of the best nights of my college experience so far. I’d love the opportunity to be a part of it this year and make sure next year everyone has as good a time as we did. I hope you’ll vote for me!

Peter Menzies

Short & Sweet like myself: I love Med Day BIOSOC. Currently the 2nd Year Med Day Rep but repeating first year, this academic loop hole means I am running for the exact same position again this year. So its fair to say I’ve some insight into and experience of the job! In September I advised all my s2s mentees to go for med day rep and let no one stand in their way… Now one year on: a failed supra, repeat fees and an s2s award later I’ve some stiff competition to defend my role. However it’s been lovely to get to know a new year, I would be honoured to represent them and actually stay in second year this time, fingers crossed. Med Day is glorious. It’s everything to me and I’d do anything for it. “Die for the Cause.”

(Mixing things up and also throwing my name in for Biosoc)

Daire Walsh

Daire Walsh – Reigning 1st year rep, Newcastle trip surviver, and low-priced alcohol enthusiast.
So firstly, already being rep for a year has really given me a first hand experience into the organisation and running of the society’s events. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.
What I want to bring back this year is a drive for improvement. It’s not enough to just “Keep Biosoc great”, but constantly strive for improvement.
My year of experience would really allow me to hit the ground running next year. No adjusting or learning the ropes, but rather getting straight to work abusing my powe… I mean making Biosoc 143 the greatest year yet!



Cormac Newell

My name is Cormac Newell, I’m in third year and here’s my manifesto for chairperson of Med day. If I don’t get elected as chair I’d also love to run for an OCM position.

Med day is a pretty special day to all of us. Marking the penultimate day before study must actual start begin, it acts as a kind of  Christmas-St Patricks day hybrid, but instead of getting gifts you collect like mad and get that incredible feeling of having contributed to something genuinely huge. Having been class Med day rep for two years in a row I’ve had the opportunity to help raise monumental funds for such amazingly worthy cause all while organising a day which always goes down as one of the best in the year. That said so much more than a single day. While I have never debs committee I do think I have amassed two years of invaluable experience working under two excellent med day committees. This experience in hand I think I will be capable of keeping the whole event on track and running smoothly, even in the face of external disasters such as a garda strike or necessary change of date. I would hope to build on the work of those before me, to make for an even bigger day which would raise even more funds for excellent causes, while at the same time striving to make the day as memorable for all as it has been to me for the past three years.

It’ll be huge.


Michael Mc Kenna

Hi, my name is Michael Mc Kenna and I’m running to be your next Med Day Secretary. Med Day is such an important day in the academic calendar both in terms of the opportunities it gives to students to get to know each other and for the causes we support every year that need our help. As the current Treasurer of MOVE and a former class rep, I have the knowledge and experience in areas such as organisation, logistics and teamwork needed to make this coming Med Day one of the most successful ever. I also volunteered with Suas in India last year so I’m very familiar with what it takes to successfully fundraise and meet deadlines. I would really love the opportunity to help bring you one of the best Med Days yet so I would really appreciate your vote!

Tim Fannon

Hi, I’m Tim and I’m running for Med Day secretary. I think I would be ideally suited for this position in that I am extremely hard working, organised and goal oriented. I will be more than happy to go above and beyond what is required to make sure that Med Day remains one of the most successful events in the college calendar.

I think one of the most important aspects of the secretary role is to encourage the effective engagement of the committee with potential sponsors and beneficiaries, and to ensure that the committee works well together as a functional unit. Having been deeply involved in college societies such as Trinity Singers, Trinity Musical Theatre and DUFC, I would be excellent in fulfilling this organisational and delegatory role.

Efficiency and proficiency are two of my all-time favourite words, really and truly. I will not be afraid to push myself or others to raise as much money as possible and I would look forward towards engaging with such an exciting and worthwhile challenge. Having really enjoyed Med Day for the last three years, it’s a charity that I would love to serve through the role of secretary during the upcoming year!

Sorcha Minnock

Hi guys! I’m running to be this year’s Med Day secretary! Med Day is truly Christmas for med students and the best day of the year! I would love to be part of organising next year’s Med Day and helping raise even more money than ever!

I’m an organised, efficient and a hardworking person! And my PPAM assignment told me I’m a very good communicator! Being MOVE chair this year I’m very used to begging for best value for money and sending countless emails asking for free stuff and sponsorship!

Because of this year I’m also used to working with the CSC and have experience being involved with running a charity society! I have always been a dedicated participant of med day and have almost got knocked down trying to collect money between cars!

I would really appreciate your vote! Thank you!


Ciara Hopkins

Hi my name is Ciara and I am running to be your Med Day treasurer. Med day has always been something  I have loved participating for the last 3 years. I’ve always been one of the eager ones who turn up well before 7am, this year I was the very first in our year to be there to fund raise.  But why would I be good for Treasurer?  My number one skill is my ability to organise. I understand to responsibility that comes with this job, the amount of money we raise and how much I would have to be responsible for. I am also very persistent and know how much I will need this when I am looking for sponsorship for the event.  I have also been involved in MOVE fundraising events. I  organised the incredibly successful CANDY CANES for MOVE this year, which brought joy happiness and raised lots of money for another great charity. I’m not involved in any other committees, so have a lot of time and energy to give to this committee. I would love if you would consider me for the position!

Joe Leahy

Hi, I’m Joe and I’m running for the position of Med Day Treasurer. I was one of the treasurers of Move this year, a role I thoroughly enjoyed, so I have experience in running the financial side of a student charity. Charity is something that I’m really passionate about, and through Move and Trinity VDP I have a lot of experience in organising events and fundraising for worthwhile causes. As treasurer, I would do everything within my power to organise sponsors and help ensure that we raise as much money as we can for the incredibly worthy causes that we help support. Med Day has consistently been one of the highlights of my time in Trinity and I would love to have the opportunity to help make Med Day 2017 the best one yet. Thanks x


Niamh Moynagh

Hi, my name is Niamh moynagh and I’d like to be your PRO of Med day. From my first year days of ducking through town, dodging the enthusiastic collectors as I avoided all things medicine, to this year as the third person to arrive in the TBSI, eager and ever ready to contribute to the amazing day that is med day, I think I’m a contester for the most improved supporter of what this committee stands for. Besides my love for Med day despite my fashionably late arrival to the party, I think my self proclaimed attention seeking title makes me ideal for the role of PRO. After many years of daily instagram posts and self fraping Facebook statuses, I think it’s time to put these practiced to perfection skills to a charitable use, to benefit the amazing charities that Med Day supports. Finally, many 3rd years will tell u that I broke my own ankle earlier on in the year just because I was lacking on social media material; this is the level of dedication to the cause that you can expect from me as your Med Day pro. Thank you.

Ellen Boyle


Ellen Boyle

I’m Ellen and I would really love to be a part of next year’s Med Day committee. Med Day is my favourite event each year as we combine many of our hard earned medical skills (setting horrifically early alarms, badgering the general public, stripping and drinking like fish) to raise astonishing amounts of money for seriously deserving causes.

I think I will be a good OCM as I really enjoy getting involved with the work of organising events whether that be liaising with the venue for those all important drink deals or helping with the clean up that those drink deals inevitably contribute to. This year I was a member of TCD AMSI and was involved in organising our Med Minds events which gave me excellent experience in working hard as part of a team and interacting with outside companies and sponsors. I will be able to apply what I learned with AMSI to my role as Med Day OCM.

The work that goes into Med Day is intense and each year Med Day ups it’s game, both in how much money is raised for each cause and in how the event is enjoyed by the general public and us volunteers. I would love to be a part of the committee that continues to make Med Day the best day of the year.

Dónal Keating

Hi everyone, my name is Dónal and I would love to be an OCM for Med Day this year! Med day is one of the best days of the year, giving us all a chance to raise money and have a great time. I think I’d be a great OCM for a number of reasons.

As a member of the MOVE committee I have been involved in multiple MOVE events this year, including MOVE ball and workshops for secondary school students. Organising these events has trained me in sending hundreds of email, arranging sponsorship and crucially raising money for charity! These experiences have given me the skills which would make me a great addition to this year’s Med day team.

Most of all, I really love Med Day. It’s been an important part of college for me and I just want to make sure that everyone in every year gets to enjoy it as much as I do! I hope that you’ll all consider voting for me and that you’ll give me the chance to make Med Day as successful and as fun as possible!

Róisín Ní Dhomhnaill

Hi, my name is Róisín Ní Dhomhnaill and I’m running for Med Day OCM next year. It really is a fantastic day and I have loved taking part the last two years. I regretted not trying to get involved with the committee earlier than this and do think that I could bring a lot to the team. I’m committed, organised and enthusiastic and do have experience organising fundraising events with MOVE and at home. Each year we raise a phenomenal amount of money for great causes and I would love the opportunity to help however I can to make that as successful and as fun as possible.

Tim Fannon

Joe Leahy

Eva Timmons


Claudine Howard-James

Hi, I’m Claudine and I’m running for the role of 3rd year Med Day class rep. I have been part of the Med Day team for the last two years and it’s one of my favourite aspects of the year, and of the course! Being a part of Med Day is such a rewarding and wonderful experience, so I would love to continue my involvement in this great cause and build on the successes of the last few years. Hopefully I have proved myself to be a good link between the year and the committee and would love the opportunity to do so again this year. I really enjoy the organisational challenge of the day and seeing it all pay off, both figuratively in the enjoyment that we all get from Med Day activities and physically in the money we raise for the hospitals that do so much for us in the course of our training. Thank you!

Caraíosa Harrington

Hey my name is CaraÍosa and I am running for the position of 3 rd year medday rep. I have acted as the 2 nd year MOVE rep this year and have decided to dip my toe in the pond of another medical charity. I am enthusiastic, energetic and efficient. I organised and supervised the medday sponsored cycle last November which proved to be a huge success and raised over 500 euro. Since last medday I have become increasingly interested in playing a larger role in its coordination and would be thrilled to upgrade from being ‘cycle girl’ to med-day rep. So I would love if you could vote for me!

Aoife Corcoran

Hi my name is Aoife Corcoran and I’m running for 3 rd Year Med Day Rep this year. Med Day is always a day that allows us to give something back to others with the added benefit of being able to enjoy every minute of it. This year I’d love to contribute to the work that goes on behind the scenes that makes Med Day what it is. In my opinion, this position is suited to me as I’m hardworking and dedicated to whatever the task at hand may be, whether its eating a mountain of pasta or perhaps, organising one of the best Med events of the year. I feel I’d be a valuable member of the committee as I’m friendly, approachable and keen to get involved. If chosen, I’d be more than happy to contribute my enthusiasm, ideas and bad jokes to this year’s committee.

Dave Moran

Dave here, and I’m throwing my hat into the ring to be the Med Day Rep for the 3rd years next year. In keeping with the idioms, helping to plan and promote Med Day won’t be my first rodeo, because I’ve plenty of experience organising events already, be they nights out and debs to coffee mornings and bake sales. I’ve also continued to work with medical and healthcare-based organisations while in and since leaving school, including Our Lady’s Hospice Harolds Cross and WALK (a centre and association that helps those with intellectual disabilities with social support and employment amongst others) in Longmile Road, so believe me when I tell you how much I know what even a bit more funding means in helping the individual!

In terms of goals as a Med Day rep, (clichéd as it sounds) I work well as part of a team and when a job needs to be done, I’ll be the one to apply myself and have my nose to the grindstone til it’s achieved.

Emma Gray


Peter Menzies

Short & Sweet like myself: I love Med Day. Currently the 2nd Year Med Day Rep but repeating first year, this academic loop hole means I am running for the exact same position again this year. So its fair to say I’ve some insight into and experience of the job! In September I advised all my s2s mentees to go for med day rep and let no one stand in their way… Now one year on: a failed supra, repeat fees and an s2s award later I’ve some stiff competition to defend my role. However it’s been lovely to get to know a new year, I would be honoured to represent them and actually stay in second year this time, fingers crossed. Med Day is glorious. It’s everything to me and I’d do anything for it. “Die for the Cause.”

Emily Feeney

Hi guys, my name is Emily Feeney and I would love to be your 2nd year Med Day representative.

You may remember me from such phenomenally successful societal endeavours as “NigellaSoc” and “various others”. I also have plenty of former experience in my tenure as senior prefect, student council member and chairperson of my school’s Amnesty International group during sixth year.

I am truly passionate and enthusiastic about the causes that Med Day supports. Med Day was one of the most fun days of my first year experience (and not just because of that free wine reception) and I would be delighted to have the opportunity to take part in organising such an amazing, worthwhile event.

Aaron Barry

Hi my name is Aaron Barry and I would love to be one of the 2nd year Med Day Representatives. Having enjoyed Med Day so much this year, I would love to give back by getting involved in organizing and coordinating next year’s Med Day. As the link between the committee and the people in my year, I will work to ensure full involvement from the whole of second year. I have raised funds on multiple occasions for both my Athletics and Swim Club back home, and also have helped organize events with these clubs also. I’m very friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to, and will bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to Med Day. I would love to get the chance to work with representatives from other years as part of the Med Day team, and facilitate more interaction and mixing between the second years and other years. As a rep, I’ll make sure to rally the second years to help make next Med Day one of BioSoc’s most successful and enjoyable Med Days yet.

Candidates for the 142nd Session of Biosoc


Patrick Carr
Hi, my name is Patrick and I’m running to be chairperson of the 142nd Biosoc committee. Biosoc to me is an integral part of studying Medicine in TCD and the course wouldn’t be the same without it. Biosoc’s renowned social events are how many of us form friendships with both people in our year and other years.
I’m running for chairperson as I believe I have the necessary skills. I’ve had leadership experience before, being chairperson of Sligo Comhairle na nÓg, headboy in secondary school and sitting on Dáil na nÓg. Since coming to college I have also been class rep and sat on the Biosoc committee in 1st year.
In addition to experience I have ideas. I want this next Biosoc to be even bigger and better ‐ through improving the events we currently have, working together with our other medical societies like Surgsoc and PIA and incorporating new events, including more intervarsity events.

Conor Keogh
Biosoc have done great work to create a sense of family within medicine in the last few years, and many of its events are now central to the social calendars of its members. I believe we can build on these successes and also do more to fulfil Biosoc’s aim of promoting medicine within Trinity.
I want to see us move to encourage interest in medicine as a worthwhile topic in itself. This applies from first year, in emphasising how basic sciences feed into clinical progress, through to final year, when exploration of emerging areas can inform career choices.
In practical terms, student‐led seminars and guest speakers spanning basic, translational and clinical science would help to shift the perception of the academic aspects of medicine from something to be suffered through towards something we can see the value of, engage with and, ultimately, celebrate.


Michelle Horan
My name is Michelle Horan and I would be delighted to have the opportunity to act as Secretary of Biosoc next year, for its 142nd Session.
I believe I would be suitable for the role, having dealt with responsibility in the past, being elected Head Girl of my school as well as acting as Secretary of my School Hockey Club. I also co‐captained the Ladies 1st 5ths Hockey team here in Trinity last year. Regardless of my prowess on the hockey field, (or lack thereof) these were roles that required dedication, organisation and a willingness to complete tasks and a desire to do them to the best of my ability!
I have a love for all Biosoc events and would love to play a part in making them even better, and I can promise at least one glitter‐themed event! If appointed, I would do my utmost to ensure the smooth running of Biosoc and would put my all into everything that the role requires!

Oisín O’Brien

Hi, I’m Oisín and I’d love to be your next Biosoc Secretary! I’m a masters student, current Med Day Treasurer and will be joining the Class of 2018 in September. This position would be a fantastic opportunity for me to acquire new skills and experiences, plus a great way to get to know my new classmates. It would also be a privilege to work for a society that’s contributed so much to my college life. I’ve particularly enjoyed being involved in this year’s Christmas Panto, the Phil Debate, and the upcoming play. As part of the 142nd session, I’d like to continue investing in projects that explore the more imaginative aspects of medicine. I would be an effective Secretary because I pride myself on my organised notes, value good communication and my achievements as Med Day Treasurer have given me valuable experience which would greatly benefit the Biosoc committee.


Sinéad Crowley
My name’s Sinéad Crowley and I’m running for treasurer of Biosoc.
Over the last three years I’ve enjoyed countless events run by Biosoc, from trips abroad to fancy balls, and I’d love the opportunity to be a part of such an active committee. This year I am chairperson of MOVE and have really enjoyed working with a committee to organise events.
Part of Biosoc’s treasurer’s role is to liaise with the csc. I have been doing that this year as part of MOVE. Although I haven’t been treasurer before I am organised and alright with numbers!
I really hope you’ll consider me for your vote for treasurer
and Med day Secretary.

Sam Grennan
Hey everyone, I’m Sam and I’m running for Treasurer of BioSoc.
We all knew that one guy in school who collected 1c and 2c coins, who actually enjoyed completing excel sheets and who used his calculator for something other than spelling the word BOOB. Well, you guessed it, that guy was me!!
I am passionate about Biosoc and believe that the events they run are a great way of bringing the years together. Having been a Medday rep in 2nd year and treasurer of MOVE this year, I have first‐hand experience of managing accounts and working with the CSC. I understand the commitment required and will work hard to make next year the best year yet.
So from Medday, to MOVE to Biosoc (potentially) if you want to see me complete the holy trinity, I would greatly appreciate your vote.

Also running:

Oisín O’Brien


John Mahon

Hi my name is John, and I’m running for PRO of the 142nd session.
I believe that I’d be a great fit for this position – I already spend most of my time on the internet, and I have extensive experience creating events on Facebook for organisations such as ΑΔΦ UBC and TCD Cancer Soc.
I also have some experience with video editing software, following a work placement with Reelgood Productions. Last year’s Biosoc Trip video was a great idea, and is definitely something I’d like to carry forward.
I intend on increasing activity on the Instagram which Sadhbh created last year, with a view to growing it over time, and encouraging members to submit their own relevant pictures. Finally I would like to raise awareness of the WordPress page, and update the advice section on the site – it has huge potential to be a centralised hub of information for smaller medical societies, such as NIMSA and MOVE.

Kevin O’Rourke

I’m Kevin and I’m new to your year. Had to take a bit of time out but I would love to be your Biosoc PRO on my return to Medicine. Those of you I haven’t met yet might have seen some of the stuff I’ve done; I took pictures for MOVE ball this year and did the slide shows at the Med Day talent show both this year and last year. I was Photo Editor at the Trinity News when we won Best Newspaper, Best Design and Best Website at the Student Media Awards, I know my way around website design, Photoshop and video editing and I can write pretty good sometimes too. Thanks for your consideration and either way I look forward to joining you in August.


Evin Doyle
My manifesto is based on three main points:
1) Understanding that non‐alcoholic does not mean dry. Waterballoon fights, karaoke nights and a whole bucket load of possibly unsanctionable events, all of these are on the cards.
2) Exams also do not mean dry time. We’ll have plenty of time to get serious later in our lives, and if you can’t handle a lecture the morning after, how will you manage being on‐ call?
3) Fostering more of a relationship between the health sciences. We’re far too insular in my opinion. Maybe even getting LawSoc involved. God knows we’ll need lawyers at some stage. Vote Evin, and moisturise yerselves.

Niamh Grayson

Hi I’m Niamh Grayson and I’m running for ENTs. Since first year, Biosoc nights out have been one of my favorite parts of medicine. I would love to organize and improve Biosoc’s events throughout the year. I believe I have the necessary skills for this role. This year I was part of organizing the MOVE workshops, which were a great success raising over €2000, as well as organizing my school’s grad. From my experience as an S2S mentor, I am aware of the importance of communication between the years, which is an integral part of promoting events. I know what it’s like as broke student; I believe in value for money ‐ especially with events like the Christmas trip. Also, I’m keen to work on more inter‐varsity nights such as Halloween ball.
In all, I am always up for a night out and believe I have the organization skills, the dedication, and the enthusiasm to make a great ENTS officer for Biosoc next year.

Nikita Naqvi

I would like to be ENTs officer because I feel that BioSoc events are so important to us at various stages, from being the first point of social contact and where we develop our friends in the course to being a well deserved study break and something to look forward to in our later years. After many years of attending these events I’ve noticed that there’s a tried and tested recipe to the collection of events available which I would like to maintain to the same fun standard, while also incorporating new events with emphasis on the international students and their occasions so that this society can accurately reflect the diversity of its all members. It’s important for these events to be inclusive and well organised, while still maintaining the reputation of being fun and having a laugh, all factors which I will bring to them.

Cliodhna Tutty‐Bardon

Since first year I’ve gone to the majority of Biosoc’s Events from trips to talks, pub crawls and balls. After three years of attending and thoroughly enjoying them I’d really like to be more involved in the organisation and planning of these events which are enjoyed so much by everyone in Medicine! I would be delighted to have a role on the committee, maybe this is an area in medicine I could finally excel in. The events often give us something to look forward to in a sea of study, and I’d love to be organising these things for people to look forward to.


Orlaith Kelly
My name is Orlaith Kelly and I would love to be OCM of Biosoc! This year I was one of the treasurers of MOVE, and I think the experience I gained from being on a society committee would definitely benefit me as an OCM of biosoc! I’ve always loved Biosoc (way back since I was on the Med day committee in 1st year) and I would really like to be part of it this
year! Please vote for me. Okellz xoxo

Jenny Kinane
I would love to be involved in the Biosoc next year as an ordinary committee member. The Biosoc has provided many of the highlights of my three years in medicine, and I see it as an integral part of my college life. Through my appreciation for all of the hard work and efforts that have been put in by past committee members, I would now like to do my part in continuing the success of the Biosoc. I like working in groups, maintaining harmony and getting things done, which is why I think I am well suited to the role of Ordinary Committee Member. If I get elected I will bring enthusiasm, creativity and plenty of hard work to the Biosoc team. Please vote for me!!

Ciara O’Byrne
I am running for position of OCM. I am particularly interested in organising Biosoc events such as the pantomime, careers night and Medball. Focusing on Med Day, I would like to get involved with promotion and advertising of the event as well as organising various aspects

of the day itself. Another aspect I would be interested in would be partnering up with other societies in Trinity and organising some more joint events with them. I also think we should bring in more student deals for lunch and coffees around SJH and Tallaght with our Biosoc cards.


Amy O’Regan
I would love to be one of your (extra)Ordinary Committee Members next year. I am a team player, really hardworking and organised (ish)… and I love Biosoc, what more dya need

Shane O’Neill

I’m Shane and I’m running for Biosoc OCM and Med Day OCM. Here’s why:

  • S……eriously varied and useful skill set with real experience in: Charity work, Organisation, Fund raising, Data Analysis, Construction, Instruction, Driving…∙
  • H……ardworking, excessively enthusiastic, and am, at times, “slightly” obsessive.
  • A……ssisting and guiding projects? I love it! I take real joy in seeing ideas realised.
  • N……o known criminal record.
  • E……nergetic, passionate and committed.

Most of all what I really would like is to work for worthwhile societies while having good craic and having happy memories with those I meet along the way. Thanks!

Nicola Raftery

I would love to run for the position of OCM this year! I have experience of being OCM on the MOVE committee and I really enjoyed it. I was involved in running many events and my duties ranged from organising workshops for secondary school kids to hassling dodgey joke shop owners for free fez hats and giant cigars… yes that happened. I know the role of an OCM can be varied and that’s why I enjoy it so much! Biosoc have done an amazing job this year and I would love the chance to contribute to making next year just as much a success and hopefully bring a few fresh ideas to the table also!


Also running:

Shauna Quinn
Conor Keogh
Oisín O’Brien
Evin Doyle
Cliodhna Tutty‐Bardon


Ciara Brennan
I would like to run for Biosoc rep as I would love to get involved in the society and believe I would be a suitable candidate for the position. I have been a member of Biosoc for three years now and so am very familiar with all the events that happen throughout the year and would love to help in the organisation of these events. I am familiar with the processes involved in this and I have the commuication and organisation skills necessary to be an effective rep.

David Hopkins
Having been Biosoc rep of my class the last two years, I know exactly what the role entails. However I’d like to expand on that role by having the reps open a dialogue with their class and allow our members to influence change in our society, which I’ve found lacking up to now.
Furthermore, I feel my experience will allow me to operate not only as a representative of the year, but also as an active member of the committee, who can bring fresh and useful ideas to better the Biosoc experience for every member. One example: I’d like to keep Med Cup on campus, but with an open Pav, DJs, food, a night‐out after and more to make a proper event out of it!

Kat Hughes
Hi, my name is Kat Hughes and I want to be your 3rd year Rep.
Ok, prepare yourselves for some unbridled self‐praise: in school I was Head Girl, head of the Green & Debs Committees, the English & French debating teams. I was the class rep for Human Genetics and organised loads of class nights out (even though I was secretly preparing for the HPAT to be with you fine people!). I also have a lot of experience working as part of a team (Starbucks‐service with a smile!). Most importantly, I am friendly, approachable, enthusiastic and hard‐working.
Phew, ok so I would just like to say I don’t put myself for this position lightly; I put all my effort into everything I do and would genuinely love to bring some fresh ideas in order to make Biosoc as inclusive and fun as it can be.

Anna McCollum

As one of this year’s 2nd year reps, I loved contributing to the different events and getting to know the other years. A highlight would be our involvement in Trinity Arts Festival’s Fourth Week presentation, a brilliant event and it was great to be able to represent Biosoc. I think I would be a great attribute to next year’s committee as I know what the job entails. I have experienced the fun and hard work of being a Rep ‐ promoting, selling tickets, collecting money and representing. Not only did I carry out regular rep duties, I also took on extra jobs which I think was a great help to the committee; from dragging 300 wine glasses across campus to cleaning floors. On top of this, I love pouring wine and plaguing my years Facebook page – that’s really what Biosoc’s all about! I loved being on the committee and would love to do it all again so please give me your vote for 3rd Year Rep!


Aisling O’Grady Walshe
My name is Aisling O’Grady Walshe and I’m running for 3rd year Biosoc rep. I would really like to be elected for this position because I have always really enjoyed Biosoc events and would love to get involved in the running and arranging of them. I was head girl in school and so was heavily involved in organising many events including the Debs and several school fundraising days. This involved responsibility for budgeting and managing large amounts of cash. I think that these experiences make me a good candidate for 3rd year rep and I hope that you agree! Thank you


Beata Carroll
My name is Beata Carroll and I am running for 2nd year rep.
I am a reliable, approachable and enthusiastic 20 something year old, and would love to be your year representative. Whether it be spamming the class Facebook page, collecting money or guiding tours in Amsterdam, I am up for the challenge!
Biosoc already has a special place in my heart from the first pub‐crawl to med‐ball!
Having had a year of experience, I know the system, the importance of being organised and also being a good communicator and I would love to not only continue, but also improve on its success for next year.

Rian Hayes
The year organising and running events with Biosoc has given me a much better insight into how the society works than I would have gotten from outside, and allowed me get to know the rest of the committee well, some of whom I’m sure will continue on next session. I feel this best places me to represent the interests of 2nd year in Biosoc, and to smooth out some

of this year’s wrinkles, like the ticketing of Med Ball. It also has also shown me what events the year likes best so we can improve and better publicise them.

Charlie Murray
My name is Charlie Murray and I’m running for 2nd year rep.
I really want to get involved more in Biosoc, the society runs so many huge events throughout the year and I think the 2nd year rep needs to be ready to help out with anything and ready to deal with the stress of being called last minute to help a committee member. I’m good at multitasking, working under pressure and working against deadlines and I want to make next year as amazing as I’m able to, and help out the committee as much as possible.

Abidur Rahman

Hi guys,
Biosoc reps are the ones that organize some AMAZING events throughout the year. Those of you that have met me, I hope you can state that I meet the requirements for the position. I will always put forth my best efforts to organize some spectacular events. I will also do my absolute best in ensuring that every request that you guys have of me are fulfilled to the best of my abilities. Thank you very much and I hope you guys vote for me to represent you as the second year Biosoc rep.


Ailish Naughton

Hi, my name is Ailish and I’m running for Med Day chair for next year! Having been involved on the committee this year as 3rd year rep, I’ve seen first‐hand all the hard work and organisation that goes into such a massive event. If elected, I would love to try and involve other health science courses in the events leading up to Med Day, such as the warm up night. I would also like to revamp the slave auction section of the day, as that is an area that I feel a lot more money could be raised. I really am truly passionate about the causes that Med Day supports, and would love to work with the incoming committee to raise as much money as possible whilst making sure everyone has as fun a day as possible. I’m hard‐ working and organised and think I could bring a lot to the role!


Gemma Farmer
I’m running for the Med Day committee this year as I would love the opportunity to become

more involved in the fantastic event that is Med Day! I think I would be suited to the role of secretary as I am efficient, organised, patient, calm and hard working! As secretary of the Med Day committee I would be dedicated to ensuring nothing was overlooked, no emails unsent, no event unplanned! I don’t shy away from a challenge and would give 100% to all the necessary planning and organising needed for the smoothing running of Med Day! As an active and enthusiastic participant in Med Day every year I would be delighted to get more involved and, if elected, would work hard to make sure Med Day 2016 is as wonderful as ever!

Eric Moran
Hi I’m Eric Moran and I’m running for Med Day Secretary. Med Day is one of the most important and truly phenomenal events in Trinity and I’d love to be part of it. I believe I have the experience and qualities necessary for this role. During my time in college I’ve been a class rep for Biosoc and MOVE, while also being involved with Trinity VDP. I’ve been a weekly Activity Leader and this year I was Producer of the VDP Panto, one of the largest college charity events. I organised meetings and rehearsals, booked rooms, sent countless emails, and created promo videos and events. I also secured better deals than ever for the show’s production, saving over €1500 of the previous Panto budget. These various roles have given me the skills necessary for the role of secretary. I’m a hardworking, organized, friendly, dedicated individual and would love your vote.

Shauna Quinn
Being a Med Day rep in 2nd year, I really appreciated the team commitment. I met so many new people, learned so many new skills and I even did my first proper all nighter (A skill that I regularly make use of)! It was such an incredible experience and I would do it a thousand times over! You should vote for me for Secretary or OCM… Why? Well, I have the experience, the spirit and the enthusiasm to keep us going through the year! I am hard‐ working and willing to take on any challenge along the way. It would mean a great deal to me to be a part of the Med Day committee to help organise the best events of the year to give something back to the hospitals, that do so much for us, and to give the meds the well needed break we deserve! Wine included. If you vote for me, I can assure you I will give it 100%!

Devina Sharma
Those who have been in my Med Day collecting groups would tell you that my enthusiasm has been unrivalled, from doing ‘the worm’ on the street to creating performances worthy of the West End. I’m not afraid to put myself on the line and conjure up fresh ideas, even if shop owners donated money “just so we’d shut up”.
One of my attributes is dedication to my goal… just sheer relentless persistence, the outcome success is another question! The role’s breadth warrants one to have a myriad of interests and be quick to learn. I have been involved in multiple societies; players, sports and debating, along with participation in charitable programmes outside of college. My palate proves to be quite diverse!
I have seen first‐hand the benefits charitable donations to hospitals can have, having worked for a resource‐poor rural Indian hospital. I truly believe in this cause and, spurned by my passion, I will do my utmost.

Also running:

Sinéad Crowley


Ciara Broderick Farrell
Hi I’m Ciara and I’d like to run for Med Day treasurer. Having done Leaving Cert accounting I feel I can handle the finance side of being treasurer. I’ve also been involved in a lot of fundraising for MOVE this year. I was on the committee for the MOVE workshops and organised a coffee morning (and raffle) as a personal event, both events raising over €2,500 each. I realise that the treasurer is the first point of contact for many donations. I have firsthand experience of this, having obtained sponsorship and donations from several companies for my coffee morning and raffle. In the past I’ve been involved in fundraising for The Irish Cancer Society, Cork Simon Community, The Emer Casey Foundation and Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.


Greg Murphy
I’d really love the opportunity to be this years Med day pro. Med day has always been my favourite day of the year and I’ve always wanted to be involved. As a member of the bio soc comitee for the last 2 years I have learnt a huge amount about how it works and could bring all of my experience to the Med day PRO position.
I also have a lot of new ideas that I’d love to use for Med day this year in order to make it easy for the public to make their donations through online and other means. I’ve had a lot of experience with raising money and was part of a group that raised over 20000 for charity.
Most importantly I’ll give this job 100% of my attention and would love to be the pro for next years Med day.


Louise O’Halloran
My name is Louise O’Halloran and I am running for the position of Medday OCM. Medday is always a fantastic day and my favourite medicine event of the year and this year I would love to play a part in making it as successful as possible! I have experience working on committees and am a good team player. I would be a valuable enthusiastic and dedicated member of the committee and would love to share my ideas on how to make this Medday even better than the last.

George Petrov
Hello there guys , my name is George Petrov (Gosho) and I would be honoured if you gave me the opportunity to be one of the OCMs of med day during the following year! In my opinion I am a suitable candidate for the job as I am very hard working, enthusiastic about almost everything, very approachable, relaxed, love teamwork and as always having the ‘craic’! Another key quality that my mates like to remind me about is my booming voice which between the money collecting during med day and meetings and organising big groups of chatty people, I feel like I can get my point across without a megaphone! With all this self praise and advertisement aside, Med Day means a lot to me and it only shows how

a few hundred medical students can combine efforts to raise the staggering €50000 and actually make a real change to someone’s life which not many other societies (if any) are capable of achieving. So on that note it would be a privilege if I could be your OCM for 2016! Thanks a million lads! Vote for Gosho!

Also running:
Ailish Naughton
Gemma Farmer
Eric Moran
Devina Sharma
Shauna Quinn
Cliodhna Tutty‐Bardon
Shane O’Neill
Ciara O’Byrne

3rd year Med Day Rep

Joseph Mulhall
Hey it’s Joe and I’m running for MedDay rep. I feel I’m perfect for the job. As a sheep farmer I’m well used to the 5am starts of lambing season, so the early start of MedDay is no trouble for me. I’m great at collecting money from strangers, I was an alter server for 5 years so I’ve collected millions of euros from the parishoners of Kilavaney parish. On a serious note, I’m very friendly, approachable and fun and feel I can bring a lot of energy and excitement to Med Day. So please vote for me.

Cormac Newell
My name is Cormac Newell and I would like to apply for the position of 3rd year Med Day rep.
For the past year I have been rep to the second years and loved it. In my application for that position I spoke about getting my year involved in the Med day and building on the enjoyment of the previous year. Most people seemed to agree this was the “best Med Day ever!!!”, while I played a very small role in making it so, I would love the opportunity to do so again. Over the past year I think I acted well as a liason to the second years and improved in terms of the administrative aspect of the organisation.

Also running: Kat Hughes

2nd Year Med Day Rep

Peter Menzies
Short and Sweet, Peter Menzies ‐ 1st year. Being on the Med Day committee this year was a humbling opportunity, working with such a brilliant team. Seeing all the work and effort that is put in behind the scenes has given me a massive appreciation for being a link between committee and my year as well as an enthusiasm to do more. I’d count myself more than lucky to be given this chance to get involved again. A relevant quote: “Good times are had by those who work hard, are organised and have a good few wine receptions”. Thank you!

Claudine Howard‐James
Being a part of Med Day was one of the best and most rewarding experiences I had this

year. I wish to continue my involvement into next year and keep up the good work from this year of fun events which helped both in terms of fundraising and class bonding. I want to contribute my energy and enthusiasm to helping the causes Med Day chooses to support, organising events and coming up with even more ideas to raise both money and awareness for Trinity Med Day.


Shubhangi Karmakar
As AMSI Rep I feel I’d bring a variety of different perspectives from my interest in politics and debating to the collaboration between medical schools globally. I was invited to speak at the Hist’s Ed Burke panel on “Abortion: The Elephant in the Womb”.
I’m looking into the feasibility of Repealing the 8th with Dr. Veronica O’Keane, and running social media for Trinity Independent Seanad Candidate Sabina Brennan who is working with Public Ageing and Neurorehabilitation policy.
If elected I will work towards overcoming barriers to access in Public Health through raising awareness in future generations of medical professionals.

Henry Roberts
Hi! I am a 2nd Med and I would like to be your AMSI rep for the coming year. I believe AMSI can become a strong, national voice for us and I have the enthusiasm and energy to work towards that goal. I have experience in co‐ordinating a large team which organised several public health events both on a university campus and in the wider public domain which received national media coverage. I have several ideas for the Association, including a national student scientific conference to complement the already‐established annual intervarsities.

Nick Stefanovic
I’d like to be your TCD AMSI rep‐ I’ve the experience, the ideas, & know how to get to Cork and Galway!
1. Experience:
‐ Class Rep in JF/SF Med: Events, class trip, awards night! Admin schtuff, making the Medicine thing as easy as possible for my year!
‐ Ents officer for FashionSoc (I’m a team playa!)
2. Engagement:
‐ Networking with UCD/RCSI throughout year.
‐ Promoting academia via intervarsity careers night‐ Expose TCD students to specialties that aren’t taught in our hospitals (e.g. Neurosurgery, transplant surgery).
‐ Promote Medical Student interests on a national and international level, inform TCD via efficient PR.

Shermeen Rahmat
The opportunity to be part of a movement that enacts change is what drew me to running.
Voting for me you’re choosing someone who is willing to get to know what we as medical students think and want, someone who’s committed to exploring the ways we can affect

change, and making sure that AMSI is a place where good ideas can be built into the real world. One goal I have is to create a project that’s centred on homelessness in Ireland. Any further information needed before voting for me? Email me at

Kaie Rosborough
Executed the first Canada‐wide Science Faculty conference
→ Equivalent of AMSI for undergraduate science students
→ Help expand influence of AMSI within Ireland Ideas:
Targeting the Irish childhood obesity epidemic
→ Workshops with Dr. Donal O’Shea (youth weight management expert) → Education about the in utero impact of maternal obesity
Bring the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign to Ireland
→ Help physicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures
→ More care ≠ better care (overuse, waste, or harm to patient)

Also running: Peter Menzies

Biosoc AGM – Description of Roles

The end of the 141st Session of the Biological Association is nigh, and with that comes our AGM. There are a lot of positions to be filled this year so anyone thinking of running stands a good chance of getting one of them!

It can be a little confusing to know what position is for you, so in order to clear up the individual roles a little, here is a brief description of what is entailed in each position!

Biosoc Chairperson:

The most prestigious position of all. King/Queen of Biosoc certainly has their work cut out for them! Their main jobs are to ensure the smooth running of the year through the smooth execution of each and every event, act as liaison for all involved with Biosoc, oversee the finances in conjunction with the treasurer and be the main point of contact for the president. This is a time consuming role but with incredible benefits. “Being chair of Biosoc is the thing I am asked most about during SHO interviews” – Former Chair of Biosoc.

Biosoc Secretary:

If you are an organised person, this is the role for you! The secretary keeps all members up to date with Biosoc banter by managing the members list, email account and sending regular emails. The secretary also acts as one of the chief administrators of the committee and is responsible for booking all venues, keeping meeting minutes and is in charge of the majority of official correspondence. Amenable traits include diligence, attention to detail, touch-typing and decent communication skills.

Biosoc Treasurer:

Aka. The Money Handler! The primary role of the treasurer is to oversee the society accounts, collect receipts and attribute relevant repayments to the payees or creditors. In addition, they represent Biosoc on the CSC, and are requested to vote at specific meetings throughout the year, most notably the CSC AGM. They are in charge of updating the CSC online system and conducting a financial report for the end of the year accounts in order to facilitate Biosoc’s validity as a society and to apply for the end of the Societal year awards. In addition, the treasurer is responsible for applying for the overall CSC grant Biosoc receives every year. In order to be treasurer, you should be comfortable handling large amounts of dollah at any given time!

Biosoc Public Relations Officer:

This job should appeal to anyone with a more artistic side. The role of PRO includes two main branches: social media and artsy stuff. In general, they are responsible for updating all social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WordPress), promoting each of Biosoc’s events and act as a casual liaison for members of the general public through the Facebook page. They are also responsible for designing any booklets, t-shirts, posters, hoodies, tickets and Facebook banners throughout the year. Good communications skills, a creative personality and some technological skills are a definite advantage for this role!

Biosoc Entertainment Officers:

ENTs sounds like Events! The role of the two ENTs officers is essentially to organise all aspects of the wonderful events Biosoc run throughout the year. They do that by contacting venues, sponsors, catering staff, travel agents, airlines, hostels, etc. to get the very best value for all of the Biosoc Members. Along with the Chair, they are the primary people involved in organising the Biosoc Christmas trip, Med Ball and many of our nights out. Candidates should be enthusiastic, always be up for a great night out and have a generally positive, can-do attitude!

Biosoc Ordinary Committee Member:

OCM is a great position that lets you get involved in lots of different areas without having too much responsibility for any one area. Often, some of the more work-laden committee members will need help with big jobs, like organising venues or contacting speakers, and that’s where you come in. It’s also a great opportunity to bring whatever specific skills and interests you have to the table. To an extent, OCM is what you make it – the more you put in, the more you get out. If you like organising plays, or taking pictures, or designing posters, or planning venues (the list is endless), you can get involved and take on responsibility in whatever area you enjoy most.

Med Day Chairperson:

Med Day chair allows you to channel your creativity and ideas into a leadership role which has a tangible positive impact on hospitals. Working with a wonderful team, it is a true pleasure to see the behind-the-scenes planning, organising, in-betweening with emails, and meetings finally bring the vision to fruition. Sponsorship, venues, t-shirts, beneficiaries and multiple other facets of the day are important responsibilities, but if you can remain calm under pressure, the persistence will pay off and be a wholly rewarding experience. This role guarantees you a place on the Biosoc Committee as an OCM, as well as a warm fuzzy feeling.

Med Day Secretary:

This is a broad but rewarding job. Like a secretary of any society, you have to keep a watchful eye over the email account and keep minutes of every meeting. You are also responsible for keeping Med Day organised. In addition, as secretary of Med Day, you are second in command and may have to be the leader at some events. This role also guarantees you a place on the Biosoc Committee as an OCM. It’s a very broad, interesting job but really rewarding.

Med Day Treasurer:

As Treasurer, Med Day relies on you to acquire as much money as possible. Firstly, you’ll make sure the budget proposals for prospective beneficiaries are cost-effective. Then you’ll spend your summer schmoozing with every business in the country willing to offer sponsorship money. Once you’ve gathered your war chest, you’ll plan a budget for the event and negotiate for the best prices. On The Day itself, you’ll be responsible for collecting all the cash buckets and making sure they are lodged safely. The job also involves updating accounts, recording invoices/receipts and writing all those cheques (including the big ones!). This position would suit someone who is a good salesperson, very well-organised, and likes the idea of looking after €50,000.

Med Day Public Relations Officer:

The Med Day PRO looks after our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. You’ll use these to promote and document events throughout the year (including the day in question). The ideal candidate will run an engaging promotional campaign, take flattering pictures and be able to create interesting posters/videos.

Med Day Ordinary Committee Member:

Med Day OCM is a really rewarding and fun role, ideal for someone who works well in a team and who’s willing to work hard for the first semester. Some of the main tasks you could be involved with are helping to secure sponsorship, organising the Med Day Warm Up night and organising odd jobs in relation to Med Day, including being part of the Med Day fairy team.

Biosoc & Med Day Year Representatives:

These positions can be applied for by people going into their 2nd or 3rd year of study. Each committee has 2 representatives in each year. The role of the reps is to essentially act as a liaison between the committees and the members of their year. This is done through making announcements at the end of lectures, posting on class pages and occasionally, sending the odd email. Reps usually sit in on meetings and are an integral part of the committee, occasionally sharing tasks of OCMs. This is the perfect role for you if you wish to get involved in Biosoc but are not yet eligible to run for a committee position!

Association of Medical Students in Ireland (AMSI) Representative:

The AMSI Rep will also be elected on the night of the Biosoc AGM, as part of a new collaboration between the organisations. This is a 2 year position. The elected rep will chair the TCD AMSI committee with current rep (Tess Higgins) and represent Trinity on the national AMSI committee. You will be involved in initiating projects such as a Teddy Bear Hospital, public health initiatives or any other project you can think of, here in Ireland. AMSI is a member of the IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Associations), and offers opportunities to be part of this international community and attend annual international student conferences in locations such as Malta, Macedonia, Mexico & Greece. Any queries can be sent to or just come to the info night on Thursday April 7th in the TBSI.

So that’s it! If any of the above positions sound appealing to you, please send an email to and include your name, the position(s) you would like to run for, your manifesto and a phone number you can be contacted on!

Good luck to all candidates running!

Biosoc AGM – Manifestos

Biosoc Chairperson

Bearach Reynolds

My name is Bearach Reynolds (3rd med) and I am running to be the chairperson of the 141st session of Biosoc.

After two years working with the committee as 2nd and 3rd year rep, I know how Biosoc works and I know how it can be improved. The three areas I would focus on are Content, Collaboration and Community.

Content: Medball, Christmas trip, careers night are all staple Biosoc events, but I believe our members deserve more. We need to revitalize our existing events while also increasing what we have to offer. Diversification and development would be my aim for the 141st session.

Collaboration: Trinity has an abundance of societies that hold many fantastic events throughout the year, and we should be proud to be one of them. However, Biosoc has been too insular to date. I believe we need to work with other society to provide our members with a wider range of high profile events. Collaborations can mean bigger budgets and therefore bigger events!

Community: Events such as the “Teddy Bear Hospital” have been roaring success in other medical societies, we need to step up our game. Our scope for events that can benefit both Trinity and wider community is huge, let’s utilize it!


Oisin O’Brien

My name’s Oisín and I’d love to be a part of next year’s Biosoc! Some of the second years might know me as the guy who shares his notes on Facebook, some of the third years might know me as a dear friend, and the rest of you might know me as that guy who got kicked out of the Hive for dancing shirtless. For these reasons alone, you can be sure that I’m the man for the job.

Over the last 3 years Biosoc has given me so many memories – fascinating talks, adventures abroad and loads of fun nights out. None of these good times would have been possible without the hard work that the committee does every year. Now I’d love the chance to make a contribution of my own and ensure that Biosoc continues to become even bigger and better!

There are numerous reasons why you should vote for me:

  • I’m a hard worker. I would only volunteer for this position if I was willing to give my full commitment to it. I will take pride in my role and do everything I can to make sure I fulfil my duties to the very best of my abilities.
  • I enjoy working as part of a team. My priority will be to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas with the committee and have a role in improving the society.
  • I have experience as a leader. In school I was the head prefect, captain of debating teams in English and Spanish, and also served as the Chairperson and Treasurer of the SVP committee for two consecutive years.

I would be sincerely grateful if you gave me the opportunity to prove myself and help make next year’s committee the best one yet!”

Biosoc Secretary

Ciara O’Neill 

Hi I’m Ciara O Neill, a third year running for the position of Biosoc secretary. Although great at taking notes (an ideal trait for a secretary wouldn’t you agree?), I’m not great at writing about myself, so instead of feeding you all the usual guarantees of how reliable and efficient and dedicated I am (all incidentally true, I swear), I wrote this poem because everything is better when it rhymes:

Oh Biosoc, please let me be,
Secretary of your next committee,
I’ll work so hard for you I swear,
I’ll age and wrinkle and get grey hair.
But all this I wont mind at all,
I’ll throw you your best yet MedBall,
I’ll send tonnes of fun emails, full of cat gifs and memes,
And help organise the Christmas trip of your dreams.
My note taking at meetings will be the stuff of dreams,
I’ll be enthusiastic, hardworking and a part of the team,
So please Biosoc members vote for me,
Most importantly I’ll ensure lots of wine and cheese!

Apologies to those who found that too cheesy but I swear I’m not usually so vomit inducing xoxo


Nanci O’Reilly

Hi, my name is Nanci O’Reilly and I want to be your Biosoc secretary for the 141st session.

To be a great secretary, I think organisation, time commitment and dedication to completing the task at hand are the most important qualities.  Hopefully from my class rep work the last two years, you’ve seen that I’m practical, efficient and well up for a challenge.  If elected I would put as much effort and more into this secretarial position.

Email is my weapon of choice, as the SOM knows well.  If you vote for me, I’ll write witty and concise emails without too many blinding emojis.  However the best medium for contacting students is definitely Facebook and I’d be keen to work with the PRO on ensuring that all info required is easily visible.

For Biosoc events next year, we’ll want to be thinking bigger, better and more bountiful and I have no problem organising the practical side of the most far flung ideas the 141st committee will have to offer.  Why do the Hist and Phil get all the celeb speakers?  Because they have insistent (relentless) secretaries, that’s why!

Biosoc members need to have a better idea of the day-to-day work of the committee.  What goes on behind the scenes is a great reflection of the power of a student organisation and I want to make sure that the committee keeps everyone up to date.

Vote No Shit Nanci for BioSoc Sec!


Sinead Cornyn

Hi everyone! I would absolutely love to get involved in Biosoc this year, whether that be through the Biosoc Committee or Med Day Committee! I would mainly like the role of secretary, and feel I would be particularly suited to it. I’m a hard working and organized person, and will have no hesitation contacting anyone that needs to be contacted to make events as good as they can possibly be! I promise to attend every meeting, work diligently on the running of the society and keep everything organized. I will also keep you all up-to-date with upcoming events guaranteed to be great craic!

I’d really love to take this year as an opportunity to get involved in a society I’ve been a member of all through college. I’ve been part of committees outside of university, and am excited for the opportunity to be part of a college one!

I’ve had a few ideas for new things Biosoc & Med Day could get involved in, such as charity ventures like a charity 5km race for Med Day. The society is a great one with many traditions, but there is always room to grow! I would like to help make that happen!


Oisin O’Brien (see above)

Biosoc Treasurer


Maz O’Dwyer

The first time I encountered Biosoc, I had the delight of drinking 8 pints and 3 tequila shots on the pub crawl. The morning after I did not suffer a hangover, as I was “young, free and supple!” By Gawd, things have changed! Not the drinking – the hangovers. In all fairness though, Biosoc is not about the drinking, it’s about the people you meet and how they make you feel, that is merry, accepted and part of the family And I’m sure this is the same for many of ye! And here is the reason I wish to be a part of biosoc. This year biosoc executed so many great events: the Christmas trip to Edinburgh, Medball, Medicine through the arts, and a great careers night. Building on this, I’d love to see Medicine through the Arts and the Careers Night become bigger events.

Treasurer is a role that I know from being MOVE treasurer last year. I’m passionate about spreadsheets and apparently I am seriously attracted to formatting and equations on excel… or so I’m told. Joking, but no seriously, have you seen the sexiness of excel??? As MOVE treasurer, I not only managed the societies spending but had to allocate credits according to work done and money raised this year. I really like treasure though… Do people actually read these? Boobs? So this is kind of my manifesto. If you don’t know me you should get to know me…

I suppose I think I’m a decent candidate because I like making people happy. I like when things are great and I like making them great. So yep. That’s why you should think about voting for me.


Gossip Goat Out


Tseun Han James Kong

Hello, I would like to apply for the position of Treasurer on the Biosoc Committee and I think I would be good for the position because of several reasons. Firstly, I am very much a team player and I enjoy working with other people. Secondly, I have first-hand experience working as a treasurer for the squash club over the last year. In my own not-so-humble opinion, I am diligent and reliable when it comes to keeping track of money and ensuring that my responsibilities are taken care of.

The reason I want to apply as it is a good opportunity for me to get involved with such a large society in the college and I have always been appreciative for the efforts of previous committees. I think the role will supplement and refine my abilities and it is my belief that working in such a committee is a highly rewarding experience.

As such, I appreciate any votes that come in my direction and look forward the prospect of working on the Biosoc.


Oisin O’Brien (see above)

Biosoc Public Relations Officer


Sadhbh Heneghan

Aside from being called Sadhbh (you wouldn’t even have to change the nametags), here is what would make me a great PRO:

I am insanely organized! Take a look at my desktop background: everything is neatly filed within a simple “College” folder – the title of which will also show my originality. Subtler files are hidden and entitled “Med ball slideshow” and “Scandal sheet shenanigans” proving that I am permanently ready for any med ball scenario.

I have been designing posters as early as 2007 and an A in Leaving Certificate art resides permanently on my CV. While my earlier works focused a lot on book covers and imaginary events, more recent works have been somewhat more scientific (and boring). Proficient in the art of snapchat editing, my creative skills have not been lost. The biosoc poster productions would allow me to come as close to applying to NCAD and IADT as possible, without the necessity of multiple piercings.

I spend an extraordinary amount of time browsing the book of faces, usually procrastinating. One of my new years resolutions was to be more productive. What could possibly be more productive than using my procrastination time to create weird and wonderful Facebook events for the Biosoc Calendar?!

As an avid user of Twitter, I know my way around a hashtag (#WhyIsJConnJustStandingThere is one of my favourites). This may come in handy when reading out many of the more risqué tweets at the annual Careers Night.

Way with the words – I count Nicola Walsh among my close friends so naturally, anything that “I” write will be amazing! References: N Walsh, Med Ball Scandal Sheet, 2014, 2015.

I’m always trying to come up with new ideas for our various events. Among some of my current ones are a Mean Girls themed Biosoc Panto, a Harry Potter themed Med Ball and setting up a Biosoc Instagram page for all of those med ball misdemeanors

Biosoc Ents Officer


Louise Ward

Hi, I’m Louise and I am running for Biosoc ENTs officer for the 141st Session.

Let’s face it. For many of us, Biosoc constitutes a huge portion of our social lives! From the pub-crawl on freshers week, to the Medday warmup, Medday itself, the Christmas trip, Inaugural ball, Medball to many other talks and nights, that cumulate in the cheapest of free wine, that you know is going to make it very difficult to make it in for your 7.30 tutorial tomorrow morning! Medicine is a family, and Biosoc is the outlet that brings our family together.

So, why should you vote for me? Well, I’m qualified for the job! I was a 3rd year rep this year for Biosoc. In fact, many of you may recognise my name from spamming Facebook pages and emails throughout the year. From my experience, I know all the important ins-and-outs of Biosoc, from moving people from pub to pub in Edinburgh, to turning the KEA into a carnival themed wonderland. I am organised, and have experience with running events. Just 2 weeks ago, I helped organise the hugely successful MOVE AGM and pub quiz.

So what will I do as your ENTs officer? I will help to organise all the usual events to the high standards that you have come to expect. I am particularly interested in organising Medball, as this is, in my opinion, one of the highlights of every year! I would also like to bring some new events to you, including greater collaboration with  other societies, both in Trinity and the other medical colleges in Ireland. I would also like to introduce some alcohol-free events throughout the year, such as movie nights, or a Christmas mince pie party.


Naomi Howard-James

Hi guys, my name is Naomi and I would love to be your Biosoc Ents officer.

This year’s committee have provided us with an extremely high standard of entertainment. I would like the opportunity to build on their work by continuing to improve the standard of established events, placing more emphasis on some of the smaller events, as well as introducing novel events.

The Christmas trip is the first area I think improvements can be made;  I think better value for money can be achieved and further destinations reached. Building on the success of the relocation of Inaugural predrinks to the Dining Hall, I would like to diversify existing BioSoc events and explore new venues, including for my beloved Med Ball. I would like to introduce new events by improving collaborations with other college societies and Med schools to broaden our social horizons.

I promise to be committed, enthusiastic and innovative and provide you all with a year of immense entertainment.

Andrew Neary

Hi! I’m running for Ents. I think I’m the best person for this position because I’ve got great organisational skills, and I work very well in a team.

I was an integral member of the MOVE Mystery Tour committee, and I was responsible for booking both the pub and the club. I’ve also organised other events, including my school’s graduation

and 6th year holiday.

Biosoc offers such a diverse range of events, from Med Ball, to the Christmas trip, to the careers night. These have all brought us together so much over the years, and I’d love the opportunity to be able to organise and build upon these already great events


Hugh O’Sullivan
My name is Hugh. I’m in 3rd year and applying for Ents for next years Biosoc.
I already have a large amount of experience in organising and running lots of society events as part of the DU Food & Drink committee for the last 3 years (and next year too). I’ve been fresher rep, PRO and secretary as well as organised successful Burrito eating/making nights, Falafel appreciation and Home Brewing competitions as well as lots of others. As well as that I helped out in a small way with Body & Soul Week this year, in arranging a healthy breakfast event in Yogism.
I think I’ll be a good Ents reps because I’m well used to liaising with restaurants, venues and college authorities for bookings. Most of all I know nothing makes a good night better than cold beer and warm food so I’ll definitely be looking to incorporate a lot of that into my role and continue the great tradition of meddie nights out


Alex Robinson

First and foremost, I’m running for Ents officer because I like going out, I like to see people having a good time and I feel like there’s definitely room for more events throughout the college calendar. I’m organised in general, and have experience organising class nights out.

As I’m coming from the masters year, most of my friends have just finished 4th year. This gives me a good insight into the runnings of the year, and so makes me better able to organise nights out for fourth years at appropriate times (end of rotations, around Christmas time since many don’t have exams) etc.

I also am very interested in bringing the Christmas trip to mainland Europe. If elected, I will begin working on that as soon as possible. Failing that, I’d also like to look into running an international mystery tour; I’m thinking buses from Nassau street across to England on the ferry. I’d also like to increase the interest in the Med Intervarisities weekend, which has a lot of potential but isn’t very popular.

Finally, I’d like to work more closely with class reps of each year to organise bigger and better class events. One thing I feel could do with a greater effort is a post Schols trip for 2nd years.


Ciara O’Neill (see above)


Biosoc Ordinary Committee Member


Nicola Raftery

Hi everyone! Tonight I’m running for the position of OCM and I would really REALLY appreciate a vote! Okay, so why am I running for OCM? Well, a few reasons, I’m currently an OCM on the MOVE committee and I am loving my role! I’ve learned this year that the role of an OCM can be very varied… From organising workshops for secondary school kids to hassling the owners of dodgey joke shops on Henry Street for free fez hats and giant cigars… yes that happened. I knew the role of OCMs could be varied but this year has shown me just how much variety the job actually entails, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it! So I would love to become involved this year with biosoc and bring my experience from this year with me and dive into all the weird and wonderful jobs that come with being an OCM.  Also, Biosoc have done an amazing job this year and I would love the chance to contribute to making next year just as much a success! So yeah, Im running for OCM and I would really appreciate your vote!


Trisha Ang
My name is Trisha Ang and I wish to run for Ordinary Committee member for Biosoc.

I think I’m best suited for this job because I work well with my peers, and am an excellent team player. This is shown in my role as a prefect in school, where we were responsible for organising charity events and running countless of bake sales, Christmas bazaars and student conferences. This means I am very familiar with different aspects of organising events, such as the financial (phoning companies for sponsorships), practical (moving speakers and microphones for large events) and the emotional (the anxiety associated with unexpected mishaps!) aspects.

Running errands is my forte; I have practiced organising bookshelves, photocopying, printing and buying supplies in my time as a volunteer for a school for children with autism. This would prepare me for the multitude of menial jobs that await an OCM.
I am also part of the international community in Trinity, and I hope to represent this minority by suggesting events in the future that would appeal to the non-EU members of Biosoc.
I am an avid baker, which means that every future Biosoc event will be well stocked with peanut-butter squares and other sweet treats. I hope this is reason enough for you to vote for me!


Katie Wolohan
I’m Katie and I am running for OCM. Being OCM isn’t a backup position for me, it’s the one I’m genuinely interested in, and I think I could bring a lot to the table. I’ve worked on several committees before (school stuff like senior prefect and green schools, as well as holding the position of youth officer on the committee in my local Irish music organisation). This year, I also worked as Irish Youth ambassador for the ONE campaign (Bono’s anti-poverty campaign), which meant working alongside a lot of (stubborn and difficult) international politicians and NGOs in organising campaigns, events etc. The positions of chair, secretary and treasurer carry a very large workload and as OCM I’d do my best to work with the people in these positions to balance that workload, helping things run smoothly


Bearach Reynolds (see above)

Louise Ward (see above)

Aoife Page (see below)

Sinead Cornyn (see above)

Biosoc 3rd Year Rep


Maeve Reidy

This year I would like to run for Biosoc rep as I would love to continue to be involved in the society and build up relations with the other years. After being a part of the committee this year, I know what the job entails and feel like I have the necessary skills for it, such as good organizational and communication skills. I loved getting the opportunity to be involved in organizing the various events, such as med ball and the annual Biosoc Christmas trip, and the stress that comes with collecting the money of course. I would love to do it all over again


Greg Murphy

Dear Biosoc,

I would like to run for class rep in third year. I enjoyed taking part in Biosoc this year and would love to do it again

Greg Murphy xxx


Biosoc 2nd Year Rep


Aisling Betts
Biosoc events such as Med Day, Inaugural Ball, the Christmas Trip and Med Ball have helped make this year one of my best (and blurriest) and I want to give back and become more involved in this amazing society.  I have been to all the events this year and would love to help organise and come up with even bigger (and blurrier) ideas for next year. I’ve been elected as class rep and SVDP represent in my school before and would love to bring this experience to the society. I’m enthusiastic, confident and feel I could take initiative when needed. . I would also like to increase the interactions between the years and liaise with the second years and make sure they’re kept up to date with all of Biosoc’s latest activities and events.
On a more serious note, I also have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long year of medcest. Skills that make me a nightmare for people who want to commit scandal undercover. I promise to make the scandal sheet at Medball a raging success, my gossip queen status uncontested.


Anna McCollum

My name is Anna McCollum I am 19 year old Northerner and I am running to be 2nd Year BioSoc Rep for 2015/2016. I have loved the various Biosoc events throughout the year, Med Day, the Edinburgh trip etc, and I am very keen to be able to make a contribution towards keeping up the great work that the Biosoc do.
I feel like I would be the right person for the job as I have the experience and enthusiasm necessary to represent my year. I was Deputy Head Girl in school, which involved a lot of work and responsibility including organising two Formals and many other events. As well as this, through my involvement in organising charity fundraisers, e.g. this years Dive for Cancer, I have often had the responsibility of looking after large amounts of money and have great organisational skills which I have gained through my experience with these events. I have acquired great communication skills and have a lot of experience working in a team so think I would be a great attribute to the Biosoc committee.
I would love the chance to be next years 2nd Year BioSoc Rep so please vote for me and I won’t let you down!


David Hopkins

My name is Dave Hopkins, I’m 19, from Dublin and running to be one of this year’s 2nd year reps. I’m a friendly, enthusiastic guy who loves to get involved in all sorts of events, so I’d love to be part of next year’s committee!

As this year’s 1st year rep, I’ve been in charge of ticket selling, carrying cash, promoting events and liaising with my year. I’ve been involved in the planning and running of all our Biosoc events, giving me the experience and confidence needed to play an active role in next year’s committee and offer new ideas to help further improve the society. Elsewhere, I took part in Jailbreak ’15 as one half of Team Max & Dave, successfully reaching Location X (Lake Bled, Slovenia) in 36 hours and managing to raise the most funds for SVP and Amnesty out of all 110 teams who participated, with over €4,000! Doing Jailbreak taught me plenty about communication, organising events, social media and general arm-chancing, all of which I know will be important as rep! I was also involved in Katie Cogan’s campaign team in her successful bid for next year’s SU Ents Officer position. All my involvement in Biosoc and the wider college community this year has also allowed me to get to know a huge variety of great people from my own year, the rest of medicine and other courses too, which will be a big help for promoting events and ticket selling as second year rep.

I’d love the opportunity to continue working with Biosoc next year and I truly believe that I have what’s needed to represent my class, so I hope you will vote for me as 2nd year rep!

Med Day Chairperson


Eimear Duff

In first year of college, Med Day replaced Santa Claus as the one thing I truly believe in and will get up at 5am for. I have leadership experience as Vice President of TCD FrenchSoc, and have been succeeded procuring free food both on rotation and through sponsorship for TEDMED 2014. I was involved in organising the Campus 5k in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières and last year’s 50k in aid of Med Day. The wonderful experience of working with the 2014 Med Day committee has inspired me to build on their success. I am excited to explore new ideas for Med Day, devising new ways to fundraise and collecting experiences from last year’s collectors to maximise the money we raise.  I have great ambitions for  harnessing the future Med Day committee’s strengths. New positions Guardian of the Burcos, Guardian of the Craic and Med Day Fairy to bring treats to collectors (relayed via snap chat) are ready to be appointed. I am passionate about Med Day and would love to channel my innovation and idealism into overseeing everything and overlooking nothing as Med Day Chair


Oisin O’Brien (see above)

Med Day Secretary


Sahr Yambasu

Sahr here, a Med Day veteran! I interviewed myself to see if I’d make a good Med Day secretary:

“So how will you help increase Med Day’s earnings this year?

I’m a born hustler, yo, so I know all about gettin’ them dolla bills. I apply the right pressure when sponsors don’t wanna cough up that green (shifty eyes).

And what can you bring to the table as Med Day secretary?

Three skills, which I learnt on tha’ street, are vital for success in any aspect of life: hard work, organisation and passive aggression, son.

Do you have enough experience to be on the Med Day team?

Mayne, I’ve been on this since day one. I’m talkin’ Med Day videos, third year rep(resentin’), all that good stuff! Experience? I know all about the inner workings of Med Day, man, there’s levels to this ‘ish!

Will the incoming chairperson be able to count on you?

Fo’ sho’. You know why? Because I’m loyal (shout out to Chris Breezy)”

So there you have it. A candidate that’s a little rough around the edges, but brings something different to the table. He’s got my vote!


Karen O’Neill

I am running for the position of Med Day Secretary. The position itself sums up my two passions in life – charity work and writing stuff down. I think I’m best suited to the job of secretary as I am ridiculously organized and after 3 long years of lecture attendance have a knack for great note taking. Lists are my forte. If it needs to be done its on a list and if its on a list it’ll most definitely be done. I genuinely would love the opportunity to be on the Med Day committee and be part of organizing what is one of the best days of the year, not to mention the incredible amounts of money that are raised each year. I tend not to do things by halves and if part of the Med Day committee for 2015 I promise to make sure that it is the biggest and best Trinity Med Day one could ever imagine!


Martin O’Donnell

Hi, my name is Martin and I’m running for Secretary and OCM of the Med Day Committee.

Having being involved with Med Day each year, I have seen the good it can do, and the craic too! As part of the committee, I hope to use my “very particular set of skills” (Not in the Liam Neeson sort of way…)

– I’m a team player and have worked as part of the MOVE subcommittee for the end of year quiz. Being part of a team does not mean you have to be the loudest, but someone who listens and works with others.

– Organisation and Communication are key (sorry for the cliché) – As secretary, I would have an agenda ready each meeting, with goals and progress reports ready.

– While I’m serious in organising a great event, I’m not afraid to make fun of myself (cough…. All-Bran).

– I could be credited with being a class-appointed IT-rep/wizard (maybe self-appointed…). I hope to streamline IT systems to lessen the large workload. I also hope to set up an online donations system, the lack of which lessened the impact of the great social media donation campaign this year.


Chloe MacAuley

I would like to run for secretary because I love being organised, I love writing lists and making timetabled plans and writing emails. Having been such a huge fan of Med Day since first year it was such a privilege to be a rep last year and it would be amazing to have the opportunity to be a part of it all again!

It was such a success last year and I know how much work it takes to make it that successful. I am willing to put in all the time (and emails) it takes. Having met representatives from the charities we donated to last year I saw how important med day really is; it would mean a lot to me for our year to be able to make such a difference to whatever charities are picked next year and I really want to be a part of that. I love it too much to let it down!


Aoife Page

Hey folks! I’m Aoife and I would love to have the opportunity to get involved in Biosoc. It really is an integral part of Trinity Med, bringing together all 5 years and providing a much-needed break from the books. Fun times with great people, that’s what its all about! Over the past 3 years I’ve watched from the sidelines, and now I would be honoured to have the chance to pitch in.

The description for Biosoc OCM stressed a keen interest in wine, and in that case you can be sure that I’m the woman for the job. But really, I promise that I’ll be hard working and ready to take on any challenge. Also, I have some great last minute problem solving skills that might come in useful (looks like all that PBL might finally pay off, eh?). If you vote for me I promise I’ll give it 100%! Thank you 🙂


Oisin O’Brien (see above)


Sinead Cornyn (see above)

Med Day Treasurer

 Oisin O’Brien (see above)

Med Day Public Relations Officer


Ailbhe Kiely

I believe myself to be well-equipped for this position based on four years experience of working in marketing part-time, as well as having been the Director in Chief of my school charity in my fifth year. In my current position as a Brand Ambassador for Vita Coco I am given the autonomy to liaise with a wide range of companies, large and small, establish new working partnerships, and represent our own brand with dignity, professionalism and enthusiasm. This are skills I hope to carry into this role, in addition to the special skills one needs to represent a charity – gained from my experience at school.

Looking into next year, I hope to build upon the hugely successful twibbon campaign that was orchestrated to perfection by this year’s committee. I would love to further establish the social media presence of the charity, not only amongst medics or even Trinity students, but beyond. Instagram and Snapchat for example have accelerated in popularity this year and should definitely be exploited in the coming year.

Furthermore, sponsorship is something I see as hugely important in upholding Med Day’s reputation as a tremendous charity event – however I firmly believe in discretion going forward as unfortunately last year’s heavily logoed t-shirts did deter certain people from donating.

Lastly, having always had a keen interest in art and design, I want to further establish the ‘brand’ of Med Day through media other than our tshirts and twibbons – things like pins, pens, post-its (fingers crossed sponsored) may be effective in reinforcing the image in a more permanent way, before and after the day itself.


Sahr Yambasu  (see above)

Med Day Ordinary Committee Member


Deirdre Ryan

I’m going for Medday OCM this year because I believe in our year. I think we can match and hopefully exceed last year’s total money raised, which was phenomenal. I have been a committee member in the past and work well as part of a team. I promise that I will give my all to Medday and the lead up to it and that I will be enthusiastic and try to keep spirits up on the committee! Every year Medday comes up with bright new ideas to reel in the cash to support such a worthy cause and I would love to be part of that.


Rachel Kearns

I’m Rachel and I’m running for the position of Medday OCM. I’ve always loved Med Day and I wanted to get involved this year to give something back to the hospitals that do so much for us. I really enjoyed being secretary of MOVE this year, and being part of a team where everyone brought so much to the table. I can’t wait for our year to own Med Day and I’d be delighted to harass some rich gentlemen for a bit of healthy ‘sponsorship’ 😉 Talents include brownies, snapchat and well-worded emails.

Amy Lynch

I feel I would be a good addition to the Med day Committee. I have participated in the move fundraising effort this year including being on the Mystery tour subcommittee and really enjoyed helping out and being part of a committee. I also organised a coffee morning to add to the money that I will be bringing over to my hospital. I think med day is such an important event every year. It is unique and the amount of money raised each year is really astonishing. I would really love to be a part of the medday committee and be a key part of the organising efforts. I am willing to dedicate myself to the committee and make sure that medday 2015 is as fantastic as ever and that the worthy causes get the funds they need. I enjoy organising events and will hopefully put my organising skills to good use. In summary I would be delighted with the opportunity to be on the medday committee and would be enthusiastic and do everything needed to fully fulfil the role of a committee member.

Sahr Yambasu (see above)


Martin O’Donnell (see above)


Chloe MacAuley (see above)


Sinead Cornyn (see above)


Karen O’Neill (see above)

Med Day 3rd Year Rep


Ailish Naughton

I’d love the chance to be 3rd year rep for med day next year! Having been a rep for the paediatrics society this year I’ve seen how fun it is to be involved as part of a committee. I’m organised and outgoing, and think I could do a great job of encouraging everybody to get involved on the day! I have experience of organising events through my time on the vincent de paul committee in my school, and really think I could bring a lot to the role!

Roisin Flynn

My name is Róisín Flynn and I’d like to run for Med Day rep for the academic year 2015/16. I really admire the work that has been put in by previous committees and I would like, before the end of my time in TCD, to play a part in that. Med Day is always a fun and rewarding day and I hope that I might contribute to the 2015 event.


Med Day 2nd Year Rep


Eva Jones

My name is Eva Jones and I am running for second year Med Day Rep. Having already been a first year rep, I know what is involved in making Med Day the incredible success it is. I have seen first-hand the skills, dedication and hard work needed to organise such a huge event and would love to have the opportunity to contribute again. Having been the Manager of the AIB Branch in my school and Regional winner of the Rotary Youth Leadership Award, I have shown that I am hardworking, outgoing and can take initiative when required. I have been involved in fundraising for various charities throughout my secondary school years, including St. Vincent de Paul, M.S. Ireland and 65 Roses.

Over the past 14 years, Med Day has become one of the most important and enjoyable events in the Med Calendar. I am passionate about Med Day and ready to do everything in my power to make the 15th Med Day even bigger and better.

 Cormac Newell

Having hugely enjoyed my very first Med Day back in October I would love a way to become more involved in the up coming 2015 event. I feel I have certainly shown my commitment to the cause, having sprinted completely naked across quite a large cricket pitch all in the name of charity.
For the day that’s in it I feel Med day really thrives on a whirlwind of excitement and commitment to a great cause, I feel I would be well able to encourage and motivate my fellow second years to really give 110% during Med Day 2015, even without dangling free wine in front of them…….
On top of this I would love to be given the opportunity to get involved in the organisation of the day its self. I can only imagine the planning that is involved to pull it all off. I would love to be able to throw in some new ideas and help out wherever possible.
Thank you,
Impalee, Cormac Newell

Biosoc AGM – Roles of Committee Members


Chairperson is a demanding and often time consuming role, but is in my (biased) opinion the best position to hold!

As resident King/Queen your job is to make sure the year and each event runs as smoothly as possible, if it goes well great if not, it’s damage control time!
More so than the other roles, you’ve to interact with every member of the commitee, and generally keep an eye on what everyone is doing. The chairperson and the treasurer are responsible for the finances and accountability of the society and will have to answer to the csc if anything looks dodgy!
As well as the committee you will be liasing with many members of faculty, the CSC and corporate entities, as well as being the main point of contact for the president. Working with these in a professional manner and represent Biosoc is crucial.
Biosoc work can take over a lot of time, but with a bit of organisation it’s possible to do well in exams and keep up the society work at the same time. Plus you’re working with a committee of 16 (including reps) so don’t be afraid to delegate if you feel things are getting a bit overwhelming.
One of the best things about being Chair is the ability to put your mark on the society, be it through new ventures or making changes to existing events, and contribute to what is this year, 140 years of Biosoc.
Without rambling on too much longer, it’s been the most fantastic year, and the experiences I’ve had as Chair have been great. So this sounds like the job for you, just throw your name in the hat and who knows, this time next year you could be here struggling to describe your role in succinct and informative manner!
Administration can be fun too! As Secretary, you’ll keep all members up to date with the Biosoc banter. You’ll manage the members list, the email account and send regular emails. You’ll keep the minutes of all committee meetings & makes lots of lovely lists. You’re in charge of correspondence on Biosoc’s behalf, everything from booking rooms to inviting guests speakers. Good and consistent organisation really helps the committee run smoothly. As a committee member, you’ll help with the planning, setting up and running of events. Most of which involves carrying lots of wine to lots of places. Enjoy!
The Treasurer performs multiple roles in the society. Primarily, your job will to be fulfil the society accounts, collect receipts and attribute relevant repayments to the payees or creditors via cheque. You will be the primary interface between the society and the bank. In addition, you are the representing member of Biosoc on the CSC, and will be
requested to vote at specific meetings throughout the year most notably the AGM.
You will be required to update the CSC online system and conduct a financial reports for the end of the year accounts in order to facilitate your validity as a society and to apply for the end of the Societal year awards.

In addition you will be responsible for applying for the overall CSC grant Biosoc receives every year. It will be your job to liquidize it as much as possible or that the events throughout the year allow.

I hope you have a good key, and a safe house. Because you constantly have literally thousands of euro stored in your room… You lose it… You will have hundreds of angry Med Students wondering where their wine has gone! Banks have weekends off too.

Finally, you will generally be a committee member and have to uphold your predecessors reputation for dashing good looks, and general awesomeness. This will not be an easy task. I bid you well on your endeavours..

If you are pure class at drawing pictures on Microsoft Paint and good at writing hilare statuses that get all the likes on Facebook, then this position might interest you 😉
The PRO is responsible for maintaining the online presence of the society, which includes Facebook, Twitter and the website. You promote all the events and try to get maximum attendance (it helps to always mention the free wine reception afterwards!).
Some experience with Photoshop is probably necessary, as you will be designing the membership cards, hoodies, booklets and posters for all the events throughout the year. You also put together the slideshows and visuals for the events.
As well as the above, the PRO is expected to attend all society events and help out in whatever way is needed on the night. It’s great fun and you have a lot of creative input into the society’s image. Any more questions, just ask!

The ENTs officer’s role resolves around organizing any of the Biosoc’s social events. The major responsibilities of the ENTs officers are the Christmas Trip and annual Med Ball. These events are the most time consuming of the year and require a lot of prior planning. However they also offer an opportunity to organize and shape a major event to your liking. Other events throughout the year such as the Fresher’s Week Pub Crawl and Halloween Ball are also your responsibility.

We found the role of ENTs officer to be enjoyable and rewarding. It offered an opportunity to contribute to the success of the Biosoc and practice some real world skills. Probably the best part of the job is working under your own remit towards a palpable goal. The role is open to expansion and you are free to create new events and hopefully institute new Biosoc traditions.


In previous years there has been a misconception of OCM as the easy seat into the society, with all of the free Med Ball tickets and none of the responsibility. It is time we put this to rest. There is nothing “Ordinary” about the ordinary committee members. We are the backbone of the biosoc committee. No task is too menial, no wine run too last minute for this position. Be warned: this is no job for the faint hearted. Looking busy is not as easy as it seems and with that in mind, any applicant must be willing to present at all society events, prepared to set up copious wine receptions, drink copious amounts of wine and urge copious numbers of revellers to “Feck off out of the KEA”. Applicants must have a strong understanding of the CSC inner workings (you will be sent to pay off the bribes to the right people), with a penchant for wine selection preferable. Bonus points if you can tell us the cheapest bottle of white available in the city centre. Above all else applicants must have ECDL certification, with special interest in forwarding emails.


The role of Med Day Chairperson is to plan, organize and oversee the running of Med Day, Biosoc’s annual charity event. (kinda a big deal). As chairperson, the smooth running of the day is your responsibility. You will organise and chair meetings on a fortnightly basis or thereabouts, during which you and the committee together will come up with ideas, plans, and jobs which you then need to delegate out fairly among the committee which then you will need to follow up on.

As chairperson it’s very important that you get everyone on the team as involved as possible. Make sure that their ideas are heard and discussed in a fair manner, make sure that jobs are delegated as equally as possible and liaise with everyone to make sure that they’re getting on okay with their tasks. Basically your job is to make sure everyone else is doing theirs! As chair, you are also jointly responsible

On Med Day itself, you need to be on the ground with your phone attached to your hand should any problems arise. (Volunteers being kicked out of places etc) Yourself and the committee will be on campus all day; setting up the breakfast, the bucket drop off and the activities while everyone is out collecting. After Med Day you then lodge the money, give out the raffle prizes, tie up any other loose ends and enjoy the fun of being Biosoc OCM for the rest of the year! 🙂

Taking on the role of Med Day Secretary is extremely rewarding and I would strongly encourage you all to put yourselves forward. You act as second in command, forming a key part of the decision making unit of the committee. As you end up writing many of the emails, you have the opportunity to develop your skills of negotiation and communication, as well as tailor events to suit your schedule. Furthermore you are integral to the collection of HEAPS of money for charity, and that is something of which you can always be proud.

Operation: Med Day

Objective: Earn as much cash dollah whilst having the maximum amount of everyone’s favourite “organised craic” in a 24 hours period.

Agent Codename: Money ho.

Partner in Crime: BOI Staff.

Requirements: Count good. Steal never. Triple check everything. Trust no one.

Maxim: Be ambitious. Be intelligent. Be relentless. And please God be organised.

Breakdown: The Treasurer is in charge of money – obviously. You’re responsible for all the finances of Med Day, alongside the Chair. It’s your job to secure sponsorship for the day, as well to create an expenditure budget for all events. Pre-Med Day sponsorship is absolutely key. The aim of the game is to earn as much money as possible so you must do your best to balance risk vs. potential greatness in the money department. You need to create and continuously update, a detailed spreadsheet record of all income and expenditure accounts, and manage the physical bank account. The cheque book is your new bread and butter, and you’re in charge of paying everyone who needs to be paid. On Med Day itself, you’re responsible for getting all of the fundraised money (in particular, the dauntingly large amount of coins from buckets) to a safe location; ideally the Med Day bank account.

If you have a secret love of business meetings, accounting and convincing powerful people to support you, this is the job for you.

There’s never a great influx of people who want to be Treasurer, but I don’t know why – it has been one of the most rewarding, challenging and fun things I’ve had the privilege to do in college. I’d highly recommend going for it.

Any questions just drop me a mail –


The role of the Med Day PRO will be to maintain a highly active presence on all social media in the run up to the day and on the day itself. As Med Day is a fund raising endeavour, it is extremely important to publicize the day and get the message out there, so this is a vital position! They will be expected to help in any design requirements that arise, such as posters. They will also be responsible for obtaining sponsorship along with the rest of the Committee.


Medicine Through The Arts

In February 2015, Biosoc held their second Medicine Through The Arts event. The Leeson Park Players put on an excellent performance of James Joyce’s The Dead, and a fantastic night was had by all that attended. We were also delighted to have Senator David Norris introduce the play on its opening night! IMG_9588 IMG_9591 IMG_9594 IMG_9595